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Jamie wrote an article on The Guardian about Don Rickles.

“Don Rickles was my friend. I feel truly honoured that I can write those words with conviction. Although I didn’t know him for long or particularly well, he was still a friend and someone – along with his wife, Barbara – that I cared for very much. I was first introduced to the genius of Rickles via YouTube about eight years ago. While searching for Frank Sinatra interviews, I stumbled upon a series of grainy uploads from the original Dean Martin show comedy roasts. The format is simple: in each episode, there is a different known personality that is made to sit on a dais in front of a large audience and television cameras while flanked by other well-known faces from the world of comedy, politics and film. They then, in turn, get up to a microphone and proceed to ridicule the celebrity in question….

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Decided to challenge myself this month. Pixar is coming out with a new movie soon so I will be posting drawings of each of their movies from today (Nov.14) until the release of The Good Dinosaur (Nov.25)! Not drawing Sequels though!
Kicking it off with their first movie franchise, Toy Story!

Toy Story / A Bug’s Life / Monster’s Inc / Finding Nemo
The Incredibles  / Cars  / Ratatouille / WALL-E / Up / Brave
Inside Out / The Good Dinosaur

Gotta Love Toy Story 3′s Concept Art

As you’ve probably come to know, I’m pretty enthusiastic about the Toy Story franchise. In fact, Toy Story 3 is my favorite film of all time. 

With that said, I have a bunch of memorabilia from the 3rd installment, including the Art of Toy Story 3 book. It includes a ton of incredible pieces, but there’s one that I simply can’t get enough of. 

The piece of Woody tossing the tennis ball in the air while lounging on Andy’s bed is my favorite piece in the book. Beautifully imagined by Toy Story 3 Color and Lighting Art Director, Dice Tsutsumi, the piece captures a ton of emotion.

Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting. Woody’s been awaiting another playtime with Andy for years. And what does he do while waiting to be played with? Plays with a tennis ball. Fantastic. Not only does it show how Woody copes with the distance from Andy, but this piece also shows that Woody’s been doing some thinking. “Will I–will we–ever get played with again…or is this the end?”

 I love this piece so much that I decided to re-imagine it in real life. 

“What matters is that we’re here for Andy when he needs us. That’s what we’re made for, right?”

I am a Woman, I am a Fencer.

I am a woman; I am a fencer.  

I engage in consensual violence.

I hit people; they hit me (and sometimes I let them). I hit people with a steel blade, that, even though blunted, can still easily do serious physical harm without the right protective gear. I get hit with the same style weapon. I hit women, I hit men. I get hit by women, I get hit by men.

Longsword is a full-contact martial art. This doesn’t mean that I enjoy getting hit, but it means that I know well enough to expect that it will happen. My success as a fencer depends on my ability to gradually reduce the number of times in which I do get hit, but even the best—the Axel Petterssons and Ties Kools of the world—get hit.

Consensual violence, especially in the form of sports and martial arts, for men, is a readily-accepted part of our society. Consider the massive audience for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on May 2nd (there were fears in the Philippines about electricity shortages because of too many people watching), or the annual audience in the U.S. for the Super Bowl.

It is, however, even in 2015 not as accepted for women. Girls are told by Disney heroines (with Mulan a notable exception) that their roles are peacemakers, when they are lucky enough to have roles at all (I’m looking at you, Toy Story franchise). Men’s lacrosse involves a full set of upper body pads; women’s lacrosse an eye mask. The most famous women athletes of our era are arguably tennis players, figure skaters, and gymnasts; Ronda Rousey aside, they are not fighters. Despite all of this, in the U.S., we’re considered relatively enlightened when it comes to women’s sports and martial arts—just think about how our female athletes dominated the 2012 Summer Olympics.

HEMA is consensual violence, and it is consensual violence that does not care if you are male or female. When the mask goes on, it’s almost impossible to tell who’s male, and who’s female (no, you cannot use hair length, or the SPES skirt, as a barometer). If you want to be a fighter, you’re welcome to come and learn, male or female. You will learn that you can either learn to accept getting hit by (or hitting) your club mates, male or female, or you can find a different pastime. Sometimes you can learn this quickly, like a fish to water; other times it might come more slowly, like weaning a baby from the bottle.

So if you, The New Student, say you don’t want to hit me because “you’re a girl”, I’m not offended. I’m not offended because you are a HEMA newborn, just like the rest of us were at some point (many would still consider me relatively new), and yes, it’s weird to all of a sudden be told “it’s okay to hit her here” after what’s likely been a lifetime of being told not to hit women.

