But I would drive 100 miles and I would drive 100 more! #scion #toyotascion #100miles

Arghh, I’m so irritated. my car just has its moments where it stumbles and jerks when accelerating. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I took my car to the dealership like 3 times  already and nothing. they say my car is running normal. Then why does it feel so different every time I drive it? Car was fine when I took it to SF, then the next day I had its oil change. But ever since then my car has been acting up weird. When accelerating my car sometimes delays on changing gears when trying to speed up going on the freeway. People say could be this and that. But dealership check everything is running normal. Later on in the morning I’m going to have them do a full check up. I want them to CHECk every inch of my car and figure why it does that. I only had my car for 6 months now. I’m really tempted to either return my car and get a new one. I love my scion xb and all. but i’m scared that one day my car will shut down on its own when driving cause of this issue. Hopefully dealership can figure this out or imma go apeshit and argue with the employee’s and talk to the manager there. 

That #toyotascion #car #show really motivated me. Time to work on her some more. #honda #prelude #bb6 #daily #dailydriven #clean #white #diamond #bb6alliance #preludenation #hellabroke #vtec_society #preludenation #hondafetish #hondaday #jdm_culture #jdmaddictions #carmeats #gripset