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Honestly I have mixed feelings about stim toys becoming popular among neurotypical people.

I mean on the one hand I am all for stim toys becoming normalised. That something that really does need to happen and it relieves a lot of anxiety about stimming in public. Also the more normalised stimming is the more accepted it’s likely to be and should hopefully reduce some of the stigma surrounding stimming (though for this to be truly effective the less ‘pretty’ and more stigmatised stims need to also be normalised).

However on the other hand for a lot of neurotypicals stim toys are often more of a distraction and are used by them as toys rather than tools to help them focus or anything. Stim toys are becoming popularised as distraction toys and novelties and it’s having serious consequences for neurodivergent people in the form of the stim toys being banned all over the place because of how they are being used as a distraction by neurotypical people. In a way this is actually worse than stim toys being uncommon, at least in my opinion, because teachers tend to be less willing to make exceptions on established bans than they are for items that aren’t banned.

Basically what in saying is its cool that stim toys are being normalised and helping to destigmatise stimming, however neurotypicals need to be considerate of how they are using the stim toys, and of the consequences using them as novelty distractions is having for the neurodivergent people who need stim toys to cope.

Also it’s pretty gross if ur neurotypical and play with stim toys but continue to be ableist and be intolerant towards neurodivergent people for stimming or behaving “weird”.

Fidget spinners — the trendy toy of the moment — are causing a commotion. A lot of kids love them, just as many teachers hate them and some people think they’re more than just toys.

The basic fidget spinner has three prongs centered around a circle with bearings in the middle. Take one prong, give it a spin and watch as the triangle shape becomes a blur, sort of like a ceiling fan. The toys are manufactured by several different companies, and sold all over the place — airports, gas stations, train stations, toy stores.

In many places where fidget spinners are sold, they’re touted as miracle toys that help people focus as well as aid people dealing with post-traumatic stress and other disorders, but one expert says those claims aren’t backed up by science. And some teachers have complained that the toys are causing disturbances in the classroom.

Whirring, Purring Fidget Spinners Provide Entertainment, Not ADHD Help

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Summary: Ryan sweeps into Gavin the Third’s life, turns his world upside down, and then has to pick up the pieces.

(Eleven Little Roosters fic)

a/n: Silly thing I wrote to practice their characterisations, but I’ll post it as my gift to all of you freewood people waiting for them to interact in the show LOL

c/w: brief mentions of suicide, nothing actually happens


Ryan met with Gavin the Third in a small but painfully expensive restaurant overlooking the Thames. The agent was already there when he arrived, sitting by the window with a glass of red wine in hand and three plates of tiny appetisers in front of him that Ryan was quite sure had already amounted to several hundred pounds despite seeming to barely contain more than a mouthful of actual food.

“Gavin,” he said as he approached, and the other man’s eyes flicked up to him.

It still gave Ryan a jolt, how fucking identical he looked to Ryan’s old coworker. But not just to the two Gavins who he’d met back at Rooster Teeth. To the student he’d met while investigating the wormhole that’d opened in some university science lab. To the Golden Boy who worked with gangs over in Los Santos. To that idiot running around with a Union Jack on his chest claiming to be a superhero who’d been in all the papers lately.

They were all over the fucking place, and maybe Ryan should’ve been used to that same giant nose popping up everywhere, but somehow - every time - it still made him feel an odd guilt. A flash back to his life before all this.

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please please please do headcanons of Jason Todd with a child the world needs more of it ❤️

Not sure if this meant Jason with a random child (from the family) or his own child so I went with headcanon of Jason with his child instead! I have a few similar themed requests so will be posting them up as soon! Thank you for the request though!!

On a side note, other than my masterlist page, I have also added a WIP page! Check them out if you haven’t.

Jason would wake up to his two-year old son drooling all over him. Sometime between his last mission and right at that moment, his son has finally learned how to get up on the bed and crawl all over him. If Jason still feels sleepy, he would grab his son and blow raspberries on his stomach, causing his son to giggle before tucking him in against Jason. “Daddy needs some more sleep, okay?”

Jason tries his hardest to always be there for everything, even though sometimes his businesses gets in the way but he never fails to always call his s/o asking for updates and just talking to his son in general. His son will most likely only be able to say a couple of things but not full sentences yet but it still brings him joy when his son sees his face and calls him ‘daddy’.

In the case that he has a daughter instead of a son, his daughter has Jason wrapped around her fingers. Sometimes Jason finds himself wondering how the hell he has this much love for his own daughter. He never thought he would be having children after what he had been through growing up but his s/o had proved that wrong and he really cherishes his daughter a lot.

Lazy weekends at home mostly consists of Jason taking care of his son or his daughter. He would give his s/o a chance to just do whatever they want: go out, meet up with friends, laze around or catch up on some missed sleep. The first time he told his s/o to just leave him with his child, it ended up disastrous: the house was covered in flour – while trying to make pancakes for the both of them, his child decided to suddenly throw the flour around – and toys were scattered all over the place because who knew his child could crawl so fast??

But after a few tries and constant assuring, Jason can finally manage to handle both household chores and his child. He would not have admitted it to anyone, especially not his s/o, but after the first time fiasco, he had immediately called up Alfred asking for advice because Alfred is the man who single-handedly raised not only Bruce Wayne but literally everyone, including himself! So now he has a few things up his sleeves especially if his child decides to play around in the kitchen again.

Jason’s favourite thing to do is watching his child sleep. As much as he loves watching his child play around or talk to him in their broken sentences/languages, he loves watching them sleep as if there is no care regarding the world and the problem that lies in it. He wants to keep that for his child: the constant peace. His s/o will always find Jason in the middle of the night just watching over his child sleep.

“Rough day?” You would whisper as you wrap your arms around Jason. He would hum and hold on to your hand for a few seconds before bringing it to his lips. The two of you would simply just stay there for the remaining of the night, basking in each other’s presence and watching over your child. When morning came, Jason would just hug you and you would rub his back. “I know you will try your hardest to keep all of us safe.”


Important Gus updates:

- has put on 0.5kg in 2 weeks!! Such a good bun!!
- no more eyedrops!! Such a relieved bun!!
- little skin infection!! Such an itchy bun!! (She went to the vet today and I caught it early - she’s basically not used to grooming herself yet and it’s got irritated, but she’s had some medicine and she’ll go back in 2 weeks)
- doesn’t want pats because I took her to the vet today and she hates me now!! Such a grumpy bun!!
- playing with her toys more by throwing them all over the place!! Such a destructive bun!!
- was so well behaved at the vets, even when they shoved a thermometer up her bottom!! Such a brave bun!!


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The Joker x Reader - “The Promise” Part 2

The Joker never saw it coming; he left his guard down for a moment and it all went to pieces. Nothing to hold on to now except his son and the memory of you. But maybe there is something else that won’t let him go either…

Read Part 1 here:

“You’re my prisoner for the night,” you would hold his hands above his head. “I’m not gonna let you go anywhere,” and you kissed his neck painfully slow.

“I don’t wanna go anywhere,” J would growl, admitting to the truth. “Unless Kase wakes up, crying…but we can always start all over, hm?”

“Ohhh, I don’t mind that,” you whispered in his ear and backed up on top of him just enough to take your lacy nightgown off. “Don’t look at my stretchmarks, ok?” you used to plead, self-conscious about them.

“ Stretchmarks? Nahhhh…” J would trace them on your tummy. “These are battle wounds, Y/N. And you’ve clearly won the battle: we have a very cute baby.”

“He is cute, huh?” you would giggle, tossing the garment somewhere behind you.