You’ve come here to learn, so let us teach you your first lesson: I am a woman, I am a fencer. In the ring only one of these things matter.

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Hey, first of all: i love your blog 💙 How would Ahomine, Kagami, Kuroko, Imayoshi and Teppei react watching Toy Story 3 with their s/o? Crying... 😭😭

Eyyyyyyy thank you so much! QUQ I appreciate it! <3

And sure thing! Huehuehue these dorks, ohmygawd quq))

Aomine didn’t get what the big deal was.

It was only a movie.

About toys.

Yet, there you were, sobbing beside him as the familiar group of toys you have grown to adore over the years were facing their certain demise. You gripped onto your boyfriend’s tanned arm tightly as he looked down at you, surprised by how much the movie was affecting you. “W-why?!” You actually shouted in your tears, whimpering heavily as all the toys gripped each other’s hands and began their descent towards the flames that would swallow them whole.

Not really knowing how to respond since none of this really affected him, he patted you on the back with his free hand before hugging you to him. “There, there,” He muttered in a gruff tone. “They’re just toys, _______, they can always just make more.” He tried to help, but you instantly shook your head. “They’re irreplaceable, Daiki! I don’t want them to die!” You whimpered heavily in tears, looking back at the TV screen as you tightly hugged him back. He blinked at your shouted comment, trying to bite down a grin because of how seriously you were taking this. “Well, they could-”

He didn’t really get a chance to respond since you let out a cry of joy when the toys were saved when he was talking.

“You see, _______? You were just overreacting. They’re fine!”

“I’m so proud of them! Ah, now they’re gonna go see Andy again!”

“Who the hell is Andy?”

Have you not been watching the movie this entire time?

He wasn’t going to cry.

He wasn’t.

He swore he wasn’t going to cry.

Shit, he’s going to cry.

Kagami knew that the third installment to the Toy Story franchise was a rather sad one with all the angst-y scenes it had to offer. He didn’t really like watching sad things, but you had wanted to watch it after getting the DVD for Christmas, so he cuddled with you in bed to do just that. He couldn’t say no to your face when you gave him those bright eyes and that sweet smile, after all!

At the moment, you were fully in tears, tightly gripping onto your redheaded boyfriend’s shirt with heavy whimpered crying leaving you, watching was Andy gave his toys up to the little girl in the end of the film. He, however, was not good at holding in his emotions, but was damn well trying to! “Why w-would he just g-give them up…? It’s sweet, b-but- but- Andy, go get them back, damn it!” You cried, having been hoping for the whole gang to stick together. The ending scene rolled by then, the toys standing on the little girl’s porch as they watched Andy drive off to college.

Yep, that broke him.

He started to let out a couple tears of his own despite having told himself that he wouldn’t.

Andy, come back! You need to stay together! You’re a team; why would you leave them?!

Oh, you two were so right for each other.

Kuroko didn’t see what you were so angry about. The strawberry scented bear in the movie was clearly the antagonist, so it was his job to be a villain. He expected it, saw it coming, but you didn’t. Oh you were pissed. You had been ranting on about it for a good fifteen minutes of the movie and when you stopped, you would hiss and snap profanities at the bear whenever he showed up on the screen.

“________-kun, you’re going to strain your throat with all that yelling. You should take a breath and drink some water.”

Yeah, water sounds great! I can drown that damn bear in a lake and leave him there!

“________-kun, I don’t think it would make much sense to try to drown a stuffed bear.”

But you saw what he did! He betrayed them! He must be punished!

“You’re punishing yourself by hurting your throat over this.”

No, I’m simply letting out my aggression in a loud, irritated manner!

“So, basically what I said.”

You were so adorable.

Imayoshi couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at you whenever you actually started to cry throughout the movie. He thought it was rather adorable how deeply you felt about all the toys and what they were going through, so of course it was his job to tease you about it! Oh and when the incinerator scene came to be, he made sure to poke fun at you all the more since it was considered one of the saddest parts of the movie.

So, as you cried shakily with your eyes glued on the screen, he silently reached back to grab your favorite stuffed animal from the group you had in bed behind the two of you. Bringing it up to his face, he made it so the small dog plush poked your wet cheek with its fluffy paw to grab your attention. “_______, you’re not going to send us there, too, are you? We love you, ________, please don’t get rid of us!” Oh dear God. “Shouichi-! Don’t play, man, that’s cruel!” You gave your sly boyfriend a look of horror at that, grabbing the nearest object and throwing it at his face, making him yelp and fall over the side of the bed. It just so happened that what you threw was a large stuffed cat. So, he took the opportunity to raise the cat over the edge of the bed from his fallen position on the floor.

