toy mustang

anonymous asked: idk how long ago u reblogged that palette thing but roy mustang d8?

haha get it he’s got some flowers and is askin u on a D-8 DATE!!

Skysolo + rey au where rey always loved cars. From a young age instead of playing with dolls she collected hot wheels. She always volunteered to wash Han’s old worn out town car and to help him keep it fixed up. She was ecstatic when Luke bought her a drivable Mustang toy car. She worked part time at uncle Lando’s auto shop. For her 18th birthday, Luke and Han saved up enough money to buy her the car she always dreamed of. At a car show, she meets Jessika Pava and Poe Dameron and his boyfriend Finn and they all become the best of friends. Jessika and Rey fall in love and Luke and Han approve and everybody is happy the end