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And just like that, the FOB Japan Tour 2017 comes to an end.

No new songs. No album announcement. No sign as to where FOB is going next. But just think, Patrick must’ve had the best time. Patrick has said his favorite city other than Chicago is Tokyo, and just imagine him being with the guys again and enjoying great food and just being around Asians and feeling so comfortable and at home (because he’s an honorary Asian, you know 😝). He looks like he had a great time and seemed very happy.


Patrick coming through the gate at LAX and Declan’s tiny legs scurrying up into his daddy’s arms. Patrick scoops him up and smothers him with kisses. Elisa, beaming, follows with the baby, and Patrick pulls them close for more kisses and hugs. Everyone’s together again and it’s the best thing. Plus – there’s a bag full of treats and toys from Japan.

Now just imagine that and feel happy with me, yeah? ☺️☺️☺️


alma-tadema, laura teresa - Japanese Toys (Gifts from Japan) by Amber Tree

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Lady Laura Teresa Alma-Tadema  1852-1909  Engeland

the-last-alicorn  asked:

Do you think it's sexism that keeps the Kamen Rider franchise from having main female heroes? Because in the entire franchise, I can only think of Tackle as being a good example. And they won't even give her the title!

That’s probably a good part of it.  I also think it has to do with gendered marketing.  You can see gendered marketing a lot, especially in the USA, if you go to a toy store.  Take Toys R’ Us for example.  The one I go to has all of the “boys” toys to the right hand side of the store while all of the “girls” toys are to the left (though it is reversed in the picture below and probably actually from a Wal-Mart).

As you can see above, they have also put a blue background behind the “boys” section and a pink background behind the “girls” section.

As Kamen Rider is a series primarily aimed at selling merchandise to little boys, it falls into the “boys toys” category. (And before anyone can say ‘but that’s just US marketing’ here’s a picture of a Toys R’ Us aisle from Japan).

They want to focus on the boys’ market with Kamen Rider almost exclusively.  Part of this may be because Kamen Rider (unlike Super Sentai) is aimed at a slightly older demographic, a point at which boys are aggressively trying to be ‘manly’ and ‘masculine’ and (according to marketing) would not buy merchandise that’s used in the show by a woman or represents something “girly”. Of course, they may be actively discouraged from such by family members trying to enforce ‘socially acceptable’ gender roles.

Bandai pretty much controls the purse strings when it comes to the Kamen Rider franchise.  The produce the merchandise, they market the show to sell their toys and they have a degree of creative control over what happens in the show itself.  You can see this in how they have a new device or gimmick item show up to promote a toy and then either never or very rarely be used again or even supplanted by a new Gimmick item.  Just look at Kamen Rider Ghost for an example of this. He had the combo form with all of the Luminary Eyecons joining together and ten episodes later, that’s been replaced by his Infinite Eyecon gimmick toy that gives him an even more super-duper form.

This is not a complaint about that (I’ve complained about that elsewhere before) but it is an example of how the shows are market driven to push merchandise.

There is a belief in toy marketing that seems to be oddly universal that girls are not interested in action heroes and that boys won’t buy anything girls are interested in.  This is a false belief as you can see gender neutral toys like LEGOs (though they are trying to gender even those) or Play-Doh being universally popular.  Heck, when it comes to superhero stuff I know more girls and women excited about things like the Marvel movies than men.  This false belief is used to exclude women from things like advertisement for films and TV shows even if they have a prominent role or making them just supporting characters like Akari in the previously mentioned Kamen Rider Ghost.

Even when they are given a Rider role, they either don’t get to have much of an impact, are relegated to a movie only or don’t stay a Rider for long.  I entirely blame gendered marketing (which is a form of institutional sexism) for this.  Unless the people in charge of marketing wake up to the reality that girls like superheroes just as much as boys this isn’t likely to change anytime soon no matter what the writers or producers at Toei want (though I hold no illusions that they want this either).

