My Fashion Inspiration

If anybody is wondering why I never really post coords from other bloggers or any cool fashion pics/magazine scans, it’s because I reblog SO MUCH! XD It’s just all on my side-blogs, which I use for inspiration collecting.

I have thousands of fashion inspiration pics on my Toy Princess blog:
It’s full of bubblegum, OTT, magical girl, super kawaii fashion pics. ^^
(it also has specific tags for Sweet Lolita and Fairy Kei)

My lazier blog which has no tags is Babydoll-Faerie. It’s a mix of fashion pics, nature, decor and sweets but I mainly post very feminine, lacey, girly fashions like classic and old-school lolita fashion, otome kei, cult party kei, romantic gyaru, vintage prom dresses, cute lingerie, etc. It’s meant to express lots of traditional femininity, especially with clothing.

So yes, you can find all my fashion brainstorms at these links. ^_^