“Yeah, thanks to me,” The Joker used to taunt, pinching your thigh. “Obviously.”

“Are you calling me ugly?” you frowned, slapping his chest.

“Nope… you’re a very pretty girl, but don’t tell anybody. I don’t want someone to steal you away.”

“Wow, did you just say that loud?” you let your head fall on his shoulder, laughing.

“No, I didn’t,” The Joker would pucker his lips, antagonized he actually uttered such words. “You’re hearing things, Y/N.”

“Probably; I’m getting old,” and you reached over to kiss him, smiling.

That smile of yours…

“Daddy, daddy…” the shy voice wakes him up. “Daddy, you’re talking in your sleep,” his son touches his arm, placing a small plate on the side of the bed.

J blinks, reality settling in. Sometimes he doesn’t want to wake up. At all. He wants to dream about you, uninterrupted; at least that.

“Hey, kid…,” he moves up on the pillows, yawning.

“I made you breakfast,” Kase shows him the plate with some burned toast and a bit of grape jelly on top.

“That’s nice…” The Joker sighs. “Did you eat?”

“U-hum, Frosty brought a lot of food over.”

He always does. All the henchmen take turns to make sure nothing is missing from the penthouse. They are a bunch of jerks, but they know the kid needs food and J told them to take care of it so they obey. Their boss is out of it, even more than before; God knows for how long, and they all feel they are walking on eggshells. The King of Gotham is lost since you were murdered 4 months ago.

He has no idea on how to be a parent on his own. You were the one that seemed to know more than him about that kind of stuff. He is just… somehow winging it. And it makes him even more enraged since you are not there to help. It’s not that he is neglecting his child; it’s more like he is trying to ignore him. Why? Because Kase reminds The Joker of you. He struggles with his demons so much there is no room for too much more.

“You like it?” the boy inquires with big eyes, nervous to hear the reply.

“It’s so good,” J sadly smiles taking a bite of the extra crunchy bread. “I don’t remember having such a perfect breakfast in a while.”

Kase snickers and bites on his nails, watching his father munch on that “yummy” food he made.

“Mommy says I have to take care of you; you don’t eat enough.”

The Joker can’t swallow that last bite.

“Please stop talking like this, yes?” he messes his son’s hair, frowning.

“Daddy…” the little one hesitantly gets up on the bed, sitting on J’s knees. “Are you going to say it?”

“Say what?”

“Happy Birthday,” Kase sulks, sliding up his father’s knees even more. “It’s my birthday today.”

“Shit,” J closes his eyes, tossing the plate on the night stand.

He completely forgot. Definitely not winning the Father of The Year award.

“Happy Birthday, kid!” he pulls the boy in his arms and kisses his temple. “How old are you now?”

“Six,” the quiet answer is fast to follow.

“That’s right, I knew that. You’re growing so fast… Your mom would have…” and he stops, sensing that ache biting at his chest, sharp blades cutting through his heart. A deep breath, then silence for a few seconds. “Anyway, we’ll do something, alright? And I will get you anything you want.”

Kase gasps, suddenly full of energy.

“Really?! Really daddy?”
“Yes, we’ll both take a shower and get ready, then we can go.”

“Yayy!!! Yayyyyy!!!! “ the kid leaves his father’s lap, jumping up and down on the bed.

J finds himself smirking, immersed in his child’s excited outburst.

“Thank you, daddy! You’re the best!!!” he shouts, gives The Joker a kiss on the cheek and runs screaming towards the master bathroom.

You’re the best… J mumbles, finally getting out of bed. What does that even mean?…

He’s been moping around for so long he finds it hard to get ready and leave the penthouse. As he takes a shower and his son is in the other bathtub taking a bath, he seriously contemplates cancelling the birthday plans. But something won’t let him.

“I’m done, daddy! I’m going to get dressed!” Kase announces and J peeks from behind the heavy shower curtain.

“I’ll be done soon too. We’ll dress the same, OK?”

“Hooraaaayyy!!!!” J hears the door being slammed and stomping up the staircase.

The two of them have a lot of matching outfits. Since today is a special day, might as well wear one.

– You would get so emotional when you saw both wearing identical clothes.

“Look at my handsome boys! If I die right now, I would die happy,” and you got teary, making The Joker roll his eyes.

“So much drama for nothing, Princess.”

Kase would cover his mouth with his hands, giggling when his father winked at him, grinning at your silly reaction.

“What would you know about that?” you sniffled, wiping your eyes, feeling so overwhelmed when J squeezed you in his arms, kissing you so you would shut up.

“I know enough,“ he would purr in your ear. “Want me to prove it tonight, after the kid goes to sleep?” the low tone unexpectedly got you all lightheaded.

“Yes, prove it, “you breathed on his lips and Kase would run over, pulling on your dress.

“Mommy, I want a kiss too!”

J grunts at the painful memory as he buttons up his son’s purple shirt.

“Does something hurt, daddy?” the little boy asks, seeing the painful grimace on The Joker’s face.

“No, nothing…” and he gets up, being done with the task. “ I think we look dashing,” he distracts his boy from the real issue. Or is he distracting himself?

He notices Kase staring at him, then to his left, then back to him again. And suddenly the little one bursts into tears, crying so hard it scares The Joker.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” J bends one knee to kneel in front of his son. “What is it?” he cups his face, actually worried.

Kase keeps on staring to The Joker’s left again, not being able to quit bawling.

“No, I-I don’t wanna tell him that…” he seems to be answering to someone else’s question.

“Hey, knock it out! What’s going on, hm?”

“Mommy…” and his son takes a deep breath, whimpering and trying to talk. “Mommy says you should get a new girlfriend. She doesn’t mind; she understands. I-I…” and the crying intensifies so badly the little face gets super red. “…I don’t want another moommmyyy!!! I want MY mommy!!!” and he charges at his father’s neck, hugging him so tight it makes the Joker cringe. “P-please daaaddyyy, I don’t want another mommy!!!” Kase keeps on begging, unaware of his father’s own heartache.

J can’t move. Where is this coming from?! He wants to get mad like he usually does when his son says things like that, but it’s almost as he can’t find the strength to do it.

“Ssssttt, stop crying. You‘re not getting a new mom, alright?” The Joker surprisingly goes another route in order to calm his child’s hysterical behavior. “ Who the hell had time to even think about that?” he mutters the last sentence mostly to himself. “Hey, look at me,” he continues to caress his son’s back. “You can’t cry on your birthday, that’s the rule. Do we understand each other?”

“Y-yes…” the small body shakes in his arms, finally letting go.

“We need to clean you up now; your face is a mess. It’s ok, you’re not getting another mom, alright?”

“U-hum,” the 6 year old agrees, feeling better since his father reassured him. “You promise daddy?”

“Yeah, brat, I promise,” J is fast to answer because the strange episode needs to stop.

“Mommy says she loves you,” Kase pecks his star tattoo, sniffling, then goes inside the bathroom, turning on the water in the sink so he can wash his face.

The Joker can’t even get up yet; he feels so drained and exhausted. He can’t understand why Kase continues to talk like that. J refuses to acknowledge the obvious: that THERE IS something happening with his kid. The stuff he says sometimes…Things he couldn’t possibly know about.

“I’m done, daddy,” and that makes The King of Gotham to finally get up on his feet.

– J took his son to different toy stores owned by people he does business with. Some of them use the upfront venture for money laundering, some conduct less than legal affairs behind closed doors. No matter. Just one word from The Prince of Crime and the chosen location closes under 10 minutes. Like somebody would dare saying no to him.

Kase runs all over the place, picking toys he likes to take back to the penthouse.

