I was tagged by the lovely and always interesting declarations-of-drama for a ‘feelings’ questionnaire. Thanks!


It’s not just our Brooding Sims who have the option to ‘Talk About Feelings’; we can also talk about our feelings, about them, too!

Look deep into yourself and ponder on the thoughts which motivate you to play the game we all love. Then tag at LEAST 5 people on your friends list to help them explore these 5 questions too. TALKING IS GOOD OKAY!!!

The questions are as follows:

1. The boss of EA is in front of you asking for one statement about The Sims before he goes away and makes TS5. What do you say to him?

The Sims is more of a Doll House/Toy to many of us & I would like for you to please go back to making a simulation game that’s more versatile in appearance and gameplay; we need a wider array of options for how people can design their OWN ways to play, & making their OWN environments/neighborhoods. Also try to make it more appealing to all age ranges. (Couldn’t limit it to one sentence, sorry!)

2. Do your Sims know of you as their Sim God or are you the invisible deity to them?

I’m invisible. That said, I tend to take very good care of my little sim peeps (yes, I’m one of those boring players who tries to make sure they are happy!).

3. How do you see yourself connected to your Sims? Do those of you who say you love them, really mean this? How deep is your game?

I love this game so much, but I am a serial player. There are so many types of sims to play with different careers, worlds, houses and hobbies as well as different family & friends; it’s difficult for me to stick with the same game for a long length of time. We’ll see if that remains true; I’m currently working on a small town where I will rotate around to most all the sims.

4. What’s your Sims Secret? Is there something going on in your game that none of your screenshots will ever tell us? WHO IS LOCKED IN YOUR BASEMENT???? What are those secret Sims doing behind closed doors?

Well, I have tried the woohoo mods. Does that count? Like I said, I’m really pretty boring as a player. LOL

5. Can we learn anything from our Sims to take away into our real lives? And/Or can you give us an example of how The Sims has influenced you outside of gaming.

Let’s see, this is a deep question! I do sometimes look at houses as I drive down the road and wonder if I can recreate it in build mode. And I have been known to say that certain people seem to have the Inappropriate Trait. Do those count? :D
Mostly I just love having such a creative outlet as a hobby that just never gets old for me as I’m always thinking of something else to build or another sim to play.

I’ll tag @declarations-of-drama if no one else has done that yet, plus anyone else who wants to do this. :)

I think there’s a perception that the male gaze is necessarily sexual and that’s imo out of line w its original theoretical basis and with reality. I think the presence of gay men as cultural and aesthetic curators who decide what is artistically beautiful and worthy of praise in womanhood is an expression of misogyny that comes from basically the same place as ‘she should have big tits because that makes me hard’; the same entitlement/ almost ‘authorship’ of women’s bodies is imo reflected in the accounts women share of sexual assault by gay men, basically being treated as a mannequin or toy, a dress up doll

I think gay men exempting ourselves from the male gaze reflects misunderstanding of what the male gaze is; to my understanding, a pervading cultural norm which says that women literally are as men see them, and which asserts that women 1) do not have independent perspective & 2) should be subject to the constant observation and judgement of men

I think gay men get so defensive about this bc we have gotten really used to thinking of ourselves as exempt from anything but vestigial misogyny bc we’re not on the heterosexual chessboard or because we’re ~soft men and the fact that this has reached the point of us downplaying our own capacity for sexual assault, or else throwing ~fetishising slash fic~ (as though they are remotely equivalent issues) in the face of women who overwhelmingly approach us not as enemies but as ppl whose expressed first instinct would be to want to see us as brothers, is completely inexcusable

Autism sensory dolls?

So, my mom and I came up with this idea for autism sensory dolls that we could make and sell. They’d probably be fairly reasonable in price and they’re be designed by an autistic person (me!) for autistic people!

They’d be weighted dolls with “customizable” features. You could request small pieces of clothing like vests and shirts or necklaces or tiny hats on the dolls and you could choose things like colors and possibly patterns. You could have things like buttons or beads on them or maybe shines fabrics. Just things like that. There’d be different sizes and they (to me) sound like a perfect sensory toy! They would actually be something I’ve wanted to make for a long time but now I have someone to make it a reality with.

