toyota te72 corolla


Top 10 Request: Toyota Corolla TE72/KE70  This was a fun one as i knew i had a small collection of these cars, Though i never realized how much more i like the wagon version. 

As always these are in no particular order, Feel free to message me for suggestions as what to use for my next Top 10. I have 20,000 + Car pics on my Computer so i might as well use them for something. te72/ke70


@warrenwarren and @onemakebodytune tinkering on warren’s 4age-t miata rear end swapped corolla. drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc

these two shots turned out the best out of the entire roll. they really took on the infrared traits and needed no touch up. even the dust and water marks seemed to be less apparent on them. the skies are dark and the clouds look wild in it.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm


Some of my favourite photos from Capital Drift Round 2 where @srdrift won first place and I got to drive Silvi for over an hour and do some really successful beginner drifts in a KA powered 6 speed badass bickkkk!!
@matt-stelter @wheretheofficemeetsthestreets