“Daddy, can I have this one too?” he barely pushes the huge box with a tank inside in front of J.
“ Sure, whatever you want, as many as you want,” a bored Joker answers, absent minded. He is sitting on a lather couch, displeased with the color. The pile of toys next to him is getting bigger and bigger.

The cake resting on a glass table nearby has 6 candles waiting to be lit. J ordered Frost to bring it over here, since “Rascal’s ” is the last stop for the day. Kase takes the mini-silver jacket off, tired from all the hard work he’s been doing and crawls in his father’s lap.

“That’s it,” he huffs, bouncing his legs, impatiently eyeballing his favorite chocolate cake.

“Are you sure?” J double checks, leaning over to light up the candles.

“Yes,” he rubs his eyes, getting ready to blow the flames.

“Make a wish,” The Joker urges, wanting to head back home soon.

His son innocent request strikes a chord within J:

“I want my mommy back,” and he blows in the candles, the flickering lights dancing in frenzy before disappearing in thin air.

“Great job, kid!” he gets praised and they are both silent before the cake gets cut. Kase gets a piece and J doesn’t want any. He didn’t have anything today except that toast in the morning, yet he’s not hungry. No appetite since you’ve been gone.

“Here, Daddy,” the little boy offers a bite to his father and J nods a no.

“You eat it, I’m fine.”

“Huh?” he glances over The Joker’s shoulder, carefully listening. “Mommy says you should eat, she doesn’t like it you’re skinnier.”

“Not again…” the complaint is following the remark. “Can you take a break from this? I really don’t want to put up with your…”, J is shouting without realizing it.

“Mommy doesn’t like it when you yell at me…” Kase interrupts, startled.
“YOUR MOM IS DEAD!!! Do you hear me? SHE’S DEAD! Why are you pushing me, hm?” The Joker yanks the plate from his son’s hand, slamming it on the floor. “ Shut up! And don’t cry either! We’re going home! No toys!!!” he yanks the little hand away, furious again, incapable of controlling his temper.

The poor kid can hardly keep up with his father, trying so hard not to cry because he’s afraid J will get angrier.

“Daddy…daddy…” Kase pleads and The Joker snaps at him one more time.

“What?! What is it now?!”

“Mommy says that if you don’t stop, she’ll hate you even if she said she never will,” and tears follow while J slows down then halts. “My hand hurts,” Kase sobs and J releases his strong grip, the words making him aware of what he’s doing.

Fuck, he thinks, trying to cool down.

Why is he taking it on his kid? Probably because there is nobody else around. No you, no one else to tell what’s going on inside his head. That uncanny feeling he lost something he can never get back becomes stronger with each passing day. The restlessness is unbearable, the pain ever growing. He misses you so much it physically hurts most of the time. That’s why he finds it hard to even get out of bed. All he wants is to be left alone.

He’s a goddamned lunatic, completely gone and lost for the world, just like that old Arkham report stated. Why pretend to be something else? And yet…

He gazes at the small child without seeing anything.

“Daddy, are you mad at me?” Kase hugs his legs, getting him out of trance.

The Joker lifts his son up, carrying him in his arms towards the exit.

“No, I’m not. How’s your hand?” he grumbles, kissing the tiny fingers.

“Doesn’t hurt anymore,” the boy admits, already forgetting about it. There is nothing more he wants than his father’s attention. Since your death, J seems so far away, in his own world. Kase needs somebody to take care of him; he’s just 6. It doesn’t matter that the infamous Joker is his dad, the kid loves him regardless. To a child, his parents are the center of the universe. And right now, The Joker is the only one feeling up that space.

Certainly not winning the Father of The Year award.

“Frost will bring all the toys and the cake to the house, OK?” J makes amendments, almost out of there. “Can you…can you tell your mom not to hate me?” he suddenly articulates, mostly on a whim.

“I don’t have to, daddy. She can hear you,” Kase smiles, not crying anymore.

That smile of his
– J got so many more presents for his son. He watched Kase open all of them, and that crazy laugh of his finally echoed in the Penthouse after so long. But when the night comes, all alone with his devils again, tossing and turning, unable to rest until he takes his sleeping pills. But they take about 15 minutes to kick in.

He’s facing your side of the bed, sensing Kase against his body behind him. His son really wanted to sleep in there and J didn’t object. He has to make up for being so out of control right on his kid’s birthday.

The Joker gets under the sheets, just like he used to when you were there, anxious to share plans and secrets with his girl but she’s not there. He whispers anyway.

“I was thinking to plan a heist in 2 months or so. What do you think? Should I go sooner? I really don’t feel like it, because I miss you…” and he brings your pillow to his chest. “I don’t feel like doing anything…”

No answer, of course.

“Daddy,” Kase stretches, half asleep, snuggling more towards his father. “Mommy says she loves you.”

“You’re just dreaming…” J extends his arm behind to hold Kase close to him, not getting pissed for once.

“She’s right there,” his son lifts his head up from the pillows, eyes almost closed, pointing towards your usual spot. “Can’t you see her?” and the little one sighs, falling asleep again.

“No, I can’t see anything, “ he answers, smelling your perfume on the fabric. J always freshens up the scent from the tiny vial you kept on the night stand.

The eyelids are getting heavy, the medicine reacting in his body.

He feels a tender pressure on his lips, just like a soft kiss.

“Hey, handsome,” he hears your voice.

“Hey pretty girl,” he mutters, waking up for a moment.

He opens his eyes, so used to dream about you and losing the connection. The Joker shifts so he can wrap his arms around Kase, almost dozing off again.

“Tell your dad I love him,” he faintly discerns. “ Honey, wake up. Tell your dad I love him.”

Kase yawns, gently shaking his father.

“Daddy…mommy says she loves you.”

“I know, I heard it,” he replies, not realizing what he’s saying. The medication is strong, makes one totally out of it. “Tell her I love her too.”

“She can hear you, dad,” his son repositions himself in his father’s arms, tired since he keeps on being woken up.

“That’s good, I want her to know…” and the last trace of consciousness is lost, enslaved by the effects of the medicine.

“She knows,” his son buries his face in J’s t-shirt, even if his dad can’t hear him anymore.“And she says she’ll always come back because she promised.”


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I'm probably gonna get crap for this again but honestly NOTHING is worse than having a pack of teenagers/young adults (usually mostly guys) come in the store, who have NO intention of buying anything, they just come in, try to ride the bikes, duel with the foam swords/pool noodles, throw playground balls all over the place. I'm sorry but a toy store is not a theme park!!

How-To: Cake 101

Member: Kang Daniel

Genre: Father!AU, birthday scenario

Warnings: None

Daniel scratched the back of his head, looking at the recipe he found on the internet. “How-To: Cake 101“ sounded pretty legit, right? He read through the instructions quickly, nodding in approval. Looked easy enough to not mess up.

He put his phone on the kitchen counter, turning around to take his brand new “Kiss the cook“ apron, but it was nowhere to be seen. “I swear I put it here,“ a small frown made its way on his face as he heard suspicious laughter coming from one of the rooms. He followed the sound and stopped in front of the living room. Peeking in slightly, he saw Byul and Maya having a laughing fit while sitting on the floor with crayons and… his apron?

“What are you two doing?“ he asked, trying not to sound as shocked as he was feeling right now.

“Making it look pwetty!“ they answered in unison, giggling as they continued to draw random strokes on the fabric. A quiet sigh left Daniel’s mouth, but he started panicking as soon as he saw that apart from the crayons the two-year-olds also managed to find scissors and cut weird shapes into the apron.

