tp panels


It’s getting really hot out lately…

Among all of the Links, Twilight Princess Link is my favorite, with Breath of the Wild Link winning second place. Maybe I’ll draw them together in the future. You can guess how excited I was to find the Twilight Princess manga~

Two things that make me really happy: 

1. Nishiki calling Touka “the manager”

2. Nishiki.
No matter how much they insult each other, Touka and Nishiki are friends (even though I think both of them would be reluctant to admit it). Like during Aogiri Arc he just said “I still owe him” as the reason for saving Kaneki. No Nishiki, I don’t believe you.It’s not only Kimi you care about. I love the nice caring characters in TG (I don’t think they are boring) and the ones that come off as rude,but still care (I still see a reason why the characters became like that).Well done Ishida. 

Terrazzo Project (Photos by Emile Barret & Ana Varel)

During this year’s Milan Design Week, Terrazzo Project will present an innovative installation pushing the boundaries of terrazzo. Entitled “House of Cards”, the seemingly fragile construction illustrates the possibilities of TP’s new honeycomb-reinforced coloured terrazzo TP-PANELS™.