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Bucky's and your daughter seeing Toy Story for the first time and loving it so much she INSISTS Bucky goes as Buzz Lightyear/Mrs. Nesbitt, because that's her favorite scene, to a family costume party and he does it for her but keeps shooting you and the team playful dirty looks for teasing him once he's in costume.

Omfg I can picture it

Daddy Day™

Animated Movie Tag

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  1. Favourite disney movie? — Moana 😍🌊🌺❤️
  2. Least favourite disney movie? — Chicken Little 🐔
  3. Favourite dreamworks movie? — Kung Fu Panda 1, 2 and 3 😍🐼🐉❤️
  4. Least favourite dreamworks movie? — Home, I never liked the story 😒
  5. Favourite pixar movie? — Pffff hard question jajajajaja if I have to pick one of these beautiful movie, I will pick Toy Story 3 😍😍😍
  6. Least favourite pixar movie? — That question doesn’t exist for me 😒
  7. Favourite laika movie? — Kubo and the Two Strings 😊🗡
  8. Least favourite laika movie? — Coraline 😒
  9. Favourite studio ghibli movie — My Neighbor Totoro 😍😍😍
  10. Least favourite studio ghibli movie —Porco Rosso 🐷
  11. Favourite sony animation movie — The Smurfs 🍄💙
  12. Least favourite sony animation movie — Open Season 🐻
  13. Favourite blue sky movie — Rio 😊🇧🇷
  14. Least favourite blue sky movie — Ice Age 5 😒🐘
  15. Favourite animation company? — PIXAR FOREVER 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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Sorry for bastardising your beautiful art, Blizzard. Reach for the sky, kids, the sheriff’s back in town! He’s got a snake in his boot and a beautiful Bo Peep in his sights. I’d also like to do Roadhog as Hamm (and Mercy as legit Bo Peep…though Hanzo’s pretty cute). 

McCree had no chance against Han Peep’s Bo Staff.