This wouldn’t be happening soon I don’t think but it’s something that’ll definitely be happening eventually. So my main question is: does that sound appealing? Sound like something you’d buy or use? Make sure to tell me! I’m really excited for this to be a thing because I thought they could be customized to relate to your special interest! I want our first tester one to be a Halloween related one for me!

Anyways! Please signal boost this if you can! I want as many people to hear about it as possible!

Things I need

1. Attention
2. Paci
3. Stuffies
4. Pillow and blankie
5. Sippy cups and cute plates
6. Juice box, string cheese and cookies
7. Mac and cheese
8. Disney movies and cartoons
9. More attention please
10. Crayons and craft
11. Toys, dolls, play sets
12. Cute clothes and fluffy socks
13. Ok my happy now thank you


So, the Eugene (I refuse to call him Flynn when he was a child) Animator Doll is available at my local Disney Store! He’s even cuter in person, and the art Byron Howard drew for his design is just precious! ♥

I hope we get an image release of these pictures without all the words in the way.


Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions. With seven evolutions to date, that’s certainly true of Eevee. But if you like him just the way he is, then you can bring him home today.

This Eevee is a fully handmade posable art doll. No molds or premade patterns went into his creation, so you can be sure he is an entirely one of a kind creation. He features a sculpted face and feet, hand flocked details, and is supported by a mixed plastic and wire armature for strength and posability. A great gift for yourself or the Pokemon fan in your life!
Free to Be...You and Me
Running Press is proud to offer this beloved 1974 children's classic. It's the original, innovative book that celebrates diversity, chall...

This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I checked it out of the library about a billion times. 

If you’ve never read it, then you probably don’t know about The Story of Baby X!

1974. Thirty-three years ago. This anthology included a story. About a kid being raised without an assigned gender. As a positive thing. 

I didn’t know I was genderqueer at the time, or that that was a thing, or… anything. But it had a huge influence on me. It made it very easy to imagine raising a kid by using gender-neutral pronouns, and waiting to hear a gender, and/or pronouns, from the kid themself. 

And here it is. 

Once upon a time a baby named X was born. It was named X so that no one could tell whether it was a boy or a girl.

Before it was born, scientists created an Official Instruction Manual that would help the families raise baby X.

Many families were interviewed to find the perfect parents for baby X. Families with grandparents named Milton or Agatha, families with aunts who wanted to knit blue shirts and pink dresses, families with other children who wanted a little brother or sister. All of these families didn’t want a baby X, they wanted a baby girl or boy. 

Finally, scientists found the Jones family The Jones family wanted to raise a healthy, happy baby, no matter what kind. They wanted, most of all, to raise a baby X.

The Jones promised to take turns holding X, feeding X, and singing X to sleep.

They promised to never hire any babysitters, because babysitters might try to peek at baby X’s secret.

The day the Joneses brought home their baby, everyone asked, ”Is it a boy or a girl?” To which Mr. Jones replied proudly, ”It’s an X!”

No one knew what to say. They couldn’t say, “look at her cute dimples” or “look at his husky biceps!” And just saying “kitchy-coo” didn’t seem right either.

The neighbors were unsure, and the relatives were embarrassed. “People will think there is something wrong with it!”

And the Joneses didn’t understand this. “What could be wrong with a perfectly healthy and happy baby?” they sat and wondered.

Suddenly everything changed for the Joneses: The cousins who sent a tiny helmet did not come and visit anymore. The neighbors who sent pink, flowered dresses pulled their shades when the Joneses passed their house.

The Official Instruction Manual had warned the new parents this would happen, so they didn’t worry too much. Besides, they were having too much fun raising baby X.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones had to be very careful. Because if they kept bouncing baby X up in the air and saying how strong and active X is, they’d be treating baby X more like a boy. But, if they cuddle and kiss baby X and tell it how sweet and dainty X is, they’d be treating baby X more like a girl rather than an X.

So they consulted the Official Instruction Manual, and the scientists prescribed, “Plenty of bouncing and plenty of cuddling. X ought to be strong, sweet, and active. Forget about dainty altogether.” [Continued below the cut]

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