toy stoy 3

What I expected from the new series is a more mature and darker storyline, more than Digimon Tamers. The original 8 are not kids anymore in the series, they’re all grown up. And so the Adventure fans. It would be awesome if this new series would be a more mature science fiction show, not a children show anymore.

I also expected it to be a coming-of-age story. The original 8 should realize what they will face in the future and what has gone from the past, much like Toys Stoy 3 and Stand by Me Doraemon. This new series is for us, for those who has experienced childhood, for those who used to dream about an amazing adventure and a miraculous world before they start to think realistic and face the struggle of the real world. This new series should tell us that we should keep dreamin’, even tough as we grown up we learn that this world is so realistic.

Oh I also want to see the others Digimon (other than Taichi’s and Yamato’s) reach their highest evolution form (Mega). And much about the digital world, digivices, evolution, chosen children, previous enemies, apocalymon would be revealed, you know, like the true meanings behind those things.

And I think it would good if they avoid the pairing teenange love drama things. It would distracted some kinda fans from the main intention of the story.