no offence but can the people who meet her in meet and greets ask for like… new songs… songs we haven’t heard in years…. songs she doesn’t play regularly on tour… songs from speak now…. mine… 

The whole ‘if you don’t have your dream career you lowkey failed in life, you should be depressed if you don’t love your job’ attitude sucks. I understand the sentiment of not settling, and chasing your dreams and passions.

But the harsh reality is… you need money to survive. Most people working crappy jobs don’t want to be there. If they had a choice to pursue their ‘dream career’ I’m sure they would. There are so many barriers in their life that mean it’s simply unrealistic. They can’t just drop everything. They have families to provide for, rent to pay, mouths to feed, they need that shitty job to literally survive. Life is not that simple and easy, it’s a struggle for most people who weren’t born into privileged backgrounds.

Honestly, I have so much respect and admiration for people who work a hard and kinda crappy job (like most of our parents!) for the sake of their families. Sometimes people do just work to pay bills and they may not love their job. And like… that’s reality. That’s okay. Aspire to more if you can but it’s arrogant to assume that everyone has the same opportunities as you.


Thank you for all the kind messages! These always make my day better and I appreciate them so much. Even though I don’t respond much to anonymous asks, I still read all of them. 😄

I encourage messaging me off of anonymous that way I’m able to respond privately, as soon as I’m able to!

mariah’s mtv cribs episode is the literal meaning of iconic. she gaves us so many Moments… like 7 outfit changes, taking off her clothes and getting in the bathtub in the middle of the interview, exercising on the elliptical with a mini-dress and stilettos on, tours of her closets even the one with actual gold leafs in the flooring, the high note when her dog attacked her cat, WHEN SHE GOT TOOK HER DOG OUT OF THE DRYER WITH NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER, when she told us about how she had her fish’s sleeping schedule reprogrammed so that they would match hers, when she said the lighting was designed to be frontal lighting so it would be more flattering, when she told us about how she dropped out of beauty school…. god mariah makes me so happy

jimin getting lots of puppy kisses…,,,,…….. jimin cuddling a puppy while petting another puppy………………….. jimin making his voice high to make the puppy talk……,,…..,,,,..,., jimin just smooshing his face against a puppy