toy wolves

Sir Wolf

This guy’s going home today and he just looked so cute that I had to share.  He’s a wolf, who came in with some eye and fur damage:

You can’t really see a lot of the fur issues… mostly light molting.  Here’s a close up of a spot that was being fixed up:

Anyway, I sturdied him up.  He got new eyes, his tail got tightened (it was a bit loose), and… his people requested a custom made knight costume!  So, we agreed upon a hoodie (with helm) and pants.  Here he is!

And here’s his hoodie laid out:

There are ear holes in the helm, and a tail hole in his pants.  And he has a pocket in front of the hoodie.  I was pretty proud of his armor, so I thought I’d share. :-)


How cute are my new Direwolf pups? I was just gonna get Grey Wind for a cosplay I was planning for this summer, but it was oddly cheaper to get all three of them, so I did. Can’t wait till the last three are released.


Srry the lighting is so horrible, I had to take these pics with my phone ;_;

I drew a bunch of toy designs based on an idea that dragondicks came up with!

Because there are a lot of (teenage) girls that absolutely love wolves, the idea is that there could be a wolf toy that could double as a fashion doll. Everything can be mixed and matched and customized, down to the color of the nose, or the pawpads!

Parts such as eyes, ears, noses, tails, wings, claws, and pawpads can be removed and reattached with pegs. There are many different shapes of eyes and ears. I like the idea of the ears being able to swivel around, to convey the mood of the toy. :D 

Hairstyles and Tails can also be switched out. They can me in either plastic or fur; flexible rubber styles if you want the cartoonish, cute, stiff look, and fur for brushing and styling. There can also be interchangeable wings for people who like dragon/angel wolves. 

There could even be different head shapes, with extra holes so that you could insert horns, if you want a dragon-looking wolf. They could have different snout shapes. and tufts of fur on the sides of their heads!

There would also be tons of accessories, of course! Goggles, scarves, eye patches, legwarmers, the like.

The bodies of the toys would be made of soft vinyl, like Munny dolls; so you could draw patterns on the body with markers or paints, to look exactly like your wolfsona!

People (not just little girls) love toys that are super customizable; so these little wolves should be as unique as possible, just like the people who create them.  

Credit to: ,who came up with the idea!