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So how do art raffles work?

1) see how many followers you have;

2) write the roles and put some drawings that explain what the winners are going to win;  (ex me: you must be follower, like and reblog it and tp)

3) decide the date when it will start and finish; (mine during something like 2 weeks…..)

4) there are differnt sistem too choose the winners: i for exemple asked my brothers to choose 5 winners, so yeah they choosed -3-. they doens’t have the account here so yeah.

5) see if those are your followers and yeah wrote a post that you write they name.

6) they now must contact me by the chat (tumblr chat i hope that this is called as that XD).

simple right =)

alright so raphael is ace, right, and we don’t know how simon identifies but personally i think he’s bi. so just imagine them slowly falling in love and simon slowly feeling more at home with the vampire family and realizing that it’s got a lot to do with raphael. and then they kiss for the first time and raphael suddenly gets all awkward, and simon thinks it’s because he’s misread the signals so he tries to joke it off, but before he can do that raphael blurts out that he’s ace

and simon hasn’t heard of asexuality before but he’s totally cool with it and just wants to learn more and to understand raphael because he really likes him a lot. and so then they go through this wonderful period of sneaking kisses when the other vamps aren’t around bc raphael still wants to maintain his badass image (lol nerd), and they go slow figuring out how their relationship will work because they experience sexuality in such different ways

and sometimes raphael gets self-conscious (and simon secretly thinks it’s cute when he allows himself to be vulnerable and drops the whole alpha vampire thing) and feels like he’s ~stringing simon along~ bc they haven’t had sex but simon reassures him, like maybe they sleep together at some point or maybe they don’t, they’ll figure it out and do whatever works for both of them


sort of teaser for a big midlink project I’d been thinking about doing for a while. Gonna be based on R U Mine by the Arctic Monkeys, because that song always makes me think of a reincarnation/modern AU starring Link and Midna.. I generally just love reincarnation/modern AU’s with these two.

Really looking forward to getting all the sketches down. Gonna take FOREVER to color them..
I’m going to try and finish it before the release date of TP HD, but that is… not likely. It’s gonna be huge. Like enormous. erugehrueghhhngnngnngngggg

the fact that people are relishing in taylor’s downfall is pretty disgusting TBH. she fucked up big time and i won’t deny that, but people have literally been waiting for this for a long time and all i have to say is: it’s nasty as hell. takedown culture is indeed real, especially for taylor swift.