things I will never be over: 

Kara’s face when Lena talks to her

Kara’s face when she’s letting Lena into her apartment

Lena’s face when she didn’t know that Alex is Kara’s sister

The lip bite

Kara’s face when she thought Lena and Winn were getting frisky under the stage

This whole scene

Kara’s face when she’s defending Lena to everyone

Kara wingmaning herself

Lena’s face when Kara bent over to pick up her bag

Lena standing in CatCo like a runway model

The lip bite 2.0

Lena’s face when Supergirl saved her life


Twilight eyes

I’ve finished it! (Actually yesterday, but I wanted natural lighting).

Ganondorf looks quite old by the way hahah; weird to think that a 17-years-old(?) beats up this old man. I also wonder why he is green/grey, maybe to make him look more evil?

Next Zelda eyes piece will probably be Majora’s Mask!


have you found something to do that for you?
maybe, maybe.