Mark Dating Profile

Day 2 Mark
i hope you guys like it ^_^ 
I’m starting to realise how long these actually are :P
Kids the music video is nearly at 3million, please keep trying your hardest! show got7 what my babies can do!
~Ahgase Omma

Ideal type
a girl that would laugh at his ‘jokes’ even though he knows its not that funny, someone who can be quiet with him but also be the main talker is public situations. Got7 chill couple. he would want her to be playful in the public eye but still be aware of whats going around her. he doesn’t have to look after her, she can have an oppa without needing an oppa.

How would they act with their crush

he would be his normal quiet self, but would give her more eye contact, he may casually touch her shoulder, and laugh at her jokes. he wants her to see that he acts differently around her, but in the sense that she makes him happier than anyone else can.

he would drop hints for some time, ‘i love spending time with you’, ‘i hope the others don’t join us today’ you know those lines that play with your mind. When he finally thinks that you maybe on the same page he would just tell you how he feels and suggest going out without the others. he wouldn’t ask you right out, he doesn’t want you to feel obligated.

First Date
Something similar to mini golf/skate park, something slightly active and competitive  but still quiet enough that you can talk. he would have done the classic dinner or movie, but a dinner means none stop talking and awkwardly staring at each other, and a movie is not enough talking for the first date. he likes a mix of something in the middle

First Kiss
super soft and not over powering, it may even be on the cheek, a kiss on the lips would be a quick peek, with one of his hands softly placed on your jaw. probably an end of date kiss.

Regular Dates
lots of late night drives, and movies in, eating all the junk food, which of course mean junk food runs at 2am, whether it be for just you two or the whole group, it because your thing. most of your dates would be late nights, and most of them with the others around, with you two just chilling together, however he would surprise you with date nights.

Lots and as much as possible.
Public couple- a little low key in public like holding hands, maybe a hug when its more fan cameras and not professional cameras.
Private public couple- a lot of back hugs with him resting his head on your shoulder, sitting next to each other and rest heads on each other.

Casual gifts- drink or snack, lots of small cute things from abroad, like those cute vending machine toys from japan. a butt load of got7 merch.
Special gifts- couple jumpers/sneakers/bracelets, doesn’t buy rings on a whim. 

Pet Names
Y/N, your childhood nickname, jagi, babe, baby, darling, really he’s open to a lot of names.

in front of the others- calm and relaxed, he would sit next to you with his arm slung over you shoulders with your head resting on his, as you watch the others make fun of your coupliness and generally make fools of them selves.
Privately- Handsy AF, casually watching a movie and his hands would softly run up and down your side. he would act silly and share all the funny stories and jokes. he would be serious with you now and again, but he would lighten the mood as much as possible, he doesn’t want his burdens to be yours.

Next Steps
Moving in- 1 year minimum
Sex- 7 months minimum
Parents- 6 months minimum
Marriage- 4 years minimum

Sending pictures of Coco dates to each other, being marks best friend first, being super close to the legend that is papa tuan! dinner with his family, being marks ego boaster, especially when you encourage him to speak more korean. hearing all the stupid jackson and bambam do on set/studio/everywhere. when mark pulls the ‘true hyung’ card when your out with the others. not having to care about tiptoeing around the dorm, because your dating the eldest, aegyo for days, especially when he’s trying to apologise or make you laugh, all those tweets, and secret messages to you during shows. mark/coco/you cuddles. sleeping on his chest.

seeing more of Coco during the day than Mark, having a lot more take out than you could imagine, hardly seeing him during the day, mostly talking over FaceTime. becoming the heartbreaking middle man between him and his family because they can never get a hold of him at the right time. Jacksons relentless teasing. 

