toyota corolla sr5


Dug through some family photos for pics of my mom’s ‘85 SR5. She got it new after a drunk driver totaled her '81 Corolla, I believe. First pic is of my grandfather with it in Puerto Rico, he and her used to go on sunday drives around the island. Rest are of me with it when I was real little. We had it until I was in 3rd grade or so, when we sold it due to excessive rust in the trunk and along the sides. Wish we’d kept it now!


Happy Easter everyone. Today I finally got the Corolla running, not without two or three trips to the parts stores though. I must say, after all these months it felt pretty damn good driving it around the block today. It should be registered within the next week too!


my new 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5; still can’t believe this is happening…

the adventure started earlier today when my buddy Aaron and I left Phoenix at 3am to follow a 220+ mile route that would take over three-and-a-half hours and bring us halfway across the state because of a simple craigslist ad for a 30 year old car. oh and we were driving in the middle of a major storm system. it was raining so hard we could barely see in front of us. it rained all day. it was still raining when we finally reached the little town. when I saw the cherry car sitting alone, I knew without a doubt that I was leaving with it. I looked it over carefully in the pouring rain, test drove it in the rain, haggled and counted the cash in the rain, and left with my new love in the rain. the picture you see is the first picture that I took after buying it, and the other was the view directly behind me. I will never forget this day; the day I bought my 8-6.

shot with my Nikon N2020 / expired Rite Aid 400