He quickly took the scissors, ignoring the sounds of protest that came from the twins. “Where did you find this?“ Daniel asked with concern, moving the scissors to a safe place where his daughters wouldn’t be able to get them. Crouching down, he inspected both of them to make sure they didn’t cut themselves accidentally, and thankfully they were both fine.

Byul pointed to the table with a pout, “there,“ then she turned to her sister, speaking in some weird alien language only the two of them understood. Daniel checked the table just in case there was anything else they could take, but the only thing he found was some crumpled papers and a few pencils.

Well, there was no way he could use that apron now. At least it distracted the twins from any other mischief they could possibly think of, he’ll scold them later. After he had returned to the kitchen an idea popped into his mind – you had an apron as well! He looked around and indeed there it was, thrown over the chair in all its pink glory. Daniel put it on, his gaze wandering over to the clock and oh no, it was getting closer and closer to the time you were supposed to come back. In the morning he kind of kicked you out, sending you over to your best friend’s house to celebrate your birthday with her. In the meantime, he meant to prepare the house, set up decorations and make a homemade birthday cake, but all he did so far was take care of the kids.

Like the first step of the recipe said, he set out his ingredients, double-checking if he had everything that was needed. “Preheat the oven,“ he read aloud, moving over to do exactly what he said. Daniel continued to follow the steps, finding it surprisingly easy. It didn’t take him nearly as long as he thought it would, and he was already decorating the cake. Once the finishing touches were done, he proudly wiped his hands on the pink apron while staring at his masterpiece.

“Daddy!“ he turned around, looking at the girls that stood in the doorway, „we’re bored.“

Daniel smiled his signature eye smile as he put the apron back to its original place and walked towards Byul and Maya. “Hmm, what should we do about that?“ he pretended to think hard, hands on his waist. “Oh! I have an idea! Do you want to hear it?“ he grinned at them, seeing their eyes lit up with excitement.

“YES!“ Maya shouted, jumping up and down as she tugged on Daniel’s pants. Byul stayed quiet, looking up at him with anticipation.

“How about you help me put up the decorations for mommy’s birthday?“ the response he got was loud cheering and more jumping around. Maya even hugged his leg in excitement, making Daniel nearly trip because he didn’t notice her, which resulted in Byul and Maya having another laughing fit while Daniel let out a chuckle at how cute they were.

He only gave them the easiest tasks such as “bring this balloon over there“ or “hold this for a while.“ On the other hand, Daniel was climbing on furniture to hang the streamers and the fact that he was slightly dizzy from blowing up who knows how many balloons didn’t exactly help him balance. 

Once everything was done, without any injuries, he patted the twins‘ heads, praising them for doing a good job. “Now we just have to wait until mom gets home!“ just as he finished saying that sentence, the sound of the key being inserted in the door could be heard. He hurried over to the door, blocking your view just in time. You blinked in surprise, staring at Daniel’s chest for a few seconds until you looked up to see his nervous smile.

“I’m home,“ you said, hanging your keys on the key hook.

“Welcome home,“ Daniel answered quickly, still standing in your way with his hands behind his back. You moved to the left in hopes to walk around him, but he also stepped to the side, making it impossible for you to walk forward. You repeated that around five times, moving right and left and right again, but he always blocked the way.

“Daniel, what are you doing?“ you asked, unimpressed by his childish behavior.

“You need to wear a blindfold!“ he said, showing you the blindfold he was holding behind his back, shaking it in front of your eyes.

“You could’ve said that before we wasted 10 minutes of the day moving from one side to the other,“ you pointed out, hearing a familiar chuckle from behind Daniel. “Maya, Byul, are you two eavesdropping?“ you asked, leaning to the side to look at them, but Daniel covered your eyes with his hand, turning you around. You rolled your eyes, staring at the closed door as Daniel carefully put the blindfold on for you.

“I’ll lead you to the right place, so just trust me, okay?“ he asked, taking both of your hands as he tugged you forward.

“We’ve been married for years and we have two kids, do you think I won’t trust you to guide me when I can’t see anything?“ you asked sarcastically, shaking your head. “Just don’t let me stub my toe,“ you quickly added, knowing that the girls liked to place their toys all over the floor.

“Okay, don’t take your blindfold off yet!“ you heard as you stopped, Daniel’s hands leaving yours, making you feel less sure about your blindness. You focused solely on your hearing, hoping to hear something that could give you a clue to what awaited you. You knew that all of this was for your birthday, you weren’t that stupid, but you had no idea what Daniel actually planned. Was there some big party? Did he invite all of your friends? Are they silently laughing at you right now? Or did he bring something weird into the house? Perhaps you will take off the blindfold and find a horse standing in front of you. What if the twins are doing something they shouldn’t do and you won’t know because you have a blindfold on and Daniel disappeared somewhere? That thought irked you, and you lifted your hands up to touch the blindfold.

“Don’t take it off!“ you jumped at the sudden shout, your hands moving away from the blindfold as you held them in the air.

“I’m not,“ you shouted back, not sure if Daniel actually saw you trying to take it off or if that was just pure coincidence. It served it’s purpose though, you didn’t try anything after that.

A few minutes of silence passed by and your mind started to wander to the possible outcomes of today again. “No, let’s do it like this!“ Maya’s voice startled you. It was followed by a lot of shushing, and you hoped that you will be able to see what this is about soon. Two jump scares were enough for you.

“You can take it off!“

“Finally,“ you mumbled, quickly throwing the fabric to the ground as your eyes adjusted to the bright light.

Your hand was instantly covering your mouth that opened in surprise. In front of you, Daniel was holding a cake in one of his hands while the other secured the twins on his shoulders. Yes, his shoulders were so broad that he could have a small child sitting on each of them. Around you, there were tons of decorations that surely must’ve taken a long time to put up.

“Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear (Y/N)! Happy birthday to you,“ Daniel sang, Byul and Maya somehow following along, the eye smiles they inherited from their dad plastered on their faces. Daniel put the cake on the table, pushing you closer to it. You were still frozen, staring at him with a soft smile.

“Make a wish!“ Byul said loudly as she watched the candles on the cake. That made you snap out of your frozen state, and you leaned closer to the cake. You closed your eyes as you blew the candles out, following Byul’s order and making a wish. Cheers were heard as you opened your eyes, staring at your family. You started to tear up, not able to hold it back anymore, you let the tears of happiness flow down your cheeks. You felt especially emotional this birthday and seeing this beautiful sight just pushed you over the edge.

“Mommy don’t cry!“ the twins ran to you as soon as Daniel put them down, hugging you as you crouched to their height. “Don’t cry, you should be happy!“ you let out a laugh as you heard that, wiping your tears.

You didn’t even notice it, but Daniel disappeared for a moment, returning with a box in his hands. “Your birthday present, I, um, chose it,“ he said, handing it over to you as he cupped your cheek with one hand, wiping away your tears with his thumb. You smiled up at him, taking the present from him, your heart speeding up.

“LET’S HAVE A FOOD FIGHT!“ Maya shouted just as you were about to open the box. Terrified at what you just heard, you quickly turned around only to see Maya with a handful of cake, smearing it on Byul’s face who looked like she will start crying any second.

“MAYA NO!“ you and Daniel shouted in unison as you quickly put the present on the couch, hurrying over to stop the fight.

