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there a box with lot of fun toys like twist tie, chips bag, scrap of paper, and plastic bottle, which i like very much. howevur, the box has LOUD and SCARY thing inside call "trash bag." i brave, trash bag only scare when mama help it jump in air and puff up, inside box it quiet and small. sometimes mama then pull out trash bag full of toys and take outside of house? where do the toys go?

i think go same place where put the poop? :3c


In need of help!

I always hate to ask others for money, but at least this time I can give back in return by making adorable plushies. My husband and I are getting behind on our bills and also are not able to really afford food, due to him being in a car accident back in August and other issues that keep piling up. To get back on track we need to get $500 or more to help pay our current bills.

So I am having a 20% off sale in my shop until December 10th. If you spend $30 or more you can get 20% off. Also if you spend $45 or more you will get a free Moosh Shape fidget in colors of your choosing.

Use the code “THANKYOU2016” to get 20% of of purchases $30 or more until December 10th.

Anything will help us and I will be very grateful. We have in stock items ranging in price from $2 to $45. We also have a wide range of custom made plush as well to choose from. 

Again thank you to any of you that are able to help us out!

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Know your Character: Car

It helps to know everything possible about your Character. Everyone’s car is different, but it says a lot about a person without “telling” the audience.

  • What kind of car is it- make, model, year, color, condition
  • How messy is it- always messy, never messy, only in the back seats, only in the front seats, do they have a trash bag and never use it
  • Do they have preparations- a spare, tools, blankets, pillow, clothes, extra sunglasses, extra chargers, maps
  • What mementos have passengers left behind- grandma’s blanket when it was her car, a lucky penny, a kid’s meal toy, a tie left behind from a date
  • How often do they have passengers
  • What are the “house rules”- no fast food, riders pay for gas, driver picks the music

Just some things to think about to describe your Character (main or secondary) by showing the reader instead of telling them.