安らかに眠れ, Toyoda Kiichiro.  The son of a loom works industrialist, Toyoda left the loom business to start his own automobile manufacturing company in 1937.  And golly, if the auto industry hasn’t been the same since.  Toyoda died on this date in 1952 at the age of 57, however, never seeing the full influence or realized potential of what he started (his cousin, Toyoda Eiji, would be the leader Toyota needed for its successful expansion worldwide, including the launch of Lexus).

Stamp details:
Stamp on top:
Issued on: January 27, 2014
From: Amsterdam, Netherlands
MC #3217

Middle stamps:
Issued on: December 11, 2003
From: Managua, Nicaragua
MC #4335-4340

Bottom left:
Issued on: August 15, 2006
From: Canberra, Australia
MC #2693

Bottom right:
Issued on: January 28, 1993
From: Antananarivo, Madagascar
MC #1405