The emotional moment might have been ruined, but you could proudly say that this was the best birthday you had. Ever.

sweetchildhooddreams  asked:

it's a middle of the night, and my brain produced a new kaaron (kevaaron??) hc, so I decided I could share it with you?... because I want to talk about andreil going on a vacation and leaving kevin to look after sir and king, and it turns into the real hell. kevin has no clue what to do with these furry balls (they're not the exy balls, sorry), therefore he asks aaron for help. AND AARON COMES TO AN ANDREIL'S FLAT WITH A <b>BOOK</b> ABOUT CATS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

thank you,,, im so happy feel free to send all your kevaaron thoughts my way this is so cute im dying oK,,

  • ok so andrew and neil both have a tournament because theyre on the same team now but kevin is playing in a different region so he’s got some time off 
  • aaron is going to med school in the area near kevin and he dorms at school but he spends a lot of time at kevin’s
    • because its close to his internship. obviously.
    • no other reason at all. 
    • :)
  • so he’s there when kevin gets a call from neil asking him to watch their cats, and agrees to watch kevin’s apartment while he’s gone for the next week or so
  • so aaron drops kevin off at the airport (they didn’t hug but kevin squeezed aaron’s hand just before he boarded and if aaron thinks about it the whole drive home can anybody really blame him??)
  • all is well for…like a day
  • aaron is checking kevin’s plants and eating his leftovers before heading to his internship for the evening when the apartment gets a call, and he’s gonna just leave the machine to get it until he’s taking his phone off silent since he’s been lectures all day
  • his phone literally vibrates for a minute straight and shuts down he’s got so many messages. before it does, though, he sees theyre all from kevin so he grabs the house phone and dials kevin, expecting the worst
  • nah poor kevin’s just a mess
    • aaron: …………excuse me
  • turns out kevin has not one fucking clue what to do with cats
  • they’re squirmy and they yell. they fucking yell and he doesn’t know why.
  • aaron’s just on the phone with kevin grinning his ass off because no one can see him and he’s so glad bc dammit his distress should not be this endearing
  • so aaron’s boss is pretty cool and lets him take some days off to go help kevin
  • but see….aaron’s a dog person (gasp)
  • he actually doesn’t know any more than kevin about how to watch to cats or like. what to do with them. 
  • so………..he buys a book
  • and he reads it on the couple hour plane ride over there
  • poor kevin honestly he’s picking up aaron with his hair and clothes a mess, he’s got red marks all over where the cats swiped at him
    • aaron hasn’t had to fight this hard against a smile in a while honestly how does kevin still look like a model in such a state
  • they get back to the apartment and aaron can tell the cats ripped up the instruction sheet neil left, their toys are all over the place, and he suspects the blankets on the couch mean they took over the guest bedroom and kevin was too scared of getting scratched to move them (he’s right)
  • aaron sighs and feeds the cats, clears the litter, does,, other cat owner things,,, idk man im allergic to cats im as helpless as kevin watching aaron in awe in this moment ok
  • “You’re a cat whisperer”
  • aaron’s smug
  • but it doesnt last because they order pizza
  • and aaron, not thinking, is like, “just grab my wallet out of my bag i have a 5 i think” when kevin’s looking for cash to tip the delivery kid
  • and lo and behold………….he discovers the cat book
  • “………hey aaron”
  • aaron is no longer smug and now quite pink
  • kevin’s laughing at his dumb boyf- FRIEND. just friend. yea. 
  • kevin: it’s fine we’ll just get dogs
  • aaron: *now very pink, smirking* ……..”we’ll”?
  • kevin: *chokes on his pizza*
  • they most definitely go to the shelter back home once the week is done and pick out a puppy
Dancing Away With My Heart Pt. 2

 Summary: You’re a ballerina dancer, and your baby sister is taking up gymnastics, with none other than Lance Tucker as her teacher. 

Pairing: Lance the Fucker Tucker x ofc (Stella)

Warnings: Language

Originally posted by vintagefangirll

The annoying screeching of my alarm at 4:30AM jerks me from my sleep. Okay, I know I said I was a morning person, and really I am. I promise, but for some reason today my body just isn’t having it, but I can’t let Sarah be late to her second day of training. So, dragging myself out of bed I head to the bathroom and put on my fluffy robe, don’t want to be walking around half naked now would I? Heading downstairs to start a pot of coffee, and stopping at Sarah’s door. Knocking a few times to get her attention.

“Sarah? You need to wake up babe it’s 4:30.” I hear the soft thud of something hitting the door. She must have thrown the pillow at the door. Chuckling, I head into the kitchen and sit at the table with my warm mug. After checking snapchat and instagram, I hear Sarah come down stairs. She looks just about as put together as I am. Which isn’t much.

“You better hurry up and shower, Sarah. We can’t be late, coach Tucker probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much if we were late on your second day.” She nods, chewing on her piece of bacon. Something tells me she won’t be able to enjoy bacon for breakfast much longer. He’ll probably send her home with a diet plan soon.

She heads up to shower, and I head to my own shower.

By the time we’re done, it’s 5:00 and we’re headed out the door.

After 2 hours and several music jam sessions later, we make it to the gym.

Parking next to the fancy car again, I notice there’s no one else here today. It’s just now that I remember that she said it would just be them today.

Walking into the gym, we’re met with the sight of Lance Tucker doing push ups. He’s in a white tank top and long running pants in blue. He looks good. He see’s us, stands up and walks towards us.

“It’s about time, I was getting wrinkles.” He rests his hands on his hips.

I blush, seeing as it was my fault she was late.
“S-Sorry, Mr. Tucker. It was my fault, I guess we should have left earlier.” I rub the back of my head in nervousness. He smirks an awful cocky, arrogant smirk.

“Don’t worry about it, princess. Just make sure she’s on time next time, alright?” He drags his pointer finger under my chin, making me look up and into his eyes. He winks at me before looking towards Sarah.

“Alright! Let’s start with bars, kiddo.” She clears her throat.

“Um, coach? Do you mind if my sister stays for today’s training session? She doesn’t work today, and I figured we could save gas.” He turns to look at me, and I give him a nervous smile.

“Do you wanna practise gymnastics too? You can use the gym if you like.” He smiles again, however it’s not arrogant. It’s genuine.

“O-Oh, no. I’d make a fool of myself. I don’t do gymnastics.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Really? You were in a leotard yesterday, you looked damn good in it too.” He stands with his legs wide, his arms crossed and tucked under his armpits.

“Oh that? I’m a ballet dancer and I teach dance.” I find myself blushing, and looking towards the ground.

‘What is it about this guy? He’s messing with me.’

“Oooh, this is a dancer’s body then, huh?” He walks towards me, before walking around me and checking me out. If my blush wasn’t evident before it is now. He seems to notice.

“Aw am I making you blush, sweet cheeks?” NOW he smiles that arrogant smile. Sarah, being the doll that she is, clears her throat.

“U-Uh, coach? Are we ready to practise?” He looks towards her and smiles.

“Yeah, go ahead to the bars, Sarah.” She heads across the massive gym and towards the bars. It’s just then that the gym doors open and a little boy, and what I can only assume is his mother, walk in. He walks up to her, meeting her halfway. He leans down and picks up the little boy, balancing him on his hip. This must be his son. He doesn’t seem to get along with her, her being Maggie Townsend, the student he impregnated. Looking towards the ground, at my feet. Anything to avoid looking at them, as not to eavesdrop, as much as I’d like to. She takes her leave, not sparing me or Sarah a second glace. Hell, I don’t even think she looked at us once. She seems like a bitch.

Lance puts his son down, leaning down to talk to him. The little boy can’t be more than 3 years old, and he looks just like Lance. He couldn’t deny him if he wanted to. The little boy goes to play with his toys on one of that mats while Lance goes on to train Sarah. Watching them, I notice he’s constantly looking back to his son, checking on him. It’s cute, and makes me wish I had kids of my own. It’s just, ever since mom and dad died I never really had time to spend on myself, I’ve never had the chance to be with a man, I’ve been too worried about taking care of my baby sister.

