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Integrity/Fashion Royalty/Color Infusion/Cinematic collection/Dree Hill/Jason Wu 

 Integrity/Fashion Royalty/Color Infusion/In The Mix collection/Dree Hill/Best Thing Ever/Vaughn Sawyers

Does anyone know of any decent shops that make EAH guy clothing? I want to make a custom out of Dexter Charming, but his shorts just rub me the wrong way. I like his jacket and shirt, but the shorts just have to go.

I’m thinking about buying Hunter Huntsman off of eBay just to get some decent clothing, but would prefer to get something handmade. I want something hipster-ish for Dexter.


The moment I saw Iris Clops in Toys R Us, I knew I had to make a Leela doll. You couldn’t get a better base for her, except if the skin wasn’t green, and the hair was purple. But I wouldn’t let that stop me from attempting the project. I waited and waited, wanting to get Iris when she went on sale. I finally snagged her a couple weeks ago when TRU had their 40% sale.

Since Iris was a pretty shade of swamp green, I had to face the challenge of painting Iris’ head to match Leela’s skin tone. I pulled all the hair, removed all paint, sealed first, and then went away at painting. After I put three coats on, I sealed the head with MSC a few times, letting it dry in between coats. There are a couple scrapes on her head, showing the green, and when I boiled the hair, some of the paint stuck to the hair. I’ll have to go back and touch that area up.

I ordered hair from Restore Doll. I had it within a few days. I was really happy with the hair quality. Extremely smooth, and took well to the boil wash.

I’m planning on making her a white tank top and a gun. I usually pride myself on not having any crap around the house, but it’s the one time I really could have used an old white sock laying around. Ah well, stuff for the future.


This little silver kelpie is a grumpy fish
You can order your own here!

Kelpies are a mythogical creature I have been fascinated with, a subject matter i love to come back to again and again. I live in the Highlands of Scotland where most of the myth and lore surrounding kelpies is utterly believable. Remote mountain lochans and forboeding sea lochs definitely have a sense of the unreal about them. My final year project at university used Scottish mythology as a theme and also involved kelpies - I just love them.

Kelpies live in lochs and take the form of beautiful horses standing at the shore. When an unfortunate traveler sees the horse and is compelled to touch it, he will find the horses skin becomes like glue and he is stuck fast. The kelpie then dives into the water to drown its victim and devour it…

This guy is more of an Each Uisge, a slightly more evil version of a kelpie. Each Uisges live in sea lochs (I live next to a sea loch called Loch Fleet) and as well as turning into a horse they can also turn into a handsome man. That’s why I chose a more human-like eye to paint on these guys, to give them that otherworldly edge…

The fins are cast in silicone which is slightly translucent and flexible. Faolan Glas’s also glow in the dark! He’s a little bioluminescent miscreant. The seaweed in his mane has also been cast in silicone.

The bits of seaglass and shells were provided by the commissioner and added at her request - the barnacles are cast in resin from a mussel shell I found next to my sea loch. I painted them with acrylics - they came out amazing, I’m so pleased with them!

The speckles on the body weren’t actually originally part of the plan but when I walk by Loch Fleet there are often harbour seals about. They have grey speckledy bodies which kind of remind me of flat lichen on stones by the shore…

Faolan Glas means little silver fish in gaelic - which would explain why he’s so grumpy… I’ll bet he doesn’t like that nickname given to him by the bigger kelpies…!

I had so much fun with this commission, and Manjula is a really fantastic and lovely person. Faolan Glas has an excellent new home!

The great news is that you can order your own kelpie from my etsy shop - I am only offering a few up for sale initially because I have to prioritise getting the crystal stags finished for kickstarter backers. The black version has already sold, but you can buy the gold artists proof kelpie, one similar to Faolan Glas or customise your own.

Just visit this listing!:


Progress of @mejackel-bjd ‘s Soom Kremer. Look at that teeny, teeny head. I’m very happy with the chest. Lots and lots of paisley patterns in my future still tho.