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I just recently finished the last piece of this four piece Disneyland Custom Vinylmation set I have had in the works for one of my collectors. Represented are Pirates of the Caribbean, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and The Haunted Mansion.
'I Am Jazz' Transgender Doll To Debut At NYC Toy Fair
Reality TV star thanks doll company "for being so progressive."

YES! Jazz is so frigging awesome. Kudos to Tonner for letting modernity change his mind about people who are different. More of this, please.


Tonight Im looking back at some of my favorite Haunted Mansion designs Ive made in the past. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, and each time I get to make a custom Vinylmation based upon it, its always a treat. 


So, I haven’t been posting consistently for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been ripping and tearing through the hordes of hell in Bethesda’s new DOOM game, oh and what a fucking game it is!! There are few experiences as emotionally exhilarating as when you are violently blasting through fucking droves of demons while the game serenades you with glorious heavy metal. If you haven’t, please play it!

Recently, I beat the game, and I bought a cute DoomGuy POP Vinyl to add to the toy collection. Please enjoy some of the best doom game tidbits I found on Tumblr. Some of it’s pretty funny!

I’ve made it to Houston! 😊 I got here safe and sound so I wanted to share something fun I was working on before I left! 😁 This is my custom Night King vinyl by Brandt Peters for a new show, “Bats in the Belfry” opening June 2nd at the Strangerfactory Gallery in New Mexico! 🦇🌈 I am so excited to work on a custom designer toy again! 😄 This was a blast to work on and I can’t wait to see the other custom Night King’s in the show! 😆🖌💕 If you’re in the area I hope you’ll check it out! 😊 Have a great afternoon lovelies! 😙💞


Pirates of the Caribbean 3" Custom Vinylmation

Ive been on a bit of a vacation these last few weeks, and doing a few jobs that have kept me away from customs. But Im back at it with this Parks inspired design. Surprisingly this is the first Pirates design I’ve made. I really love making Disney Parks inspired designs so please PM me if you are interested in commissioning a Park design of your own!