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What's your favorite animatronic "fails"? My personal favorite is the one where Mr Potato Head from Midway Mania drops his ear and then he kinda glitches out and looks super disappointed

Hiya! My favourite is probably the Abraham Lincoln animatronic fail where he falls backwards. I just find it hilarious. Here’s the video

Another of my fave animatronic fails is a story about Rolfe Dewolfe and his cymbal posted by cavity sam on retro pizza zone forums. (would love a video of it)

When I worked at CEI, Aaron was playing the Chicken Dance and running around the room with the guests dancing along to it while I sat and watched the show. I noticed Rolfe kept hooking the bottom of the cymbal and making it wobble around instead of actually hitting it. Eventually he gained momentum and ended up sending the cymbal (and stand) hurling across the stage. (Source)

I also find it interesting to watch videos of The Rock-afire Explosion in bad condition. Like I hate seeing them in bad condition and it makes me sad but I also find it super interesting (?)

Like Billy Bob’s Wonderland has a lot of problems. Beach Bear looks totally wrong because he has a New Rock-afire Explosion mask stretched onto his face. Also Earl doesn’t seem to lift up anymore.

and they seem to be getting worst. In this video I actually thought Rolfe’s hand was gonna fall off :/ 

and then in this video Mitzi’s pom pom/arm is on the floor and beach bear has lost his guitar. 

I actually have a tag for animatronic fails which is worth checking out:

This video is great too