Rock, Flag, & Eagle!!
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SDCC toy previews are starting to come out, and there isn’t a whole lot there that’s moving me. Which is a bit of a relief in some ways… it’s already hard enough keeping things under control when we’re in this golden age of toy geekery. But the next year looks to be dominated by Suicide Squad, which I’m not interested in (toy-wise, movie remains to be seen), and a bunch of classic Star Wars, which I’m tempted by but not really in a must-have sort of way. Between this and Hulkbuster getting pushed back quite a bit, 

Mezco 1:12 is doing classic Ghostbusters, tempting because the smaller scale (and price) makes it a lot more reasonable to get a set of four. Then there’s a few companies doing Ninja Turtles and (finally) a really nice Shredder to consider. Tricky to decide what I consider my definitive Turtles, since they’ve had so many design incarnations. Movie versions are no, but now there are comic and quasi-comic ones in the wind.

It’s funny but a lull seems like a good time to cherry pick some characters I don’t have but like, on release instead of waiting a year. Maybe fill out some Avengers, or Star Wars heroes.

TFcon just went by, with a bunch of interesting Transformers coming. Luckily there are a number of characters I have no interest in, but teases for a few glaring holes in my collection. While it’s probably a lie to say I’ll finish such a collection, the influx is certainly slowing to a crawl as my want list has gone mostly green.

The trick, always… is balance.

(Also I need to take more pictures again.)