um what have these supposed ~models been doing before this cause they sure as hell havent been modelling harry invented the art of modelling in may 2016


we had no idea that this had been in the works for months not even the tiniest of clues theres no way hes gonna let his music leak before getting released he probably sleeps w the files tucked under his pillow

okay so….

alberto hijacked dom’s fb chat. they hung out w/ dom’s cat and petted/cuddled her. they were both super fucking cute and it’s obvious how close they are and they kept saying stuff like “i know you better than you know yourself” and finishing each other’s sentences/thoughts and their friendship just warms my heart and i’ve been drysobbing for half an hour


alberto was about to leave set to hang out w/ jade.

all my dreams are coming true 20 years have been added onto my life my skin is clear and my crops are growing

the amount of different outfits and hair styles they put him in and he still rocks every single one of them???? from a fucking leather collar to soft jumpers and gucci suits??? king of versatility?????

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Demon!trick is such a sassy little diva twink. Always biting his lips and swinging his hips to get the others' attention and is most definitely a brat. When Pete says he's not allowed to touch himself he'll palm himself and let out the most fucking obscene moans just to get Pete's attention. I think demon trick would be best for sp to fit the aesthetic of it all, and trick always purrs filthy yet cute shit in a low, sultry voice into Pete's ear just to get Pete to get them home quicker to fuck.

💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 holyyyy hell fucK

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can you list blogs who are doing live coverage of the tour?

I think I listed this already but lemme take another whack at it since I’ve seen more lovelies pop up and more lovely edits on my dash…

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Whiny trick trying to climb into Petra's lap and grind into her leg and Petra's kissing his neck, getting her cherry red lipstick all over him and whispering "my little boy's so horny for me right now hm? so, so desperate for me to fuck his tight little ass so hard he'll feel it in the morning? want me to shove my huge cock up your fucking tight ass, baby boy? fill you up so nicely?" And tricky's whining and crying "m-mommy, pleeeaasssseeeee"

i almost dropped my phone reading this asgjfjcggdchc omfg