Came home and realized that my coffee table is not the proper spot for all of the figures I got recently O_O. My ladies (and Chibi Batman) are taking over. Must procure new display case, stat!!! Most of these figures I bought in Japan (and fit into 2 suitcase!!), Ada Wong is a gift from Brian, and I can’t stop posing her and putting various weapons in her hands!!! #figures #figurecollecting #toycollection #toyaddict

We are very excited to reveal 1/72 scale ZOIDS Iron Kong collectible, which we been working for a while!

Iron Kong will be available for pre-order at shortly, please follow this week updates for pre-order date, specifications and price.

 threezero ZOIDS Iron Kong 鐵金剛強勢出擊!
ZOIDS系列第二彈Iron Kong已經準備就緒,預售詳情即將公佈,請密切留意我們的最新消息吧!

お待たせいたしました、1/72スケールの『ZOIDS concept art』版(略してCA版)アイアンコング、threezero公式ストア で近々予約販売開始です!

Toys are art. Designed and crafted meticulously to embody a story. I’m going to start sharing my collection here. Thanks to @tedfu for instigating! This is my Tomorrow King Shogun Seven Bones Shiro by @worldof3a #threeA #3A #toycollection

I thought I’d show off the other side of my studio too since people seemed to like my desk side! Here’s just a small portion of my toy collection. I don’t have enough room to show off everything. #toys #toycollection #actionfigures #artstudio #studio #nerdy #nerdoffice #nerd #starwars #spiderman #superheroes #jedi #80stoys #80s #80scartoons

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