toy palace


random junk i got recently but never posted until now bc i’m lazy. i don’t have that mlp comforter on my bed atm and i have to get it from the spare room and set it up on my bed when i want to take pictures of acquisitions bc the mh comforter i’m actually using atm is too busy and makes pictures ugly and this mlp comforter is  My Brand™ since i’ve used it this way for years now lmao

anyway, onto the junk… the “”llamas”” are from Five Below and they’re not llama, they’re alpacas but that’s what the store calls them. they’re obviously alp@casso knock-offs. palace pet was on clearance at Walmart. the Chubby Puppies 10-pack came from TRU and was like 50% off or something which is why we ended up getting it lol but i honestly love those things

Imagine that you have been a servant girl in the palace since young. As a child, you saved Loki from an accident (to which noone was witness). Not one to owe a debt, he promptly rewards you the next day by using his magic to make your work a little easier. Soon enough though, you help him again by hiding him from Thor’s wrath (when Loki broke his favourite toy). This begins a chain of exchange of favours that has continued to the present day, where noone has yet discovered the unique bond the two of you share.


My local Target just reset for the fall!!! They had in stock the Luna and Cadence Shine Brights, the big Target exclusive 6-pack of Wonderbolts, the two pack of Wonderbolt brushables (Fluttershy and Pinkie), the first wave of Fashion Styles (Starlight and Sapphire Shores). the Crystal Palace playset, the new blind bag set of wonderbolts, the Twilight’s tree blind bag set, the train set, and the action styling sizes!! It was SO tempting to pick something up but I’m trying to wait for a sale or at least until the rest of the line is out (like the glitter brushables!)