“You know, that wasn’t very nice to do to your wonderful, amazing, beautiful boyfriend, _______.”

“Oh, shut up, Shouichi! You’re giving Fluffy a bad name!”

“Fluffy says that you’re being mean.”

“Am not! You were the one who said I was going to throw my plushies out to the incinerator!”

“Shouichi never said that! You’re just mad because the movie made you cry~”

“And you’re an ass!”

“Awe, don’t cry~ Come on, I’ll bring Shouichi and your favorite doggie plush to cuddle with you~ Will that help~?”


“That’s my girl~”

Teppei was the type of boy who was very expressive, so throughout the entire movie, he was pretty much rocking on the same boat as you. He got angry when you did. He laughed when you did. He got upset when you did. Yet, the two of you still hadn’t cried. The saddest part was just about to come by with the whole incinerator scene and what not. It was a well-known part of the movie that the two of you have been dreading to see.

When it actually started to play, your bottom lip began to quiver, shaken whimpers leaving you while he tried to put up a tough front only to be diminished by the tears that clouded his vision. “T-Teppei, no!” You cried when the toys seemed to accept their fate, clinging onto your boyfriend just as he did to you. “Shield your eyes! You shouldn’t see this!” He told you, covering your eyes with his palm.

“Teppei, what’s happening?!”

“Shh, child, they’re happy, I promise!”

Don’t lie to me!

_______, you can’t handle this, trust me!

I grew up with them! I wanna know what’s happening!

_______, no, you just can’t…Oh…Oh. OH!”


“They got saved!”

“What?! That’s great!”


“Can you please let me see now?”

“Of course, my innocent child.”

[Ficlet] Alphabet Couple:single parent x  teacher AU

Happy birthday, Andreau Francis Valerio Cortez!

Big deal para kay Andreau Cortez ang birthdays. Isa siya sa mga naniniwala na dapat palaging masaya at bongga ang birthday celebrations lalo na kapag bata pa. Ganoon kasi siya pinalaki ng parents niya noong nasa California pa sila almost 30 years ago: laging may birthday party, presents.. the whole nine yards. Kaya nang nagkaroon siya ng anak, pinangako niya na magkakaroon din ito ng childhood na kagaya sa kanya, at hihigitan pa niya.

But that’s easier said than done. Being a single dad and an actor-director, nahihirapan din siyang magbalanse ng oras niya, lalo na ngayon na nasa kalagitnaan siya ng shooting ng kanyang latest indie film project (he’s starring and directing, not a new thing for him). Sumabay kasi sa hectic filming schedule ang 7th birthday ng kanyang only boy na si Tristan. Ayaw niyang madisappoint ang anak niya sa birthday nito.

Since last year pa kasi nila pinlano ang 7th birthday bash nito (namana rin ni Tristan ang pagiging choleric niya) at hindi na matahimik si Tristan sa sobrang excitement. Sa school niya gusting icelebrate ang birthday niya, which surprised Andreau. Unlike him na gusto ang engrandeng birthday parties, his son wanted a small and intimate one, basta meron lang burgers at malaking choco-hazelnut cake. Ilang beses din niyang pinilit na sa ibang venue na lang sila magcelebrate, kaso pinagpilitan ni Tristan na gusto niyang kasama ang teachers and classmates niya sa mismong birthday niya. (Apparently Tristan inherited his stubbornness, too.)

Kahit busy siya sa filming, hindi siya nagkulang ng atensyon sa pag-oorganize ng birthday party ng anak niya. He got all the help he needed. Sumobra pa nga sa hinihingi niya eh. Bukod sa staff niya, sa best friend niyang si Roldan at road manager na si Mars, maraming single moms ang nagprisinta na tumulong sa pag-oorganize ng party. Kesh, the owner of the school and Roldan’s fiancée, laughed at this predicament. Ever since kasi pumasok si Tristan sa school niya, dumoble ang bilang ng mga nag-enroll sa kanila. Karamihan kasi sa parents (specifically moms) ng mga bata ay kaedad lang nila, at napanood ang teen TV series na pinagbidahan ni Andreau almost 12 years ago.

Yumayaman kami ni Kesh sa fangirls mo, Dreau, laging pang-asar sa kanya ni Roldan kapag pumupunta si Andreau sa PTA meetings. Wala na lang siyang sinasabi tungkol doon. Almost half of his life ay artista siya, at sanay na siya sa fangirls. Kahit nga na hindi na siya ganoon ka-active on screen (three years na siya behind the scenes as a director), ang dami pa rin niyang fangirls. Naiinis lang siya minsan na ginagawang grand fans day ng ilang nanay ang monthly PTA meetings.

