toy munch

???-GIZMUNCH [Gizmo-Munching]
-The Clockwork Pokemon
-Ability: Heavy Metal - Waterproof(HA)*
-Dex: “This large pokemon live in ponds and lakes where they spent most of the time looking for food, the intend to gather enough energy to evolve. Despite their large and Heavy body, this pokemon swiftly move on water with their spring like tail that spins as a propeler at very high speed.”
    -Metal Sound
    -Heavy Slam

–>Evolves after learning Automatize<–

???-RIBBETIN [Rivet-Ribbit-Tin]
-The Tin Frog Pokemon
-Ability: Light Metal- Waterproof(HA)
-Dex: “After evolving, the once large and heavy GIZMUNCH will suddenly shrink to a third of its size, becoming the light and nimble RIBBETIN, this process has puzzled scientist for years. RIBBETIN is extremely agile both in land and water, being able to jump incredible heights on land and swim at really high speed in water.”
-Sig. Move: Wind Up “The user winds up to regain its strenght after a long battle, the user will recover 1/8 of its total HP and its speed wil rise”
   Type: Steel
   PP: 10 (max 26)
   Power: –
   Accuracy: –
    -Hi Jump Kick

*Weakens the power of Water-type moves.

Gentle Giants

“I don’t know, Owen. I don’t think I can do it.”

“Claire, we talked about this, honey. Today is the day. Nothing is going to go wrong.”

“Now you’ve jinxed it.”

Owen moves around the side of his wife’s desk to stand behind her. He rubs her shoulders tenderly. “Everything is going to be fine.”

Before Claire can make another argument, she feels little hands on her calves.

“When’re we goin’, Mama? It’s time to see the diasaurs!”

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[ @may-i-use-your-shower-please ]

A dirty sock flew across the room and landed on top of Will’s head, followed by a slipper, which was clearly destroyed and bit on, then followed by a smol and angry Frederick Chilton.

“Okay, first, can you, please, for the love of christ, stop leaving your dirty socks everywhere? And, second, get your dog under control, that’s a third pair this month! Doesn’t he have any toys he can – munch on? And, uh, also –”

A pair of handcuffs in the man’s hands, he slowly handed them over, trying to be really super casual about it. “Juuuuust giving them back, thanks.”