Cree-ee-py Crawlers!
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I know we all remember Creepy Crawlers right? Even if you were a girl, you still played with them and know what they were. I mean in the 1960’s they even had special flower molds where you could make your own rubber flowers in any colors you choose!
As stated above, the Creepy Crawlers name has been around since 1964 with Mattel’s release of the “Thingmaker”. The “Thingmaker” used die-cast metal molds, plasti-goop and a maker machine that looks similar to a hot plate (you know like those ones in science class?). In 1978, Mattel tried to revive the Creepy Crawler name again by changing the creative process of the original machine the “Thingmaker” by getting rid of the electrical hot plate machine and metal molds. The “Thingmaker II” had green plastic molds, and unlike in the original machine, you heated up the newly formulated plasti-goop with the cauldron like oven and then proceed to put the heated goop in the round molds. You then had to wait nearly one hour to let them set! If they even came out of the molds after the hour wait, the end result didn’t last very long. If they were left sitting around for an extended amount of time, they would shrivel up into unrecognizable hard plastic lump. The “Thingmaker II” did not last very long on the market and there died the Crawler legacy.
Luckily, a company called ToyMax revived the Creepy Crawler name in 1992 with their release of the “Magic Maker”. It reverted back to the classic metal molds but utilized a light bulb for its source of heat and also implied stricter safety cautions with this model. In 2001, ToyMax closed it’s doors after a short run with this classic toy.
When 2006 rolled around, Jakks Pacific took over the Creepy Crawler legacy for the next generation utilizing all of the old Mattel and ToyMax features. In their most current model the “Bug Maker” it applied the use of injection molding with two sided plastic molds. It is very similar to the failed “Thingmaker II” that was released in the 70’s and from what we have read, there are very poor reviews from consumers.

My brother had the Magic Maker and one time we bought the “Glow-In-The Dark Plasti-Goop” we had the brilliant idea to put the goop next to a floor lamp’s light bulb and “charge it” before we used it. We began to play Legos and forgot about the goop. After about 30 minutes my brother was swatting at “gnats.” After seeing one of these “gnats” land on the bed I realized it was ash. I panicked and ran to the other room where the goop was and the floor lamp was on fire. We screamed and my dad ran to the room, unplugged the lamp and ran out of the house. He looked like a runner holding the Olympic Torch. Yeah, we got into trouble and the white walls would never be 100% white again, but that memory will last a life time.

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Creepy Crawlers Workshop ToyMax
We paid: $6.oo
Where: Salvation Army
Includes: Box, Instructions, Magic Maker Oven, 2 Bug Die Cast Molds, Mold Handler, Prying Tool, 4 Plasti-Goop Colors (Green, Purple, Red, Yellow)


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