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I'm a firm believer in the Eleventh Hour Arc Is The Best Arc religion because of how good the storytelling is also Taako in a skirt

thats fine we can all be wrong

YES eleventh hour is literally the best made arc, YES it’s the best written with the best pacing and perfectly timed reveals and cinematic and is clear as day to visualize which is a magic in and of itself BUT

crystal kingdom is nonstop zags and goofs of the most original variety, is the first time we get a clue as to what the real plot of this show even REMOTELY is, features the comebacks and appearances of all the best characters up to that point, has the best relistening quality because 1. theres so many details easy to miss or forget over time 2. the big plot twists aren’t so earth shattering that experiencing it isn’t a one-time huge deal. also RIFE with foreshadowing unlike any other arc which means especially NOW its beyond great to listen to

yall can tell me which arc is ur favorite all u want, it basically means nothing to me bc i dont know u and u wont change my mind and also crystal kingdom fucking ROCKS


I’m pretty sure Dave and Rose would be those siblings that get mistaken as a couple like all the time. And they totally use that as a way to mess with people.

Just this like… dastardly duo of ultimate mind frik. Plus, with similar haircuts, they often play the parent trap switcharoo. Always switching places and stuff and stealing each other’s clothes. Or Dave can be at a store and Rose can text him like, “Can you go try such and such on for me? I don’t feel like going out today.” And Rose does the same for him, he saves every pic of her in the snapbacks he has her try on. She has his spare set of shades always handy. They are just super tight and sassy to the max as a team of ultimate headache and strife for the school staff and sometimes for thier family. Their friends are used to it by now and John feels pretty proud of himself that he can tell the difference brtween the two. Tho he’s kissed both Dave and Rose at somepoint but nbd. The first time it happened he totally freaked out and it was freaking hilarious. (Feel free to write this anyone, cuz I sure want to)

And god forbid they wage war on each other, because the fate of the world could burn up from all of the passive-aggressive snark. And if you get on their bad side, BOTH OF THEM, you are so incredibly screwed.

can yall buy me some garden decorations off my wishlist my mom doesnt really care about the garden but she still wont let me get stuff for it so if someone else got the decorations then she’d let me put them up

please dont tell me to just get them myself because i CANT leave the house and so i CANT get a job

the garden means a lot to me since the garden spiders will be hatching soon and last year there was only room for One spider and all the others died but now theres more bushes but the bushes are still too small for the spiders to attach their webs to so i need to put up tall decorations they can attach their webs to

yall know the garden spiders mean so so so so much to me they mean more to me than almost anything else right now and i cant bear to watch them die again this year