toy sculptures

Having trouble with consistency when drawing your comic?

Want a cool sculpture of your favorite OC??

Want some merch to sell at a convention table???

Hi, I’m Travis and I’m looking for commission work. Speaking of work, look at those pics above again for a second. Not enough? Quality too low? Check out my instagram, or just browse my tumblr archive.

Did you like that? Well, thanks! So, do you think it’d be cool to have your own art made into a sculpture? Well, shoot me an email with some reference images and I’ll give you a quote!


Recommended reference! It’d be best if your reference was orthographic (at least front and side, ¾ wouldn’t be bad either) specific textures you might want, close up drawings of important smaller details, etc.

Whatever reference I get, that’s what the thing will look like (most likely*)!


Process and Pricing:

I sculpt using Castilene, which is a wax. This is NOT the final material of the piece. The sculpt will be molded in silicone and your final piece will be cast in a hard urethane plastic, which means if you’d like to get multiples of your commission then that can happen (note: extras will cost more).

Pricing varies on complexity, size of the piece, etc. As a base sum, expect it to be over $100 USD covering all materials and labor, however it should be noted this price may increase or decrease due to complexity, size of the piece, whether it’s a headsculpt, or a bust, or a full body figure, etc.

Interested at all? Just wanna pick my brain? Shoot me an email at

*As I sculpt the figure, I will keep you updated with progress pictures where you may send notes if the pose is looking off, if shapes aren’t quite right, if things aren’t looking perfect for you, etc. However, please be reasonable! There can be some major differences between how something looks two dimensional and how it looks sculpted!

Disclaimers: What you see in my sculpts? That’s what I’m good at. Please don’t commission me for a hyper realistic Hugh Jackman complete with every single pore on his face (or anything in that vein), because it almost definitely won’t turn out good and neither of us will feel good about it.

I’m not gonna make art of licensed properties, unless you own the license. Sorry, I don’t want to be sued!

I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason whatsoever. Mostly I just don’t want to do lewd art or have to try and interpret bad reference art (or violate copyright laws). If you’re not sure whether your reference fits these categories, just ask.

I’ll likely only be doing one or two of these at a time.

I will charge you after the final sculpt is approved by you and before I cast it. This will ensure that I can cover cost of material and won’t waste time making a mold of something I haven’t been paid for.
Leviathan Sculpture - Dishonored Inspired
Inspired by the video game Dishonored and based on the leviathan trophy in the game This leviathan sculpture is cast resin painted to have the appearance of cast bronze or pewter/silver, and sealed with a gloss coat Measures about 7 long, 4 tall, 4 wide *Photo of pewter variant coming soon* Please allow 1-4 week production time

Listing is live

Photo of pewter variant coming soon


Had to split up my posts. Lol

I decided to take a few with Bendy interacting with my old college text book.

The Illusion of Living book in game is obviously a reference to The Illusion of Life. Being the mighty ham, I am I HAD to do this.

Fun fact: Our professors might of made us read maybe 2 chapters for school and gave us photocopies of everything else.

I’ve read the whole thing cover to cover, if you can get your hands on a copy I definitely recommend reading it if you have any interest in animation or the history of Disney and animation.


Two recent custom order monstroctopi!
Top one was based off of a drawing the customer sent me, and the bottom they just asked me to make a Beetlejuice inspired monster!
I can make a monstroctopus for you inspired by anything, or based off of anything I’ve made in the past.  I love doing custom orders for people, don’t hesitate to ask! ♥


You probably think fannibals are spoiling me too much and you’re right. But if you think that should stop, well… I have bad news for you. XD
Look at what Sarah @edtco sent me!!! It’s a replica of the Pet Wendigo statue she made last year and offered to Hugh Dancy. Mr Dancy and I are the only ones in the world to have this incredible fan-statue of the Wendigo. And it’s not only my design: she added the little red bird the Wendigo made in this story with Abigail’s blood. She added a miniature Hannibal plushie because the Wendigo has one in this story. And only with mine (sorry Hugh) (I can stop being jealous of you now), she added the shredded shirt from The Suit ™.
Sorry for the bad pictures, I didn’t dare to take it out of the box yet, I just wanted to share my joy and complete amazement, the care for the details, the professional look of it, everything is totally badass and I’m so proud my comics inspired her. Thank you so much Sarah.