SCANDAL; “53/53! The tour’s finished! We’ve came all this way thanks to everyone! Also, Tokyo; tonight was also the best ever! Let us meet again next time! #SCANDAL #scabest47 #SCANDALsJointBandTour”

  • HARUNA: Thank you very much for「SCANDAL’s 47 prefecture tour」Tokyo final😝 We went about and back from all the prefectures, and I’m glad today’s live was watched by many people! The tour may be over, but our journey will still continue. Our first-ever joint band tour is also set for October! Nothing but things to look forward to✨✨

  • TOMOMI: Thank you, Toyosu! We’re done with all 53 performances in the 47 prefecture tourーーーーー! Everyone who came to have fun from across the nation, I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart! Job well done to all the staff and members as well. We did it. Let’s have a delicious meal.

  • MAMI: Final・Tokyo!!! Thank you for the best night everーーーーーーーーーーー!!! No, no, no, no, seriously!! It was suーper fun⤴︎💕✨✨ I had so much fun that I totally forgot to take photos of our hair arrangement! That’s why, I drew it💕💕 Tonight felt like this💕 A brown ponytail from on top of Tomo-chan’s head💕

  • RINA: We’ve finished all 53 sold-out performances on SCANDAL’s 47 prefecture tour with no problems! Yayー! We did itー! I’m really grateful, thank you! Next up, we’ll be doing our Higashi Meihan joint band tour in October, with UNISON, 4mm and BluEn! It’s the besttt!!!

At tonight’s tour final at Toyosu PIT, SCANDAL reveals that they’ll be going on yet another tour titled, “SCANDAL’s Joint Band Tour” this October. The details are below:




SCANDAL’s official fan club,「SCANDAL MANIA」has begun its pre-sale for this tour, from now to 24th Jul, 11:59PM (JST).

Tonight’s tour finale at Toyosu PIT was also attended by: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Mihara Yuki and SUPER BEAVER’s Yanagizawa Ryota.


Went to Yuri on Ice 4dx collaboration event with Breathe Cafe at United Cinema Toyosu earlier after watching the vol. 1 for the Yuri on Ice 4DX. (//∇//)

There are 4 available drinks and one set meal on the cafe. You’ll receive a coaster for every drink and the design for the coaster depends on which drink that you’ll buy. For the set meal its Piroshki and a drink of your choice. You won’t receive a coaster for the set meal but instead, you’ll receive a luncheon mat.

Unfortunately, Yurio’s drink is the only one that i was able to buy earlier because all of the other drinks/set meal are already sold out when i went there. T^T

【release information】 Plastic Tree Tribute Album + four live shows in September

It has been announced that a Plastic Tree tribute album, named 『Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜』, will go on sale September 6th.

12 different artists are going to participate in this release to cover songs in their own way and arrangements. The following artists/bands can then be found on the album:

R指定 (R-Shitei)
相川七瀬 (Aikawa Nanase)
a crowd of rebellion
緒方恵美 (Ogata Megumi)
氣志團 (Kishidan)
清春 (Kiyoharu)
People In The Box

Check out further information below ↓

Plastic Treeメジャーデビュー二十周年“樹念”トリビュートアルバム (Plastic Tree Major debut 20th anniversary ‘Junen’ tribute album
『Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜』
Release date: 2017/9/6
Price: 3,000 YEN + tax
* tracklist and cover art is still unknown

Besides that, 4 circuit live shows within one day with 20 artists (Plastic Tree included) are going to follow, after the release of this tribute album, on September 9th.

Also here, check out the detailed information below ↓

Plastic Treeメジャーデビュー二十周年“樹念“主催公演
虚を捨てよ、町へ出よう 弍

(Plastic Tree Major Debut 20th anniversary ‘Junen’ hostet performances
Kyo wo suteyo, machi e deyou ni
〜Chiba Shinjuku Akasaka Toyosu, Yotsu no chō heto de kake〼, Miyako-ken ichi nichi sakitto-hen〜

Date: 2017/9/9
Venues: Chiba LOOK, Shinjuku BLAZE, Akasaka BLITZ and Toyosu PIT

Fun facts from today’s theory-crafting in /r/LoveLive Discord Voice Chat

It’s common knowledge that Aozora Jumping Heart’s animation was based in Yokohama Arena, which is the same site that Aqours went on to perform their First Live in. It’s also quite well-timed, that First Live was announced right after the first episode of the anime, aka when Aozora Jumping Heart was shown for the first time. 

But upon further research of the locations, we’ve found out that two subsequent anime performances also take place in familiar locations.

1. Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare was performed in Numazu’s Civic Cultural Center, the same site where they held their summer event in Numazu.

2. MIRAI TICKET was performed in Nagoya’s Nippon Gaishi Hall. This will be the same site used for the first leg of their 2nd Live Tour.

It’s only speculation, but it seems like they’ve been tying in their anime and RL performances quite nicely together. We might potentially see Kobe’s World Memorial Hall and Saitama’s Seibu Prince MetLife Dome take a role in Season 2.

The two main flaws with this theory is that one site remains unaccounted for: Toyosu Pit, where they held their Christmas Mini Live. And of course, the fact that Kobe’s World Memorial Hall is only a 8k seater which is a downsize from their previous performance. Still, a good chance that we might see these places show up.

They really are making all sorts of places pilgrimage locations aren’t they… (Not to mention the new 3rd Single which is all the way in Oita, far off in Kyushu..)

Work-in-progress pilgrimage map.

  • If you haven’t seen the OVA ad yet, it was playing on a TV at the event venue. (You can spot Zundar in the image below…)

  • The staff all thank those who attended. “楽しい時間はあっという間…。それでも、大阪も皆さんの愛で溢れ返っていましたね! 次回は、9/23豊洲PITのスペシャル追加公演でラブメイキング!!” -  “The fun times disappeared in the blink of an eye. Even so, everyone in Osaka was also full of love, weren’t they? Next time, Love Making at September 23rd’s Toyosu PIT additional Special show!!”
[STARCAST] Meet the Hallyu Star Lee Jong Suk who is fatally charming

- The Asian man who came out from comics, Lee Jong Suk, gathers total 20 thousand people for 5 countries and 7 cities

- Exclusive photos behind the fan meeting held with 3,000 fans in Thailand

STARCAST readers! How have you been?

For the fans who have waited long for Lee Jong Suk’s news, STARCAST has prepared a special gift for you! (Heart beating fast)

On last September, Lee Jong Suk started Asia Fan Meeting Tour and successfully toured in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand! He went to 5 countries and 7 cities! (#He surely worked hart even he isn’t shooting any dramas)


Do you remember this? The previous fan meeting poster (#ThoseDays #LookingNew #A man with variety of facial expressions)

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[TWITTER] 160703 HISTORY JP Official

本日も山野ホールに来てくださったSTORIAの皆様!ありがとうございました♡♡♡ 明日で最後ですね…… 明日は、ららぽーと豊洲でお待ちしております!! #HISTORY #히스토리

To those STORIA who came to Yamano Hall today as well! Thank you ♡♡♡ Tomorrow’s the last day…… Tomorrow we’ll be at LalaPort Toyosu!! #HISTORY #히스토리

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