i can’t believe imdbs most heart-wrenching movie?? is the notebook ? like wtf have they not seen revenge of the sith? im sorry but like if you watch the mustafar scene with me u will not be able to hear ‘you were my brother’ through the ugly fuckin sobbing that will undoubtedly be coming from my direction

Even if Kanye did make Taylor famous (which he didnt) she DOESNT owe him sex. NO ONE owes anyone sex, not even the mother of your children owes you sex Kanye… That is literally how rape starts. Men think they can claim “what’s theirs” and they take it by force. That’s what happened to Kesha…. And what’s worse is that this is nothing new. He keeps slut-shaming, degrading and ridiculing women like Amber Rose all the time and he just gets away with it??? Idk about you but I’m not here for misogyny.

can you believe the same people in the taylor swift fandom calling kanye west the donald trump of music avidly support calvin harris, who has nasty receipts just like kanye does? kanye west is terrible but if you’re going to preach about how disgusting one is, don’t ignore and excuse the nastiness of the other on the daily.

why is no one talking about the fact that calvin hasn’t said anything to defend taylor against kanye??? i mean he swerved out of his lane to jump on zayn when it wasn’t even important but now that taylor’s worth is being degraded and she honestly needs the support he’s dead fucking quiet. APPARENTLY calvin did a song with kanye a while back but honestly who gives a shit?? if someone is over here objectifying your girlfriend why would you be deadass SILENT about that shit??????? he snapchatted from the studio during the drama last night and commented on austin’s instagram video, so he knows. he took the time to get mad over massage parlor rumors and tweet about suing for defamation of character when HIS ass was on the line but he can’t take time out of his day to defend taylor at all???? he always mouths off about what pisses him off, so where is he now when it actually matters??????? what makes this even worse is calvin’s sexist receipts involve objectifying women, so basically him and kanye have done similar things and now calvin is coincidentally silent on the issue. “boyfriend goals” my ass.

hey hey it’s 2016 and we’re back to writing long ass dot point posts about how amazing and successful taylor is bc people can’t stop taking digs at her and claiming her success as their own i honestly want to cry

my art teacher is letting us choose music to play in the class while we work. Can’t wait to force 15 people at a time to listen to ween