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Boyfriend Brad

- accidentally wearing matching clothes and having a good laugh about it

- him being so willing to let you borrow his clothes while he’s away on tour and it smells like him

- sometimes, he’d ask if he could tie up your hair for you and he actually does a good job

- he’d only reply to your texts and answer your calls

- when he’s away on tour, he’d stay up late hours in the night just to talk to you on the phone so he can hear your voice before he goes to bed

- all the cuddles

- so many bear hugs

- tangling your legs together in bed and spooning

- he kisses you whenever and wherever which always leaves you breathless

- having silent moments where you just stare into each others’ eyes and wonder how you got so lucky

- he always tries to make you laugh by making weird faces, telling jokes or by tickling you

- catching each other’s eye and smiling

- he’d make you tea when you feel a bit sick and it always makes you feel better

- he’d mess around just to get you a little angry when you want to take pictures with him

- night’s in, watching movies together all snug on the couch

- going on long walks together and/or have jess come along

- he’d surprise you by singing a song he wrote for you

- whenever he holds your hand, your fingers interlock and he gives a little squeeze

- watching the sun set together

- travelling to the places he loves to go to

- he’d make you playlists of songs that remind him of you for your anniversary or when he’s away

- feeling so at home as you fall asleep in his arms

- if you have troube sleeping, he’ll sing for you

- sing along to the radio together when he drives

- when you sleep together, he pulls you close to him and you fall asleep to the feeling of him breathing or to the sound of his heart beating

- he’ll tell you everyday how beautiful you are and that he loves you

- so many fun adventures and romantic dates

- the cutest gestures ever

you know whom i miss?? min holly. would love to see a cute pic of him. esp of when he was a baby pup cause he was rly the cutest. n preferably in the min household. like during chuseok. u know when jimin was visiting. and with jimin and yoongi on the pic. just holding him together. smiling. glowing from happiness. u know cause they were spending time together. just the two of them. when they really didnt have to. and they didnt upload a single picture. didnt even talk about it directly. kinda weird if u think abt it? the one break they had. They’ve Lived Together For Years And Still,

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You need to write more of the coffee/royalty au I love it so much!!

anon i’m writing a sequel as we speak! i’ve been working on it on and off as i work on curse au as well, haha. here’s a snippet of it! 

“I wanted to see you.” Keith’s eyes widen a little, and he ducks his head, but not before Lance sees the smile tugging at his lips. “This is the part where you say me too, Lance,” Lance prompts him, although he’s ridiculously charmed by Keith’s awkwardness.

“Of course I wanted to see you,” Keith says, rolling his eyes. Lance beams at him brightly, feeling almost giddy. “I also don’t want you to be locked up in your room for weeks every time we do get to see each other,” Keith continues. “What if they decide I’m like, a bad influence on you?”

“First of all, we both know who the bad influence in this relationship is, and it’s the person who thought breaking into a government building was a good idea,” Lance says. “Which everyone who has control over me is well aware of. You’re like, my impulse control, really.”

Keith snorts. “Your impulse control would have stopped you from doing that, not gone along with it. Also, the idea of me being anyone’s impulse control would literally make Shiro cry.”

alright so raphael is ace, right, and we don’t know how simon identifies but personally i think he’s bi. so just imagine them slowly falling in love and simon slowly feeling more at home with the vampire family and realizing that it’s got a lot to do with raphael. and then they kiss for the first time and raphael suddenly gets all awkward, and simon thinks it’s because he’s misread the signals so he tries to joke it off, but before he can do that raphael blurts out that he’s ace

and simon hasn’t heard of asexuality before but he’s totally cool with it and just wants to learn more and to understand raphael because he really likes him a lot. and so then they go through this wonderful period of sneaking kisses when the other vamps aren’t around bc raphael still wants to maintain his badass image (lol nerd), and they go slow figuring out how their relationship will work because they experience sexuality in such different ways

and sometimes raphael gets self-conscious (and simon secretly thinks it’s cute when he allows himself to be vulnerable and drops the whole alpha vampire thing) and feels like he’s ~stringing simon along~ bc they haven’t had sex but simon reassures him, like maybe they sleep together at some point or maybe they don’t, they’ll figure it out and do whatever works for both of them


sort of teaser for a big midlink project I’d been thinking about doing for a while. Gonna be based on R U Mine by the Arctic Monkeys, because that song always makes me think of a reincarnation/modern AU starring Link and Midna.. I generally just love reincarnation/modern AU’s with these two.

Really looking forward to getting all the sketches down. Gonna take FOREVER to color them..
I’m going to try and finish it before the release date of TP HD, but that is… not likely. It’s gonna be huge. Like enormous. erugehrueghhhngnngnngngggg

Petitions Megapost

Petition for SeaWorld to end captive orca breeding program.

Petition to pass a law on teen dating violence.

Petition to hold colleges accountable for refusing to protect survivors of sexual violence.

Petition to protect children of Syria.

Petition to end AIDS discrimination by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Petition to keep Chinese chicken out of our schools and supermarkets.

Petition to have SNCF pay reparations to victims of the Holocaust.

Petition for justice for military sexual trauma victims.

Petition to grant Temporary Protected Status to the Philippines.

Petition to stop the “no blankets for the homeless” ordinance.

Petition to pass the TEACH Act, giving students with disabilities equal access to educational materials.

Petition to have Boy Scouts allow gay parents.

Petition to have Obama sign the executive order adding LGBT workplace protection.

Petition to pass the ABLE Act.

Petition to have Samsung stop exploiting child laborers.

Petition to include modern-day slavery in textbooks.

Petition for the USDA to ban the sale of lion meat.

Remember that one school that kicked out a child because of her wearing dreadlocks, her natural hair? Well, here’s a petition to have the school allow kids’ natural hair.

Petition to have Powerade stop using chemical BVO.