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Please watch this video of precious wind up Pixar toys from Japan

Bugs Don’t Meow

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: T
Of all the things Marinette had expected to happen. It was not this. Out of everything thing that could have happened when someone spotted Tikki, she hadn’t expected her Kwami to MEOW.
And she knew there was only one little creature to blame.
Author’s Note:
Hi everyone!!! Okay, so I know I’ve got a few longer stories going, but for some reason I am really churning out these one shots. (It’s really werid. I’ve never been a one shot person. I mean, look at my DW history. I think I had like… maybe two one shots total?)
So… I am totally getting ideas way to fast. In the span of a week I went from 9 ML WIPs to 23… I think I have a problem.
Anyway, this is just a little thing inspired by Tikki’s little meow in Digital, and a funny little headcanon from @wintermoth​.
WARNING: Contains spoilers for the episode ‘Digital’, if you haven’t seen it. I know some people are waiting till the French airing to see it.

Also on and AO3.

Of all the things Marinette had expected to happen. It was not that. When the woman and her child pointed at Tikki and struggled to get out any actual words, she had not expected Tikki to step in and do something. She thought that she would hide away back in the purse. She thought that maybe her Kwami would freeze up or act robotic. But no. What she heard instead was a small questioning meow.

A meow!

She watched the woman’s mouth drop even further and floundered for an excuse. Not that the woman would believe it, but it wasn’t like she was going to give her time to process anything.

“Ahh… i-its a new toy from Japan! It’s really life like. Says the strangest things. Sorry, it’s not for sale! Bye!” she cried in a rush, and then she pushed Tikki back down into her bag, turned tail and bolted. She ran until she found a nook to hide in before she opened her bag and looked down at her friend. Tikki looked just as distressed as she probably did. “What the hell was that?” she squeaked.

“I don’t know!!!” Tikki wailed. “I panicked!!! She saw me and I didn’t know what to do! All I could remember is that Plagg said he meows when someone sees him!”

“Wait, what? Who’s Plagg?!”

Tikki tapped her little paws together nervously. “He’s Chat Noir’s Kwami. Once we were talking about being spotted and other than the ridiculous joke that I already am spotted, he said that he meows when people see him. He suggested that I give it a go, and I know that it’s stupid and wouldn’t work for me, but I just froze! I mind-blanked and that was all I could think of!”

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magicmia4  asked:

What made you start your sailor moon collection and how did you end up knowing so much about where to buy and get all of these rare items? Thanks! :)

Sailor Moon was a fun and happy memory for me when I was a kid so it’s always had a special place in my heart! I only had a handful of toys back then and being in Asia means I got the Bandai toys like the star locket, Chibiusa’s time key, senshi brooches. I remember seeing stores full of Sailor Moon toys from Japan and not being able to whine my way into getting them (I was like 6 or 7 :P)!

- - laid dormant for a decade - -

Then one day randomly at a Walmart I found some S DVDs and a complete set of SuperS DVDs! I thought I hit the jackpot!! I went back to that Walmart a lot hoping for other merchandise but none ever popped up ;_; So this sparked a nostalgia kick for me and then eBay happened! By now I was an adult and had a job so one thing led to another..

Soon eBay wasn’t doing it for me anymore, my nostalgia is Bandai toys and there were a lot of Irwin/North American toys on there, the selection wasn’t enough. I asked around other collectors, did some Googling and after some blunders I got the hang of using Yahoo Japan Auctions. (this was the beginning of the end..jk..sorta >_>)

Six years of collecting later:

Now with the 20th Anniversary & SMCrystal merchandise I’ve been trying to stay up to date with all the releases so I won’t have to go chasing down things years later! This is also partially why I started, to keep a record for future me and since I had to look up the info for myself anyways, I might as well post it for others to read if they like!

Sorry for such a long answer, everything is sort of connected so it’s hard to explain one part without the other! Thank you so much for asking! It was fun to go down memory lane! :D

500 follower give away!

Hey all!

To mark the occasion of over 500 of you glorious nerds joining me in my own nerdness, I’m going to be doing a giveaway!


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FIRST PRIZE: a Copic/pen drawing of your choice of character! I’ll even send you the actual, physical drawing! 

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THIRD PRIZE: a mini Donnie Gashapon (Capsule toy) from Japan! Much like this guy here: 

Thanks again, and good luck all!