Hope everyone is having a good summer! I have a pile of stuff I’ve been collecting but I thought I might do some smaller events instead of one big box this time.

These are figures from the blind bags!  This is for the pair - You get one Zim and one Dib in a tiny box. 

Here are the rules- same as before!

Reblog to enter.

You don’t have to be following this blog.

No ‘giveway’ blogs, sorry :/

18+ or have parent permission to handle postage

This ends on July 31.  If I can’t contact you, or you don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll ask the next person, and so on.

I will ship anywhere. I’ll pay the shipping.

I think that’s everything.  Have fun and good luck!

tinybows  asked:

Do you know any resources for determining the value of vintage polly pocket sets? I have quite a few I'd like to sell asap but I'm completely lost :(

Only Polly Pocket is the best database for vintage Polly Pocket sets. It’s not really there for pricing advice though, but they do have their own store selling things which should give you a good idea?

As a rule of thumb, never start up an ebay auction on a good-quality vintage compact for less than £4 GBP / $6- and that is just for a compact missing the little figurines. If your compact is good quality AND includes the correct matching figurines, the value increases significantly. Those things are hard to find!!

If a Polly Pocket compact is sunbleached or dirty/scratched or the stickers are torn or whatever, that greatly decreases the value and you’re likely to only sell it for a few $ unless it’s a particularly rare one. Also if the figurines are missing their faces from wear, or missing things like their fabric fairy wings, that decreases the value a little.