toy store of doom

supermy170  asked:

Which bad spongebob episodes do you think are the most "salvegable"? The ones you think could have easily been good?

  • I’m with Stupid - Transition better into Patrick being an asshole and end it better
  • Rise and Shine - Make Patrick’s morning routine actually interesting. Like maybe make him a secret agent or a super hero or something. Wait…
  • Waiting - Spongebob gets fed up with waiting and desperately tries to track down that toy
  • Breath of Fresh Squidward - Actually realize that Spongebob is the antagonist
  • House Fancy - remove the toenail scene.
  • Nautical Novice - fix the ending.
  • Gone - fix the ending.
  • Patty Caper - fix the ending.
  • The Krabby Kronicle - fix the ending.
  • Komputer Overload - tell me why I should root for Karen over Plankton.
  • Porous Pockets - Like Rule of Dumb, have Spongebob realize the error of his ways while he still has the money. That’s why Rule of Dumb works IMO, and Porous Pockets doesn’t.
  • Ditchin’ - fix the ending.
  • Toy Store of Doom - actually use the concept they went with.
  • A Friendly Game - Have Patrick get too caught up in the game instead of being a baseline dick.
  • Are You Happy Now - Remove the suicide references and just have it about Spongebob trying to cheer Squidward up.
  • Move It or Lose It - fix the ending.
  • Eek an Urchin - Remove the scene where… um… Plankton gets trapped in a room with a bunch of horny urchins.
  • Squid Defense - Fix the ending.