Muntikan na siyang tumigil sa pagpunta until one fateful PTA meeting a year ago nang makilala niya ang teacher ni Tristan na si Zade Pascual.


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i’m still a bit upset that toy story 4 is going to be a thing because toy story 3 was just the absolute perfect ending to the toy story franchise… like there’s no reason to keep going and risk ruining this beautiful film series

David Wong looked under the spectacle of Pixar’s greatest trilogy and saw madness.

The 5 Most Insane Lessons You Didn’t Notice in Famous Movies

#5. Toy Story Franchise: It’s Wrong to Outgrow Things

The real villain in each of these movies is maturity. Every problem in the toys’ life is caused by humans refusing to stay children, and refusing to stay in the mindset that toys are sentient and deserving of empathy. What message are we supposed to take home here? That we’re too quick to discard our possessions? That we’re too quick to give up old friends when we outgrow them? That we don’t treat inanimate objects with enough respect? That growing up is awful? Are any of those things even remotely true?

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Frozen had so much potential but fails to live up to its name. Yes, I love that the focus of the story is the sister bond, but I feel that the movie did a really bad job at showing us Elsa’s and Anna’s relationship. We get one scene of them two playing with each other then the rest of the movie Elsa is pretty much avoiding Anna. Then Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart and almost kills her and the worse part of it is that Anna thinks Elsa did it on purpose.I say this because at one point in the movie someone tells Anna something along the lines of “I thought you said she wouldn’t hurt you ” and Anna replied with something along the lines of “I guess I was wrong,” implying that she thinks her big sister tried killing her. That is horrific! and then all of sudden they’re best friends again. I’m sorry, but no these girls went years with minimal contact and even when their parents had died they still remained distant from one another. We never got to see their relationship develop. Which I would have loved. It would have worked a lot better if  the accident happened right before the parents died that way Anna would have lost her parents and her best friend all at one. It’s dark but it would have allowed us to see the sister’s relationship grow and I feel that’s what we really needed to see. Personally I feel there was way too much singing, and most of the songs are kind forgettable. It was honestly until I watched the cinemasins video for Frozen that I realized that there an icebreaker song.. Then the characters. Maybe it’s because I obsess over movies but everyone’s role was pretty predictable. The moment I saw Hans I knew he was going to be the wrong love choice, and it was only painfully obvious that the true love was going to be that little blonde boy from the beginning of the movie that seemingly had nothing to do with the plot. Not only that but Hans turning point of being a villain doesn’t come until very late in the movie that makes it feel as if Elsa was the main antagonist of the film. Which doesn’t even make any sense. Olaf honestly makes the movie, but his presence feels forced and doesn’t even show up until midway of the movie. His very existence isn’t explained. Which brings me to my final point. This movie has a lot of explaining to do including why the heck does Elsa have powers and Anna does not.  Is this something they are going to explain in the sequel? Because let’s face it these days everything gets a sequel.And what’s up with Kristoff?  Where are his parents?Where’d the reindeer come from? I know I’m being nit-picky but all these things really did take away from the movie.

I love Olaf and I wish he would have been around since the beginning of Anna’s adventure because his humor was needed because without him it would have been really boring.  There’s a few other things, but I’ll just conclude by saying I do not get the hype behind the movie. It was a good try, but could have been better, at least by freaking Disney Pixar. C'mon we are talking about the people that brought us Up, The Incredibles, Monster Inc, the Toy Story franchise and ( i think it’s a fantastic movie) A Bug’s Life. They know how to make great movies and I don’t see that magic in Frozen.

costumes from downtown seattle

a plague doctor sitting on the south bound 522 next to me, a staff in their hands, a lamp on their staff

a middle aged woman in a tan trench coat, wearing maleficent’s horns and carrying her wings, smoking a cigarette with a long suffering expression on her face

a grown man dressed as the kid from pixar’s up, shorts halfway up his body, shorts clinging to his muscular thighs like plastic wrap

an individual in their mid twenties running down the street, hurriedly pulling their button down shirt apart to reveal superman’s symbol, their tie flapping in the wind

mace windu rising out of a serene leaning on wall position to walk towards the airport bound bus

a boxer dog being ridden by a tiny woody doll from pixar’s toy story franchise. the dog seemed so pleased with her tiny inanimate friend

a young child in a creeper hoodie, making hissing and exploding sounds sequentially, seemingly hopped up on a lot of candy already