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for verabrittain on her name day.

We started alone, dear child, and here we are alone again; you find me changed. I expect, more than I find you; that is perhaps the way of life. But we share a memory which is worth all the rest of the world, and the sun of that memory never sets. And you know that I love you, that I would do anything in the world in my power if you should ask it, and that I am your servant as well as your brother. Edward.” 

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why do you identify as agender

well okay

when i was very young i was never a stereotypical young girl, i was interested in  both “female toys” & “male toys” like some other children. I hung out with boys during my youth as i related to them more than girls. I was misgendered countless times , when i  was once in the school bathroom one time a girl questioned what i was doing in there bc she thought i was a boy, one time a boy actually came up to me and asked “r u a boy or a girl” i told him girl, he said “no ur a boy” ahjshdk idk why,, anyway i was considered a “tomboy”

then came my teens, i started questioning whether i was a male or female, for awhile i thought i like girls bc i never had a crush before, i tHINK i might be aromantic bc still 2 this day all the people I thought I had crushed on turned out to be platonic, but idk im still figuring stuff out :,v I told one of my closest friends at school that I thought i might have been genderfluid, she’s still one of my closest friends (ahdjfk i found out awhile ago after telling her tht she was gonna get me a binder bc she didn’t know what to do aaH). Idk throughout my life I’ve never really believed I was a girl, but I never thought I was a boy either,, 

Then i came across the term they/them, I was really surprised and did more research on it, knowing my siblings were following my blog i said she/they instead of just they/them, at the time it didn’t really bother me, but now being called her just makes me go “yikes” and it makes me uncomfortable 

the only people I don’t mind calling me female pronouns is my family, first of bc they’ve lived w me for my whole life calling me she/her, and I don’t mind, same goes for my friends irl even tho I’d really appreciate if they used they/them ahaha. Awhile ago I actually told them I would like it if they called me they/them ,, aaa it was pretty scary/awkward bc i didn’t know if they’d think I’m just “acting like a tumblr person” idkkk, but they were OK w it, I mean I don’t think they’ve called me they/them but at least I told them,, 9 months ago i was figuring out who i was, “Gender: o, um idk non binary? genderfluid ?? agender ??? nO GENDER ???” But now I definitely know I’m agender. I’ve never seen myself as a masculine or feminine person either, just inbetween I guess, I’ve never felt like female or male , so being agender should be understandable :O

wowowow this is rlly long , if u made it through ,thank you for taking your time to understand what I’ve gone through and appreciating my gender identity !


for verabrittain on her name day.

“Dearest, I do deserve it, every word of it and every sting of it… I have been a perfect beast, a conceited, selfish, self-satisfied beast. Just because I can claim to live half my time in a trench (in very slight, temporary and much exaggerated discomfort) and might possibly get hit by something in the process, I have felt myself justified in forgetting everything and everybody except my own Infallible Majesty…” 

Colin Morgan as Victor Richardson in Testament of Youth - (14/15)

This is such a touching moment between two friends, and it was this scene that made me shed more tears than any of the (many) other heartbreaking moments in this film. In it, Vera offers to marry Victor so she can take care of him for the rest of his life, because he needs someone to look after him now that he’s blind.

You can see the initial shock on Victor’s face when Vera first suggests the idea to him, and the way he nods slightly, fervently, when she tells him she wants to take care of him. But then you see his expression change, and his thoughts are written all over his face - he realises how much of a burden he will be to her. He tries to joke around a bit, forces a smile. “Poor Vera. Are you proposing to me now?”

Vera pauses; her eyelids flutter, she swallows. “Yes. Yes I am.”

After a moment, Victor reaches up to touch her face. His fingers fumble for a moment, but his fingers finally find their place on her cheek, and she grasps his hand.

He takes a breath, steels himself. And then, gently, tenderly, he tells her, “Then I must turn you down.” His lip wobbles; Victor looks like he’s about to cry. He knows the sacrifice he is making, but he also knows that what he’s doing is for the best, both for him and for Vera. Vera smiles at him; she knows this too. They sit silently, holding hands, and on Victor’s face is a brave, but bitter, smile.

I personally think this is the best scene of the entire film. Colin and Alicia, you two win all the awards.


My YouTube account containing all scenes of Colin Morgan in his projects has been terminated. Fortunately, I uploaded most of the videos separately to Tumblr. Not all of them, however: all the videos from The Tempest are gone forever (unless I find time to make them again, but I doubt it), and some of the longer The Fall scenes are gone.

If you click ‘Keep reading’ below, you’ll find all the scenes of Colin Morgan in Island, Parked, Quirke, Testament of Youth, and Humans. Most, but not all, of his scenes from The Fall are also there, as well as a compilation of every single scene he appeared in in BBC Radio 1′s Good Omens (with transcripts!).


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prompt- SMH does Pokemon go + 0%-110% Jack Zimmermann :)

anon, thank you for this adorable prompt omg :)

The only Pokemon Bitty could ever catch in his neighborhood were Weedles and Rattatas. He’d resigned himself to this fate after only a week of playing, and happily curated his pathetic little menagerie. The closest stop was on Main Street, so he found himself offering to do grocery runs almost every day just so he could stock up.

Though his collection was pathetic, it was certainly colorful. He named every Pokemon he caught after one of his friends, and once he ran out of friends he began naming them silly things like Frederick and Ratatouille. Bitty probably would’ve lost interest in the game by now, if it weren’t for a certain boy…

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I want to listen to some 60's girl groups, could you write a playlist suggesting some of the best songs/groups for me to get started?

this is what i started listening to (also from the top of my head) when i started getting into girl groups.

the chantels | maybe
the marvelletes | beachwood 4-5789
hollywood jills | he makes me so mad
the crystals | then he kissed me
mary wells | my guy
lesey gore | you don’t own me
the dixie cups | iko iko
the cookies | chains
the toys | a lover’s concerto
the shirelles | baby it’s you
the ronettes | be my baby
the chiffons | he’s so fine


  1. Vera and the boys in the lake
  2. Vera and the boys by the lake
  3. Vera gets a new piano
  4. Vera doesn’t want to get married - Victor is crestfallen
  5. Victor plays the piano
  6. Vera writes to her brother
  7. Victor appears in uniform
  8. Vera has some good news to share
  9. Vera sees a familiar friendly face in a street in Oxford
  10. Vera and the boys come home
  11. Vera and the boys by the sea
  12. Victor is there to hear about Roland’s death
  13. Vera finds Victor blinded in a hospital ward
  14. Vera proposes to Victor
  15. Victor’s final scene

also: youtube playlist