I am loving this new look for the Monster High animation SO MUCH. <3

While I’m a bit confused about the spider (is he Draculaura’s now, or what?), everything about this is just…yes, yes, YES!

Mattel are killing it, KILLING IT, lately! :D

I love how Frankie looks a lot more like a reanimated corpse instead of just a generic green girl. The stitches and eyes look ‘deader’, and there’s something off-kilter about her entire look that really does make her look creepy as well as being adorable!

Draculaura, who I never used to care for much, is *perfect* here. Is she an adorable little spoilt daddy’s girl or something?? because the idea of Dracula & Draculaura bonding is just TOO CUTE.

Yes. All over this. Take my money now, Mattel.


Welcome Nadja Nu Face FR by

glitterlioness asked:

I am SO excited for the Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir dolls. Do you know who the manufacturer is and the expected release date?! Thank you for all the beautiful photos and videos of the toy fair!

the toys and dolls are from Bandai, in stores this fall


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I repainted C.A. Cupid! Her poor hair was a mess, so I trimmed it up a bit, and attempted a boil wash. She’s wearing this flower crown.

I recently bought some MSC. I didn’t expect the difference between it and the ZM spray I normally use. Blush went on cleanly, pencil lines went on crisp. I’m in love with it! The only problem I had was while boiling Cupid’s hair; the water condensation got on her eye, and smeared off. I had to touch up her eye after that. ZM usually protects against water better than that.  


Photos of the new 2016 Fashionista dolls are up on the Barbie website. This line will introduce new body types such as curvy, tall, and petite, and include various new eye, hair, and skin colors. A few select dolls are available for pre-order, and as of now, will be exclusive in the Mattel shop. As a 4’11” female, you can bet I’m grabbing a petite one when they release.

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