Jessie | Age: 21  | FC: Debby Ryan | OPEN

Bio: Like most people around Disney Planet, Jessie did not have the best upbringing. Jessie was put into foster care at age five, and was never adopted. Being she was “too old”, or “wasn’t what anyone was looking for”, which caused her to feel low on herself at such a young age. Though, in High School, she got paired up with a boy named Woody. This boy made her feel better about herself with his caring and social aspect of him, and him being quite sad himself, she used her silly attitude to brighten his days. Ever since that day, they have been good friends.

Current: Jessie and Woody are still good friends, but since Buzz took her place as his best friend, she seems to be a little jealous towards the two. She even holds a hate relationship with Buzz, though it is all an act to hide her real feelings. Jessie also owns a Western Store next in  Phantasia.

Love: Buzz.

Friends: Woody, Buzz (though she will not admit it), Dory.

→ Personality

  • Tom-Boy
  • Jealous
  • Thoughtful
  • Energetic

Bo Peep | Age: 24 | FC: Emma Stone | OPEN

Bio: Bo is an incredibly sweet and honest girl. With her slender figure and somewhat porcelain face, every man desires to have her in their presence. Her heart and generousity is devoted to everyone; she wont ever turn down a favour- no matter how difficult the task is. Bo has a huge soft spot for animals, but most of her love is given to her favourite of course, her herd of sheep. Bo Peep tends to spend her free time volunteering on Copper’s mother’s farm, helping the elderly warm to fend and care for the animals. Whenever she’s not doing something for someone else, Bo tries to impress her best friend, Woody, but it never seems to change anything between them. It’s beginning to become slightly obvious that Woody just doesn’t look at her in that way.

Current: Bo is still her happy, helping and caring self. Cruella employed her, selling her sheep skin for the highest fashion designers in Phantasia. Her crush on Woody is still there, although nothing seems to be happening yet between the two of them.

Friends: Cruella, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Boo

→ Personality

  • Generous
  • Friendly
  • Sweet
  • Bubbly