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I like to call this the Easiest Stim toy Diy Ever.

Do you like spinner rings but can’t afford them? or have limited access to buy them? 

What you need it a safety pin (the tiny ones probably won’t work very well but you can go as big as you like) and some beads. beads that are good to use are ones that have a very smooth even hole that runs through the centre of the beads. beads that are not round will probably work just as well but you want to go for beads that are fairly short as long tube-like beads won’t spin in the same fashion.  

I chose these beads as they are a hard plastic and so spin very smoothly and are the design is nice when spun.

if you want the easy version of this then simply open the pin, slid several beads onto the open bar ( I chose three as it left just the right amount of room for them to spin freely) and shut the pin if you want to make sure it doesn’t open accidentally then pinch the part that hides the sharp end togeather with pliers. 

you can now carry it as is or string a cord through the loop on the end of the pin and wear it as a necklace.

If you would like to be able to pin this to your clothing or a bag then you will need to find pins that you can unbend like this :

the difference is that they don’t have a cover on the looped end which will allow you to either un bend the pin with a pair of pliers (if using larger beads)  or to push the end of a screwdriver between the links 

and feed the beads through.

re shape the pin and they will be secure in place and you can now use the open end of the pin normally and wear it as a broach. 

the beads are lovely to spin individually or togeather with you fingers, provide a nice vibration and if the beads are larger a good noise if you shake the pin back and forth. its a nice discrete stim toy its not too loud and its easy to carry and can be made so cheaply that it won’t matter if it gets lost.

There is a petition to make glow in the dark Tangle Jrs again. Sign and signal boost if you would buy one (or more)!

[Image description: Glow in the dark Tangle Jr. It is four connected spirals made up of macaroni shapes that can be twisted into lots of different shapes. This one is a light pastel red, orange and green, with stars, planets and rocket ships on four of the macaroni pieces.]

𑁋 Baz. Llevas… Llevas vaqueros.𑁋

𑁋 Sí. Y tú llevas encima medio campo. 𑁋


Based off this post about “Jeans” and “Cowboys” being the same word in Spanish, the lovely Baz En Vaqueros is in physical art form on @dancingwdinosaurs‘s Redbubble! Along with many of her other beautiful Carry On art! Swing on over and check out all of her amazing prints!

(Also, this may or may not be my new bookmark for my Spanish edition)