“English singer, songwriter and actor Harry Styles on the set of Dunkirk in France.” i want to bathe in this caption god look at it ‼️‼️ he did THAT 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

i think my fave part of last night was when someone shouted out ‘i love you!’ to kirstie and scott said 'i love you too’ and then realised and awkwardly laughed and said 'oh you were talking to kirstie’ and kirstie wasnt paying much attention n she was like 'what…’ it was just cute ok

i can’t believe someone reblogged my magnus gifset and tagged it #shadowcrap

u come into my house….insult my show….. the show that raised me….that gave us diversity and good characterization after CC’s wreck……u come to ME….into my shrine for this godsend of a show….what kinda nerve

research: always leave your laptop on a hard surface, never keep your laptop plugged in for days at a time, clean out your computer

me: balances laptop on my knee, keeps it where the cat can knock it down, literally has it charging 24/7, has unneeded files and documents dating back to 2012

anonymous asked:

'05 trick being tied up w/ pink rope and pete has a vibrator in him and he tied the vibe w/ the rope so patrick cant reach it to mess w/ it and he turns it on full blast and leaves for a little and comes back and trick is (1/2)

(2/3) sweating and panting and his back is arched and hes covered in his own cum and almost crying from overstim and pete unties him and takes out the vibe and cleans him up and trick is so sleepy and content and they cuddle and trick feels loved :“)

(ok i never get part 3 but) hoooooooo boyzzzz this is the thing i think about daily ngl like patrick getting tied up and overstimulated 👍👍👍👏👏👏💯💯💯💯

i was tagged by @argentsxarrow​, thank youu <3

Zodiac Sign:

  • taurus

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins fits you best?

  • greed or pride

When picking a brownie, do you pick the middle, side or corner piece?

  • middle

Ocean or Space?

  • space

When it comes to sound, which is prettier, Violin or Piano?

  • violin

List your OTP’s here, as many as you can think of

  • mary and matthew (downton abbey), patrochilles (tsoa), pynch (trc), aridante (aaddtsotu), bluesey (trc), drarry (hp), romione (hp), johnlock (sherlock), frank and claire (hoc), tenrose (dw), éowyn and faramir (lotr), beren and lúthien (silmarillion), 

What color lightsaber would you have?

  • green

What is your aesthetic?

  • i dont know

Hogwarts house?

  • slytherin

Which one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse do you think you could totally be/want to be?

  • idk ?? death maybe

What’s something that can always make you laugh?

  • stupid videos…..

Aliens or Ghosts?

  • aliens

If you could live in any past era, what would it be?

  • ancient rome or greece, i know it would suck but… i like it

r swim with sharks?

  • yaaaaaas i really wanna do this one day! is one of my dreams

What’s your favourite word?

  • no idea i don’t think i have one

Favourite band?

  • green day

Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, what another human tastes like? Like as in, kissing another persons body or as in, yummy human flesh yasss *zombie mode activated*???

  • yes!

Fire or Ice?

  • fire

Light or Dark?

  • light

What’s your favourite romantic trope?

  • idk

What’s your favourite holiday?

  • all of them if i don’t have to study tbh

How far would you go to keep the person or thing you love the most?

  • i don’t know, depends of the situation, this is a very complex question

Who or what are you most loyal to?

  • my brother i guess…. 

What’s your favourite flower?

  • white lily

Favourite amusement park ride?

  • rollercoasters

Favourite board game?

  • monopoly omg i love this game so muchh

What’s your favourite meme?

  • i dont know i love all of them

Favourite ice cream flavour?

  • vanilla, peanut

Disney character you are going to fight?

  • frollo

Last book you read/book you are currently reading?

  • i dont remember :/ i dont have time to read anymore *crying*

What characters are your “children”?

  • here we go: sam winchester, dean winchester, adam parrish, ronan lynch, mary crawley, thomas barrow, draco malfoy, luna lovegood, harry potter, frodo baggins.

Favourite comic series?

  • alias and all new x-men

What character, and it can only be one character, do you ship yourself with?

  • sam winchester ♥

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