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Progress toward a more beautiful front! Chalo’s getting more and more comfy with getting close, and hopefully soon we’ll smooth it out into one fluid movement and I’ll fade out my luring hands.

thedognamedepic  asked:

I do apologize, I've been looking on your blog for a while now and haven't been able to find anything (though I was sure I saw something before?) Do you have a list of all of Bosco's cue/marker/words for the different reward deliveries?

I rarely post about Martin’s training on Tumblr but his training log is on Instagram.

Here are the toy skill markers that Martin uses. He uses separate markers for food. I’m probably missing some. It’s fun when you start combining reward markers into sequences to see how clear headed your dog is (Bosco loves this!).

Tac - Toy is going to be thrown.
Catch - Catch the thrown toy.
Bite  - Bite the toy.
Zurück - Turn around 180° and get the toy behind you.
Da - Get the toy in front of you.
Give - Release the toy and then we’re going to do something else.
Aus - Release the toy, give attention, and expect a second bite on Bite.
Switch - Release the toy in your mouth and bite the second toy that I am holding.
Mittels - From in front of the handler, run between the handler’s legs, exit on the handler’s left side, and chase the forward thrown toy.
Tantzen - In heel position: do a 360° left spin and then chase the toy thrown forward.
Herum - In heel position: turn left, run behind the handler, and get the toy thrown on the handler’s right side.
Hinten - In heel position: turn left and get the toy thrown behind the handler and to the left.
Flip - In heel position: turn left and catch the toy thrown behind the handler’s back from the handler’s right hand.
Weg - In heel position: toy is thrown laterally to the left (to emphasize moving off the handler’s left leg).
Spitze - Run with the handler to the toy on a chair but wait for a toy marker (dog can’t help himself to the toy on the chair).


Posting mostly for later since I don’t have time to watch it now, but Denise Fenzi has put together a 2.5 hour video on personal play and toy skills.

“Several people have asked me to make a DVD about Play. I haven’t done so for many reasons, not the least of which is my lack of enthusiasm for setting up sessions with new dogs, editing them intelligently, and then turning out a professional product. It’s just more than I’m up for right now. At the same time, there is important information that I would like to convey and a video format is ideal. Hence, this message.

The attached youtube link is 2.5 hours of training over eight days with a visiting puppy. I taped one training session a day via FB live. Then I answered questions on FB live regarding that training session.

All of that is here in the link, unedited. So there’s your DVD. Sort of. Remember this is free, so you really can’t say too much about how they are set up, the lack of editing and the complete absence of professionalism - (for example when my husband almost walked across my training yard in his underwear.)

You may learn something. Or several things.

90% of this is teaching Wink toy and personal play skills. The rest is a small amount of obedience.

This is public and can be shared.

If you want to see this topic expanded on, sign up for my online class, “Relationship Building through Play” at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. I’m teaching it now and it will not return for about a year, so this is your chance to see play with many more dogs and handlers. In the interests of time and trying to get a few practical things done around here, I can’t answer specific and personal questions about the video or about your situations, but sign up for the online class and I bet you’ll learn plenty there!”

-Denise Fenzi (from her Facebook page)