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#blog something arrived in the mail...

What’s this…? Could it be…!

Yes! It is! It’s her!!

Finally! I basically waited an entire year for the release of this one!!!

And WOW!! She looks GREAT!!!


She looks like the official art! They outdid themselves!!

She looks great and this one’s a HUGE one!! (basically bigger than your regular Kotobukiya Bishojo for scale)


Look how fierce she looks!!

Absolutely stunning piece to add to the ol’ collection :’3

Hong Kong Disneyland Eats - April 2017

I was out at Hong Kong Disneyland last week and thought I’d share some pics of the interesting new eats I found this trip!

Iron Man waffles with chocolate dipping sauce in Tomorrowland…

“Korean squid” at one of the snack carts…

These Little Green Men vegetable buns have been on the menu at Crystal Lotus inside the Disneyland Hotel for a while now, but it was the first time I’d had them…

They recently added the adorable Baymax pork buns as well…

You feel bad eating him…

The painstaking prep work that goes into making this Mickey Mouse scallop soup is so impressive. And it was delicious…

Tsum Tsum jelly roll desserts…

Iron Man mango and strawberry sweets…

And while not a character-based food, the golden crab dish that this crab croquette was served in was so elegant…

I love how Disney continues to push the boundaries with interesting and entertaining eats at all their parks!


Yondu and his toys

Shopping time with Tsum!

Hello, everyone! Here are few pictures I want to share! Since I finally got my own Tsum, now I can’t stop buying things for them!
I mean, they so tiny! They need a helper, right?

Now they can open the box by themselves!

And you feed them with their favorite food :P

After meals they need exercise!

We all know Steve like drawing :)

Tony will need tools to taking care Dummy.

Then the superfamily can go to rest, thanks for watching<3<3<3