toy tricycle

Being a babysitter got a lot harder after the great shift. Granted, we all had to do a bit of growing up after the initial shock and disaster of it all, but afterwards things fell back into normal suburban life in my area. Parents went back to work, kids went back to school, and I went back to babysitting… if you could call it that. 

You see while some children swapped with other kids, or even siblings, others swapped with adults. Some achieved new levels of maturity and adapted nicely others… not so much.

“Look at me!” I hear a deep voice from the kitchen. I sigh once more knowing all too well what was coming next. “Benny!” I say quickly headed for the kitchen. “What did I say about bringing your toys in kitchen.” The only reply I received was a hearty laugh. Entering the room I saw a large muscular man riding a toy tricycle. I could hear its wheels straining against what I estimated to be over 200lbs of dense muscle. 

“But it’s fun!” he retorted. His childish complain almost sounding like stern command in his new baritone voice. “Rules are rules Benny,” I say crossing my arms. He looked at me angrily and stood up to his full height, which was taller than the door way.  I didn’t break my gaze though. Soon the child said, “Fine!” He stormed away to put his toy away, hitting the doorframe on his way out. 

I sigh. He’s just another kid afterall. Maybe I’ll reward him if he behaves today. He’s always wanted to go to the gym, so maybe I’ll ask his parents if they’d mind if I took him there for a day.  He’d probably fit right in. 


Se- *hic* Seriously though…yeah, I think I ne- *hic* need a few more of these.

I have to admit though, this movie is the kind of movie that you watch, and then you have to watch it again only to realize that it wasn’t the alcohol what made you see the things that you saw.

I can tell you one thing, it’s not scary at all. It’s really stupid, it’s really corny, it’s acted horribly, and it makes no sense. The main antagonist is a Leprechaun that kills people with pogo-sticks, drives around in tricycles and toy cars, and somehow they managed to make six sequels out of it. Six sequels! There is barely any substance to make one movie, let alone six! How did they manage such an atrocity!?

But, to be fair, it was a lot of fun to watch. I definitely don’t regret watching it. But then again, maybe it’s the alcohol talking.