After a while, I go up to Lance and tap him on the shoulder. He turns to look at me.

“What can I do for you, dollface?” I roll my eyes.

“Would you like me to sit with him? I don’t mind watching him.” His eyes soften just the slightest.

“You don’t have to do that.” I smile.

“I know, but I can tell you’re stressed out. Trying to train her and watch your son at the same time. I don’t mind, really.” I turn to look at him. He’s playing with an airplane toy, and spitting all over the place trying to make airplane noises. I turn to look back at Lance and he’s looking at him, smiling.

“What’s his name?” He looks down at me.

“Luke. Luke Tucker.” I smile again.

“He looks just like you.” His face lights up, this boy is his whole world, it’s plain to see.

“Yeah, I’ve been told that before.” He looks down at me.

“But yeah, if you want to watch him you can. I’d appreciate that.” I nod and walk over to the little boy, before sitting next to him.

“Hello.” He looks up from his toys and smiles at me.

“Hi pretty lady!” A blush makes its way across my face, this little boy is going to be a charmer, I can tell already.

“You’re Luke, right?” He stands up, jumping up and down.

“YEAH! What’s your name pretty lady?” I laugh, this boy is adorable.

“I’m Stella.” He plops himself down on my lap, hard.

“OOF!” Makes it’s way out of my lips before I can stop it.

“Are you daddy’s girlfriend?” Kids say the darndest things.

“No, baby. I’m not his girlfriend.”

“Do ya wanna be? I bet I can make it happen!!” He stands up and runs towards his daddy.

“DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!!!” Lance turns to look at him, then turns to look at Sarah. I can see the words ‘be right back’ on his lips before he comes down off the taller mat and to his son. He leans down and opens his arms and Luke crashes into them. My face is bright red by now because I know what’s about to happen.

“DADDY! Daddy do you wanna date the pretty lady!?” He laughs a big belly laugh.

“Now what gave you that idea, little man?”

“Because she’s a pretty lady.” He chuckles and brings Luke back over to his play mat, dropping him down on the mat.

After 4 more hours and several rounds of legos and Lance yelling

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, SARAH!?” We’re about done. Lance runs his hands through his hair before walking up to us, and leaning down to his son, ruffling up his hair.

“Get packed up kiddo, we’re almost done here.” Luke whines.

“B-But I wanna stay with pretty Stella more, daddy!” His bottom lips quivers and it tears on my heart strings.

“Don’t worry buddy. I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.” He starts crying and he lays his head on my lap. Lance sighs. It’s just then that I remember, Sarah doesn’t have practise tomorrow, But I work.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Lance?” He looks up at me.

“Day off, why?”

“Why don’t you bring Luke by the dance studio?” Luke perks up and starts jumping in joy.

“YEAH YEAH!!! CAN WE GO DADDY PLEASE!?!” Lance chuckles.

“If pretty Stella doesn’t mind.” He winks at me.


“You can come, Luke. In fact, I’d love it if you and your handsome daddy came to see me.” I look up and wink at Lance. He smiles.

“It’s a date. We’ll see you tomorrow, pretty girl.”

We all pack up to leave, and say our final goodbyes while Lance straps Luke in his carseat.

“See you tomorrow, handsome.” I wink and drive off. Tomorrow is the only day of work that I’ve ever actually looked up to.

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Choose Your Mistakes #15

Part fifteen of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below. 

You chose to go through the scratched door. 

Originally posted by aurumnorthwood

You pushed through the dark red door, marred by deep scratches on its surface. It was surprisingly heavy and difficult to move, but you squeezed through in time to see the hallway lights dimming, signalling someone’s approach.
The door slammed shut behind you as you slipped through, dislodging the book that propped it open. A ringing sound echoed in your ears, but that didn’t concern you as much as the pounding on the door. 
You threw your body weight against it, as though it might help protect you from whoever wanted to get inside. You wished. You hoped. You might have even prayed. 

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anonymous asked:

I work at a private pool. It's in the contract you sign to get in-you pick up your toys when you leave, lock up, turn off the lights-just clean up after yourself. Tonight's party-moved a large garbage can fun of toys outside and just left it there? Toys all OVER the place. Lights on. Chairs unstacked. Chaos. If the Finding Dory pinata doesn't fit in the trash can, DON'T MAKE IT. Anyways I guess they can wave goodbye to their deposit. On the flip side me and my buddy saw a raccoon so that's cool

psycoticmessup123  asked:

ADHD stimming Wilford

(Thank you friendo)

Ok, headcanons for this too

-Will isn’t allowed to have chewing stim toys in meeting because of all the drool. He also can’t have ones that make noise during meetings cause it’s disruptive and he rapidly makes them click. Dr.Iplier always takes the banned Stim toys he has and gives him ones acceptable for during the meetings, and trades them back when the meeting is over

-Dr.Iplier diagnosed his ADHD pretty quick. He’s always finding new Stim toys for Wilford

-Wilford loses pretty much all of them. The longest one he’s had is a ring chew necklace

-After “the incident” Fidget spinners aren’t allowed. No one talks about it. Everyone was mentally scarred though

-If he doesn’t have a stim toy, he messes with his suspenders, wiggles his mustache and fingers, messing with his gun, just won’t sit still.

-All of them are pink. No exceptions

-Host has a few stim toys too, but all quite.

-Dark only allows Warf to have stim toys during meeting cause its better than his bouncing all over the place and shooting everything

-Egos gave Mark all of Wilford’s spinners

Edit:realizing these don’t look great, sorry. I’m not feeling well today


request: “ can you write a scenario where changkyun and wonho are staying over at kihyuns and his wife house, and they have to babysit their child” -anon <3

characters: wonho x changkyun 

word count: 2,359

a/n: hey guys im so sorry if its kinda meh ;-; the gif is not mine


Originally posted by precioussekai

A high pitched scream roared throughout the whole building. Two grown men chasing after a little girl was a sight to see. Kihyun and his wife had decided to ask Wonho and Changkyun to babysit their daughter, Kira, for the whole day which they were already obliged to do so after being saved by the couple from being kicked out from the nearby arcade.

The whole house was a total mess. Bottles, blankets, and clothes were all over the place, not to mention the toys that Kira has been playing with. Wonho and Changkyun were now busy looking for the missing Kira. Tiptoeing their way to every corner in the room, Wonho was finally able to see the tiny toes sticking out under the curtains. 

A cheeky grin crossed Wonho’s face and pointed at the curtain right in front of them, making Changkyun burst out laughing. “Omo, where could she go?” Changkyun acted distressed as if he haven’t found her. “Is she in….here!” Wonho pulls the curtain open and meets the twinkling eyes of Kira. “You found me, you found me!”

The sound of Kira’s giggles filled the room. Kira was about to run away again when Changkyun got a hold of her, throwing her up in the air and catching her right on time. “Aigoo, you’re really mischievous aren’t you?” Changkyun teased and tickled Kira on the armpits, making her squirm while laughing really hard.

Wonho couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Glancing up at the clock, his eyes widen and before they knew it, they were rushing towards the kitchen with Kira in their arms. “We’ll be dead if Kihyun finds out that we didn’t feed her on time.” Wonho rattled and quickly prepped the pot on the stove while Changkyun placed Kira on her high chair. 

