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YOUR CHILD WILL NOT PUT THEIR FINGERS AWAY. maybe. probably wont. *requests Nutcracker AU and runs into a closet*

FUCKING FINE, @im-too-obssesed

  • belle is having a perfectly fine christmas (except for gaston, who keeps breaking her shit)
  • the villagers are dancing around the christmas tree
  • and crazy ol’ maurice comes in, like a gentle dancer, and brings out inventions he’s spent all the year making: graceful ballerinas, stern toy soldiers, a beautiful palace with mechanical swans.
  • but the palace is so empty. ‘where are all the people?’ asks belle. drosselmeyer maurice merely nods mysteriously, and digs around in the bottom of his sack
  • ah! one last forgotten toy: a grotesque monster, with fierce jaws for cracking nuts. just an ugly thing, some carving gone wrong…but belle loves it, even as gaston breaks the jaw and snaps the wooden cape
  • she cradles the toy, and sleeps beside it on the couch as the villagers tiptoe away. and as she sleeps, she dreams—or else she wakes: to a terrifying christmas tree, leaping up beside her to epic heights as she shrinks, small, against the evergreen needles
  • and there are MICE. mice as big as WOLVES. grey, with long snaggly teeth, and they chase her through the forest of the pine needles—for it is a forest now, the christmas tree has grown so large. the clock chimes and belle sees a flicker of maurice—but then he is gone, and it is only MICE as big as WOLVES.
  • but hark! something, someone rallies to her call: it is the toys from earlier, grown to her size (or she has shrunk to theirs), and they form a battle and fight off the wolves.
  • her nutcracker—her beast—saves her from the biggest one. or would, if he was not brought down by a bite; she saves herself, and throws a slipper against the creature to save herself. the mice pass on. and the nutcracker-beast transforms (of course) into a beautiful prince
  • he takes her away to his beautiful palace. (it looks like the palace from earlier, except the swans aren’t mechanical now, and the palace is anything but empty.)
  • lumiere lays out a spread for them: chocolates from spain, coffee from arabia! and every servant dances as the feast is eaten
  • (garderenza dance along to the Spanish Dance; they have traveled to Spain, anyway, and their love is warm and rich and nourishing)
  • (chip does an excellent jig to the sounds of the Tea Dance)
  • (mrs. potts is mother ginger, how the fuck else did you think this would go)
  • (and if you don’t think plumiere are the sugar plum fairy and her cavalier, you haven’t been paying fucking attention)
  • Anyway it’s all AMAZING and belle “wakes up” or she would if this was a traditional nutcracker, but it ain’t, so fuck that noise: they live there forever and it’s f a n t a s t i q u e the end

Imagine that you have been a servant girl in the palace since young. As a child, you saved Loki from an accident (to which noone was witness). Not one to owe a debt, he promptly rewards you the next day by using his magic to make your work a little easier. Soon enough though, you help him again by hiding him from Thor’s wrath (when Loki broke his favourite toy). This begins a chain of exchange of favours that has continued to the present day, where noone has yet discovered the unique bond the two of you share.


My local Target just reset for the fall!!! They had in stock the Luna and Cadence Shine Brights, the big Target exclusive 6-pack of Wonderbolts, the two pack of Wonderbolt brushables (Fluttershy and Pinkie), the first wave of Fashion Styles (Starlight and Sapphire Shores). the Crystal Palace playset, the new blind bag set of wonderbolts, the Twilight’s tree blind bag set, the train set, and the action styling sizes!! It was SO tempting to pick something up but I’m trying to wait for a sale or at least until the rest of the line is out (like the glitter brushables!)

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You are kind of my go-to source for Disney commentary, particularly Disney Princesses. What are your opinions on the Disney Princess Palace Pets toys/cartoons/etc.?

I think they are a counter-canonical money grab that represents the absolutely most cynical and generic aspects of the Disney Princess franchise, in a way that reduces it unfairly and does not play to any aspects of the story.

I also think they have provided good jobs for several friends of mine in design and development, so hey, a girl has got to eat.