toy raygun

Children mobbed the Pierwood Stand at the recent Sydney Toy Fair.  An estimated 50,000 youngsters handled the Space Disintegrator Gun and Helmet.

And not ONE of them washed their hands.  Can you say ’ Class IV Contagion Outbreak’, kids? 

That’s a whole different type of science fiction that doesn’t involve ‘cosmic sound vibrations’.  Although there may be men in hermetically sealed space suits …


From Toy to Raygun!

This is the step by step on how to turn a terrible water pistol into a not-so-much terrible laser gun with all the charm of retro science fiction 

- X-acto knife Or modeling knife 
- Painting stuff (brushes, water…)
- A piece of cloth
- Airbrush (optional) 
- Hairdryer (Optional) 

- Water gun (obviously!) 
- EVA rubber 
- Instant glue 
- White glue
- Pigments (optional
- Acrylic paints
- Primer in spray 
- Paper tape 

- And tons of imagination!


I came across this little aberration arising from the depths of an Asian bazaar. Fortunately, it is one of the most interesting models and the more retro line that I could find … 

Important from now: try to visualize what you want to achieve with the gun. Will it be steampUnk? Cyberpunk? Industrial? Or just Retro? 

I opted for a somewhat whimsical line that haunted my head … now you will see!


With the modeling knife remove all the annoying (and cutting) mold lines that this kind of pieces usually have. A little sanding will do, too.


A sheet of EVA is all you need to include any detail we could desire. Its lack of hardness allows us to cut it with scissors, and the instant adhesive is perfect for joining the parts, since it gets them easily attached to any surface. 


In this case I opted for a series of retro wings, as well as many rivets of the same material. 
Personally I would recommend doing serious emphasis on camouflage the water tank. 

It will be crucial in the final aspect that we forget that this gun used to launch water. Now it throw rays. 
Are you visualizing? Are you? 
Perfect, let’s move on.


The EVA foam is a pleasure to work with. 

Be careful with it if you want straight pieces as I added on the wings, because it gets easily deformed. If that’s the case, return them to it’s place with some heat.


Remember! make the water tank look like… uhm… an Ion Capacitor! That’s it!


Bam! Magic. 
Next, apply a bit of white glue over the entire EVA. This will harden it, and it will allow us to forget that it folds easily.

I usually add some pigment to make sure which parts are already hardened. This will as well add grip and texture for priming


Apply the primer to the gun. A couple of generous coats assure us that we won’t have problems when painting

Good primer, good painting! 


After the primer I usually apply a general layer of some color. A “second primer”, somehow.
This brings out a more realistic base tone than a pure black base, and it’s closer to the finish we want


Several layers of different metallic shades, and we’ll have soon a deep metallic look!

It will take a while to get the final steel look, but … it already looks different!


Details in gold.

As in the previous picture, my recommendation is to apply various shades on several steps. This gives depth to the color, and allows the successive layers of pigment enrich each other.


Ha! Masking! 

I wanted to add a splash of color to the piece, so red seemed appropriate for the barrel and grip. 
With pieces of masking tape delimit the area that will not stain and colored to destroy prior work and having to retrace our steps!

I used the airbrush. It offers a uniform and elegant finish. Small masks also serve the purpose of chipping.

Et voilà! Tape off, the gun begins to have a look quite finished! 
Now it only needs dirt! Lots of dirt!


It’s time to formally announce my WIP quest mod for Fallout 4: Maxwell’s World!

Located just a few miles from Boston, Maxwell’s World was once a place of joy. The biggest amusement park in the country, Mister Maxwell dedicated his fortunes and life to making everyone’s time at Maxwell’s World as happy as possible. Then the bombs fell and it all went to shit.
Now, the park lies open, shrouded in legend and danger. A thousand myths say that Maxwell hid a treasure, deep inside the control center of the park, just waiting to be reclaimed by some wasteland.
Unfortunately, a thousand more myths say that something happened to Maxwell’s World. They tell tales of shambling skeletons in the park that attack anything in sight, robots that find you and force-feed you hot dogs, of the rides coming to life and devouring those inside. There are some that say that Maxwell traded his soul to keep the park running, and not even the apocalypse stopped that.
All anyone knows, is that whoever enters Maxwell’s World, never leaves. Because the park isn’t just open. It’s alive.

Maxwell’s World is my upcoming horror quest mod for Fallout 4, that finds the Sole Survivor trapped in the twisted amusement park known as Maxwell’s World. Teaming up with a group of survivors, the player leads a last ditch expedition through the park, in an attempt to uncover just what happened to the park, and how to escape.
Maxwell’s World features an emphasis on multiple paths and resource management! The park is malicious and out to claim your soul, and will happily give you cursed resources to further than end. Carefully manage what you’ve brought with you, or take the plunge and use the tainted weapons and aid that Maxwell gives you! Aspects of the quest change based on your dialogue as well. Take sides among your companions, learn their histories, uncover secrets, and watch as sections of the park change to match your perspective!

-A six part quest of survival and fright, with multiple endings, solutions, and paths!
-An entire new world space, Maxwell’s World, with over seven completely different sections, hidden detail, and much much more.
-Three new companions, fully voiced with their own perks, combat styles, and sidequests!
-Brand new gameplay elements!
+In Maxwell’s World, the things you find are tainted and can affect both enemies and the quest. Consume them if you dare, or focus on using the precious little non-cursed resources you brought with you!
+A respawn system. Maxwell wants you to stay, and is content to kill and resurrect you over, and over, and over again. Watch your stimpaks and microfusion cells, because you won’t get them back!
+Animated ride bosses! Malevolent bumper cars and serpentine rollercoasters are out to kill you! These juggernauts are scattered throughout the park, and can come to life at any time! Some say that there are unique weapons in the park that can deal with them, but you risk losing your soul to Maxwell’s influence!
+The Presence. A mysterious entity that travels around the park, bringing the rides to life and causing machines to go haywire. Reroute power to different parts of the park to draw it away, or risk its wrath for the comfort and shortcuts electricity brings you!
+Minigames galore. Shooting galleries, races, dunk tanks, and much much more!
-New enemies. From deranged animatronics, ghoulified mascots, and the terrifying Revelers; those guests before you whose souls were claimed, now forever cursed to wander the park.
-New weapons and armor. From firework cannons, to toy rayguns, there’s plenty of ancient items to help you deal with your foes, if you dare.  

Maxwell’s World needs artists and animators! Specifically, custom resources need to be made. If you do weapon modeling, armor modeling, and especially creature and asset modeling and animating, I could use your help to bring the park to life!
Can’t model? Maxwell’s World also needs voice actors! Apply here!