“What are you going to cook, Hyung?” Changkyun asked and frantically paced fro and to behind Wonho. “I’ll just cook some ramen and we’ll be fine.” Changkyun was then brought to a stop. “Hyung! Are you even sure that Kihyun feeds her those junk?!”

“Well, if he hasn’t then it’s totally fine!” Wonho shrugs and was about to pour the noodles into the boiling pot when his phone rang. It was Kihyun. Nervously answering the phone, clearing their throats before they could even speak was something that Kihyun didn’t catch.

(Hey guys, did you feed Kira?)

“Yeah, we did and she loved it.” Wonho lied, only to receive a look from Changkyun. “I’ve got to go now, Ki. I have to go cook some food for us.” Before Kihyun could even utter a reply, Changkyun immediately turned the phone call off and proceeded in pouring the seasoning and noodles on the pot.

The sound of tummy rumbling caught the grown men's’ attention. It was from Kira and she was starving. When the ramen was almost cooked, Kira starts to whine and let out a cry, making Changkyun panic as Wonho immediately grabbed a character designed bowl and pours the ramen after giving it ten seconds.

Carefully placing the bowl in front of Kira, Changkyun hands her some trainer chopsticks and spoon. Wonho yelps as he remembered that Kira doesn’t like it when the food’s too hot, making him grab a fan and start cooling down the ramen. 

Wonho’s arms were practically gonna fall off from the continuous flapping of arms in order to cool down her meal, however, in just an instant the ramen was cooled down for Kira to dig in. Grabbing a bowl of rice and some watered down kimchi, Changkyun places it beside Kira’s bowl and watches her eat it with slowly.

“Do you think we’ll be dead when she tells Kihyun that we fed her that?” Changkyun asked once more. “Nah.” Wonho carefreely shrugs and proceeds to the fridge, looking for some side dishes that he can mix with their rice. “Yah Changkyun, get some metal bowl and some red pepper paste.”

Mouths munching on something crunchy filled the kitchen. “Have some of the white kimchi.” Wonho places a piece of kimchi onto Changkyun’s spoonful of bibimbap before returning his attention to his own spoon. It was almost normal for the two men to feed each other. “Thanks.” Changkyun couldn’t help but groan at how delicious it was to pair the bibimbap they’ve made with some kimchi.

“Hyung, have you tried wrapping the bibimbap on some greens?” Changkyun queries as he places a spoonful of bibimbap on a lettuce and wraps it up. Wonho shakes his head in response, and this was the only response that Changkyun needs in order for him to put the wrap up to his mouth. Wonho takes the wrap with his mouth in one go before groaning in delight.

It was utterly delicious. The two of them stared at each other’s eyes while enjoying the taste of bibimbap hovering their taste buds. You can say that they were in foodie heaven until they heard someone clear their throat. And it was no other than, Kira, who has been staring at them with a pout.

“Can I have some?” 

Kira’s puppy dog eyes melted the boy’s heart, making them let out an ‘aww’ before feeding her some wraps. An hour has finally passed and their lunch time was finally over. Changkyun lifts Kira off her high chair and carefully sets her down on the floor. 

Dashing out of the kitchen then into the living room, Changkyun didn’t bother chasing after her as Wonho has already wiped off her face and hands. “Hyung, I’ll go play with Kira, okay?” Wonho responds with a ‘mm’, allowing Changkyun to leave the room with just one go.

Kira was already sitting down on the floor with her colored papers, pens and glue sprawled all over the coffee table. “Hm, what are you doing Kira?” Changkyun asks as he settles down beside her. “I’m gonna draw umma and appa!” 

“Really? Alright, then… can I draw with you?” Changkyun cutely asked with his voice slightly raised into a high pitch, making Kira burst into giggles. Kira nods her head in response and immediately transfers her attention to the paper and colored pen right in front of her.

Her tiny littler fingers were tightly wrapped around the pen and she was in a complete trance in her own little world. Red, green, blue and yellow lines inked the thin paper.  Various colored caps were scattered around the whole living room, may it be under Changkyun’s thighs, behind Kira, on top of the coffee table, meters away from the table and much more.

Changkyun was also lost in his own tiny world as he lets out everything that was on his mind on the pink colored paper underneath his palms. Starting with a black pen, he drew the outline and slowly filled the blank spaces with different colors, adding life to it.

Wonho, who was busy wiping the newly washed dishes, was surprised to only hear the sound of the tv. Carefully placing the last bowl on the rack, Wonho dries his hands off with some towel before trudging towards the living room. Wonho was surely surprised to see Changkyun having pen marks on his face.

“Oh no, I think our Changkyun needs some mustache, Kira.” Wonho schemingly suggested with a pout. A gleeful squeal left Kira’s lips as she tackled Changkyun down on the floor with a pen on her hand. Before Changkyun could even stop and let out a protest, the tip of the pen has already grazed themselves over his upper lip and tinted it with black ink.

Wonho didn’t think twice and joined Kira, placing Changkyun’s head on his lap as he write’s his name all over his forehead, receiving a lot of approval from Kira. Fits of giggles and laughter filled the air. Wonho and Changkyun had never felt this warm feeling on their tummies again after leaving the kindergarten way back during their X-Ray days.

Changkyun was now finally free and all of them were busy doodling random things on every colored paper. Wonho couldn’t help but draw a picture of him, Kira and Changkyun happily eating some bibimbap wraps to commemorate the event that happened hours ago. 

“Kira,” Wonho called out without ripping his eyes off the colored paper. “Yes, uncle?” Kira softly replied and was also focused on her paper. “Who do you like more, Uncle Changkyun and Uncle Wonho or appa?” Wonho’s eyes twinkled with mischief and waited for Kira to answer.

This was also something that has caught the ever silent Changkyun’s attention. Kira seemed to be unbothered by the thought but there was a knowing smile plastered on her face and it had an uncanny resemblance of Kihyun’s smile The dimples on her cheeks were deep that she almost looked like a cute little kitten. 

Her eyes twinkled as she looked up to meet the gaze of her uncles. “I like you guys more!” There was a hint of sincerity in her voice and the boys just couldn’t get enough of it. “C’mere!” Wonho throws his arms widely before wrapping them completely on Kira’s tiny body. 

“Do you want to hang out with us tomorrow?” Changkyun peered over Kira’s smiley face and ran his fingers through her brown locks. “Where will we go tomorrow?” Kira’s already hyped up by the thought of having a lot of fun with the best uncles in the whole wide word.

Wonho pulls her away from the hug and sits her down on his lap. “Do you want to go to the amusement park?” 

“Ooohhh! I do, I do! Appa never takes me there since he’s too busy.” Kira sadly says with her shoulders slightly slumped in sadness. “Aww, don’t worry. We’ll ask permission from your appa when he comes home, okay?” Changkyun reassures the toddler and bloops her nose with his finger.

Suddenly the sound the door opening made everyone turn around, only to see Kihyun and his wife smiling widely at them. Kira didn’t think twice and ran towards her parents, giving them a tight hug.

“How was your day with the uncles, sweetie?” Kihyun’s wife asked and only received a smile from her daughter.” Aye, is my daughter being cheeky again?” Kihyun teased, making Kira burst out laughing.

“Uncles was really fun!” Kira beamed and squirmed out from her mother’s hold, going down to rush back to Changkyun and Wonho. “Aigoo, look at the time. I guess we have to go now, Kira.” Changkyun sadly announced and stands up to get his things when he felt a small pair of arms being wrapped around his leg.

“Oh, what’s wrong Kira?” Wonho asked with his bag and Changkyun’s bag in his hands. “Don’t leave..” Kira’s happy smile was long gone as it was now replaced with a sad pout. Tears were welling up on the corner of her eyes and even tightening her grip around Changkyun’s leg.

