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How much do you spend on death note/ whats the most you've ever spent on a single death note item? Just curious since you love it so much :^P

Gosh, I know you literally didn’t ask but I took a photo of my entire collection because I got excited at the opportunity to talk about it!

I dread to think how much I’ve spent over the years, although I know I wasn’t exaggerating when I put it somewhere in the thousands when I was writing that post about the movie.

The most expensive item is:

He was £350

Now look at all these doot noots

(I wish I had a better way to display these. Plush are a pain in the ass.) This Ryuk is HUGE, like, well over a foot tall. There’s some nendoroids in the background behind the books - the red one is Christmas Light, and he’s standing on top of Christmas L. I don’t like having Christmas stuff out all year round!

I still don’t have the standard three pops, only this hot topic one.

^ This Rem is my absolute favourite thing in the whole collection (except maybe the gigantic weird pose Ryuk) - I’d been searching so hard for her for years and then she popped up in a local shop at her base price. I’ve never bought something so fast in my life. There’s a Ryuk in the back there who is quite new and I haven’t had time/the energy to rework his shelf to work him in.

Incidentally my mission today was to dust these shelves but I got excited and wanted to answer this IMMEDIATELY, so excuse the week’s worth of dust! Never buy black furniture.

Wooo, damn! Its been a crazy week moving into my first apartment. So glad to have a place I can call my own and so excited to start my new life with mah ladeh!

 Race in Toyland: A Nonwhite Doll Crosses Over


Jade Goss, age 2, looks as if she just stepped out of the wildly popular “Doc McStuffins” cartoon.

“She has the Doc McStuffins sheets. She has the Doc McStuffins doll. She has the Doc McStuffins purse. She has Doc McStuffins clothes,” said Jade’s mother, Melissa Woods, of Lynwood, Calif.

“I think what attracts her is, ‘Hey, I look like her, and she looks like me,’ ” Ms. Woods said of the character, an African-American child who acts as a doctor to her stuffed animals.

With about $500 million in sales last year, Doc McStuffins merchandise seems to be setting a record as the best-selling toy line based on an African-American character, industry experts say.

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Morikawa Toshiyuki appreciation post

For my good friend paranoid-rhythm Carli who loves him very much <3 Happy birthday! *O*

Why is this guy so awesome?

  • He is a super talented, well respected and very successful voice actor, music, radio, movie dubbing, anime, videogames,you name it he’s really awesome -trust me just check out his work-

  • He is an animal lover, he loves his good friend (rip ;A;) Axl so much his seiyuu agency is called Axl one in his honor (come on guys seriously the company uses dog paws and has this cute logo and everything is dog related is the most adorable thing)

  • His office is full of toys -specially toy cars and pandas- 

Pics taken at his agency XD -serious business-

  • He is th emperor of dorks, funniest most happy go lucky guy ever XD

  • He likes to dance and he has….no style XD

  • He is not afraid of crossdressing or cosplay XD he loves it XD -beware-

  • He has a ridiculously contagious laugh and he is always laughing lol -secret of eternal youth believe me-XD

  • All of the voice porn XD, He ain’t called the BL emperor cause of his pretty face >_> I’ll skip this part  >_> 

  • Sometimes he is kinda cool  and yeah..>w>

  • He makes the most original pic poses ever, also selfies that give you life XD

  • At his 47 he is still a kid at heart -and I bet he has more energy than you and me-

In conclusion, he is a nice, sweet adorable dude XD right Carli? XD

Garnet losing her temper was pretty damn scary, but it makes sense why she’s be so furious. Fusion is /so important/ to Garnet, and having it used not only as a distraction but a toy to fool around with was crossing a line. Moreover, it’s serious business considering that Peridot may have already contacted Yellow Diamond through that initial transmission. Now’s not the time to horse around and fuse for shallow reasons.

Pearl upset Garnet’s trust and, let’s face it, Garnet has a TERRIBLE temper. Messing with fusion for fun shenanigans and distracting from such a critical time with their enemies was bound to boil her nonexistent blood.