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Toyota Celebrates 60 Years in the U.S.

When Toyota launched its North American headquarters in a Hollywood, Calif., dealership on October 31, 1957, it was, no doubt, a frightening affair.

Halloween notwithstanding, a Japanese car company making a foray into the U.S. market was a bold move 60 years ago. And its first vehicle, the Toyopet Crown, didn’t turn out to be a screaming success either.

But since those humble beginnings in a 3,000-square-foot, one-time Rambler dealership, Toyota has woven itself into the cultural fabric of America. Sixty years in, it encompasses a presence in every state, including 10 manufacturing facilities (14 in North America), nearly 1,500 Toyota and Lexus dealerships and 136,000 direct, dealer and supplier U.S. employees. And, the company recently unified operations by bringing together its quality engineering, sales, marketing, financial services and corporate functions in one location at a new North America headquarters campus in Plano, Texas.

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Kimi Resume SilhouetteHistory

Silhouettes of Kimi Räikkönen’s racing cars since he entered into Formula 1. 2001 Sauber C20, 2004 McLaren MP4-19, 2007 Ferrari F2007, 2010 Citroën C4 WRC, 2011 Toyota Tundra NASCAR, 2013 Lotus E21