“Aigoo, does our Kira want us to stay over for the night and play with her a little bit more?” Changkyun picks her up and looks at her in the eyes. “Yes…” her response came out as a whisper as she fiddled on the hem of her dress. “Baby, your uncles still has work to do..” Kihyun apologetically reasoned out and caressed his baby girl’s head, only to make her burst out crying. 

She threw her arms around Changkyun’s neck and buried her face on his shoulder. It was no use in denying that she has grown attached to her uncles in just a small amount of time. “Do you love your uncles?” Kihyun softly queries and only earns a nod from her.

“Do you want your uncles to be tired that they can’t play with you anymore?”

A soft ‘no’ was heard and everyone was startled when Kira makes Changkyun set her down on the floor, her head lowered as tears continued to brim down her cheeks. “Ey, don’t be sad now, kiddo. We still have to go to the amusement park tomorrow, silly.”  

“You are?” Kihyun confusingly asked, taken aback by the sudden announcement. ”Yes, we are!” Changkyun beamed and finally lets out a sigh of relief when they saw the smile on Kira’s face.”And we’ll be going tomorrow morning!” Wonho glances over Kihyun’s wife then to Kihyun. 

“Now, if you want to go to the amusement park with your uncles, they have to go home and rest up, baby.” Kira’s mother coos as she pickes her daughter up. “Okay..”

“Alrightie then, we better get going since [y/n]’s gonna treat us to dinner.” Changkyun remarks and was about to head out when Kira stopped them. “Wait! I have something for uncles.”

She waddled her way towards the coffee table and grabbed the colored paper that she had been working on since a while ago.

“Here.” She offers the colored paper to Changkyun and Wonho, who was tearing up at the thought. “Thank you, baby.” Wonho utters and gives her a pat on the head.

Kihyun and his wife couldn’t help but soften at the sight. Never has she really opened up to others but they were glad that it was Wonho and Changkyun being the first persons whom she opened up to first.

“Why don’t you give your uncles one last hug before they leave?”

Kira didn’t need to be told twice as she already wrapped her arms around Wonho’s neck then pulls away immediately to give Changkyun a hug. “We really need to go now.” Wonho chuckles as they were already ushered to the front door.

“Thank you for watching Kira for us.” The couple cooed and received only a smile from the two. “Take care now and don’t forget about the amusement park tomorrow, alright?” 

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll probably bring [y/n] and Hyungwon with us.” Changkyun says and gives Kihyun and his wife a hug, only to be followed by Wonho.

“Bye guys.” The two unisons and slowly headed out to their car when they heard a high pitched scream from behind, only to make them burst into a wide smile and leave the place with their hearts beating in joy.

“See you tomorrow uncles!!” 

honestly the biggest problem with idw comics is how straight-faced everything is in this big shared “hasbro universe.” nobody’s having any fun with any of these crossover ideas.

like, Transformers vs. GI Joe by Tom Scioli did the concept through the eyes of a child playing with their toys. the ideas are ridiculous, the story is all over the place, the story pulls things out of its ass regularly, it’s all kind of hard to follow, and it’s all a blast to read because the author’s tongue if placed firmly in his cheek. it recognizes that the concept of Transformers vs. GI Joe is childish and silly and rolls with that 100%. It treats the concept with the same love and imagination a child would treat it with.

meanwhile in the ~SHARED HASBRO UNIVERSE~, you’ve got this world-spanning plot about alien body snatchers, futuristic knights from distant galaxies, a bunch of overly-patriotic soldiers driving around in tanks that look like big toys, robots that turn in to heads for bigger robots, a civilization of microscopic warrior cyborgs, and it’s all so po-faced. it’s all so damned serious. it’s taking all of these ridiculous concepts and presenting them with no humor or self-awareness at all. 

where’s the fun? where’s the camp? where’s the sense of humor? how did you make a book with Optimus Prime, the Micronauts, M.A.S.K., GI Joe, and Rom the Space Knight all in it and have it come out lifeless and boring?

why are you trying to be cape comics so hard

please stop trying to be cape comics

cape comics are awful

have fun with your damn toys

#13 - The kids are like wild animals. I can’t control them. - Aleks

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When you came back from grocery shopping the house was a mess. You knew that it wasn’t going to be tidy as your child was having a friend over but you didn’t expect it to be this bad. There were toy cars,dolls,pillows and blankets all over the place. Then you saw your husband Aleks, covered in makeup.

“What the hell happened to you?” You asked. Aleks shruggred and looked at the mess around you both.

The kids are like wild animals. I can’t control them. Help” He said while running a hand through his hair. You giggled and took his hand to lead him to the bathroom so you could take his makeup off.

esbstringfellow  asked:

Okay, here's a tricky question, but first the setup: I've noticed that one of the new Decepticons, Berserker, has gotten a pretty sweet looking toy, and even has his image plastered next to Barricade and Megatron on the box art. So here's the tricky question: Why in the world did they highlight him so much in the toys if he's basically not even in the movie? A few minutes on the screen seems hardly like justification to promote him over say Onslaught. Thoughts?

It wouldn’t be the first time a character in the first wave of a new line of movie product didn’t wind up factoring into a film! Remember Springer in Revenge of the Fallen? Or Barricade and the Twins in Dark of the Moon? Toys all over the place, but only Barricade even appeared on-screen in a tiny role!


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Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Dylan

Pairing: Past Draco x Y/n, Dean x Y/n

Warnings: Fluffy sappy shit. That’s basically all. Just happiness and cuteness!!!

Word Count: 1143

Summary: Y/n’s life has changed over the past few years. And while things may not have ended as expected, some things end up better than what we can imagine.

A/N: Ok, LAST PART!!!!! Just some pure fluff with a hottie…this ended differently than I’d have thought when I started writing, but I like where I went with it!! Also, I haven’t specified, but the kid is meant to be adopted. Just to keep it gender neutral, and also give a child a loving home. Hope u like it!!

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Fugientibus Masterlist

You shut the door, dropping your bag and sighing in relief to be home again.

“Y/n? Is that you?”


You shrugged your jacket off, the hot summer weather making it unbearable in this heat.

You thought you’d love being a school counsellor.

Helping teenagers get over their problems.

Being someone who’d help them out of secondary school. And you did love it. Most of the time.

But there were times when the kids got extra stressed, especially around summertime with exams coming.

Then there was the fact that the air conditioning had been down for almost a week now and everyone was even more pissed.

You just prayed they’d get it fixed over the weekend. Because you couldn’t go back to that building again while it felt like the inside of a damn volcano.

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Title: Under Control

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

OTP: Adrienette

Rating: K

Word Count: 2,477

Summary: It was her first weekend alone with an energetic 4-year-old and a moody 9-month-old. She could totally handle it. She thinks.

A/N: Just a cute idea of Marinette being a mommy that popped in my head!!! This pure family fluff and hopefully it’s not too early to do these kinds of drabbles (even though this came out a lot longer than my usual drabbles…). I hope you can sense all the Adreinette family life headcanons in this. Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!


“Are you sure you don’t want me to come help you? You looked really tired when you came by the shop yesterday,” Sabine said in a worried tone on the other end of the phone.

“Mom, I’m fine,” Marinette encouraged, even though her appearance said a different story. Her long, raven black hair was in an obviously rushed ponytail and her sweatshirt was wrinkled and had an orange juice and baby food stain just over her stomach. She had freshly forming dark circles under her eyes and her body was constantly on edge and tense. “I have everything here under control.”

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