toy skeletons

Where little Skeletons come from

Hey, you two. What are you talking about?

Where little skeletons come from?

You wonder if you were grown in a tiny flowerpot.

Or if you appeared in a vegetable patch.

Or if you popped out of a book.

Or if you emerged from a mysterious chest.

Or if you hatched from an egg.

Guys, you were sent in these little plastic packages, remember?

…that doesn’t explain how you were made before that?

I suppose that is true.


What -


What’s that?

Strange. I’ve never seen this logo before…



Some strange sounds convince an older couple that their electronic skeleton toy is possessed. They put it to the test to see if it truly is. I don’t want to say anything else- I’ve said this before but WATCH THE ENTIRE 15 MINUTES ALL THE WAY THROUGH WITHOUT PAUSING OR SKIPPING AHEAD! To do anything else would be robbing you of a great experience. Gather your friends around and hit play.

anonymous asked:

where do u buy ur skeleteons?

Cheapest/Easiest to get/Best articulation: Rement’s Pose Skeletons.
The best place to get them from is - a japanese import site. The “Big Person″ (#3) has the best proportions in my opinion, but there’s also a slightly shorter skeleton (#1), a child version (#2), and a slightly pink one (#4). There’s also dinosaurs, animal skeletons, and accessories to scale with the figures.
Pose Skeleton items on amiami.

More Realistic Sculpt: Boss Fight’s Vitruvian Hacks
These have the most anatomically accurate designs of any skeleton figure I’ve seen. However, they have limited articulation and are somewhat fragile. They do have a transparent purple one though!
Vitruvian Hacks Skeletons.

Gashapon curiosity: Dokoruman Skeletons
These figures are based off of the skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts. They are quite small, and fragile, but have excellent articulation.
I bought a set from a store on, but they’re out of stock.

Sturdiest/Gylos system compatible: October Toys’ Skeleton Warriors
Although the company has decided to disband itself recently, they have produced several series of skeletons based off the 1990′s Skeleton Warriors cartoon. I was lucky enough to buy some when they were still around (and smart enough to buy multiples). Their site has the full list. These also have somewhat limited articulation.
October Toys Reference Site.

Armored Skeletons: Four Horseman’s Mythic Legions
These skeletons are from a series of figures mostly funded through kickstarter by the company Four Horseman. They are of excellent quality, and the line includes several other fantasy staples like orcs, elves, goblins, dwarves, vampires, and other folks. You’ll want to try and get them from the company site directly - you can still find them on other sites, most notably Big Bad Toy Store, but they might be sold at a 10-15$ markup.
These figures are roughly 1/6 scale, where the other figures on the list are roughly 1/18 scale.
Four Horseman’s site.

For more information, keep an eye on the “Spooky Skeleton General” thread (abbreviated as /ssg/) in 4chan’s /toy/ board. You can ask questions there too, there’s several skeleton collectors in there that may have better advice than I do. There are also some more skeletons out there than there are on this list, like the Revlotech Jason and the Argonauts skeleton, and skeletons from the Takeya figure company. This list just contains information about the ones that I own.