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Grey Luna by Jenn and Tony Bot
Via Flickr:
When creativity hits, it hits hard! Like technicolor vomit, multicolored fart hard. Sculpted and covered in polymer clay these custom toys are so cute it’ll make your eyes cry rainbows.Need or want a custom? Email us at or for more information.

Plush Commissions!!

Hey guys! I’m short on cash right now, what with just having moved and life just generally being horrible. So I’m opening up a few slots for Custom Plush Commissions!

These slots will range between $60-$90 (pretty cheap for a custom plush!) and be for a plush which is 6"-10"

Since these will be cheap commissions, I will be taking creative liberty with the designs and I can’t do anything too complicated (like lots of markings or clothing). I will also be taking them at my discresion, so if a character would just be too complex or something for this price range I will let you know!

First up is custom Dragon Hatchlings or Solbeasts:




These guys will be a flat-rate of $60, just send me a message with what creature you would like to commission, and what colors you would like, use the following templates:

Dragon Hatchling - Eye Color: Body Color: Accent color: 

Solbeast - Body Color: Mane & Tail Color: Horn Color: Eye Color:

You can also commisssion a custom plush of an OC or favorite media character, these will range from $70 to $90, depending on the complexity of the design. For these, send me a message with reference images, preferrably with multiple views of the character. Here’s some examples of what these sort of commissions can look like:

(Commission of Margaret the Badger warrior from the upcoming video game Margaret’s Blight)

(My characters Mica the Gargoyle and Kitty & Mouse the Kesterels)

(Finny the Dragon)

You can also check out for more examples and pre-made plush!

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It’s My Little Monday!
With…CottonCandy Cloud!
CottonCandy Cloud is customized from a terrible Starshine who had gone that awful browning color that won’t go away, had symbol fading & rust & the hair cut off. A perfect candidate to start off a whole new ‘cottoncandy’ family! (Well, if Applejack can have a big family, maybe this one does too) She has all new fluffy hair with 2 strands of glass beads. Her symbol is a cloud, but the white pearl paint is hated by the camera. It needed something subtle though because of her rather busy spots.
In all pink & blue and light cloudy hair she’s just as big and fluffy as cottoncandy. She’ll hopefully soon have some more fluffy cheerful relatives.


I attempted to take Scizors photos outside, but I didn’t like how any of them turned out aside from the one where he’s being held for size reference. But, I’ll definitely try again when the weather permits.

I did get all of his indoor photos taken, showing all of his details, size and the different ways he can be posed with his arms 😄 He is 11in tall from bottom to his head, 14in including his head spikes.

I don’t think I missed a single detail of this Pokemon, and I’m very, very happy with how he’s turned out! I can only imagine how cool he’ll look next to Scyther once he arrives to his owner 💕

You can find more of my work and commission your own at!



It feels sooo good! I have three different textures of spikes (small, large, and squishy) all put together to create an amazing sensory experience!

A special shout out to everyone who beared with me for the last week and dealt with my obsessive spiky tangle posts but still continued following me! You the real mvp! 😁


I just recently finished the last piece of this four piece Disneyland Custom Vinylmation set I have had in the works for one of my collectors. Represented are Pirates of the Caribbean, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and The Haunted Mansion.

Bearded Steeb’s head

A summary of Not So Tiny Bearded Steeb’s head:

The Captain America unmasked heads that I own. Surprisingly the one with the least wonky eyes is the one I paid full price for. The other two were bought at Toyfairs. I chose to use the last head because damn are those eyes not painted right.

I have doubles of Steve in his Civil War suit (the reason I decided to do this custom in the first place.) I ended up using Not So Tiny Injured Steeb just because his suit is slightly lighter than the none “battle damaged” version and I like the darker version. While he is harder to get (being part of a three pack) I bought him for less at a Toyfair. 

I cut off the front of the fringe as it sticks out too much. After removing the paint with nail polish remover (I do have proper acetone but I find the nail polish remover is not as harsh and it works well enough on removing the paint on faces) I scrubbed the head clean and sculpted on it using the Tamiya Quick Dry Type Epoxy Putty. I learned the hard way NOT to use it when my heater is on as it becomes a sticky mess. I have used Aves Apoxie but I find the Tamiya Putty sticks to plastic easier and isn’t as fiddly once you get the hang of it. It also doesn’t sink down as easily. To sculpt I used a small awl. Some people use toothpicks but I find they go too blunt too quickly when I use them. 

Sculpting the hair was a challenge as I’m not very good at figuring out how short hair falls. 

Comparing the before and after. 

I realized one side of the hair was bigger than the other so I added more volume to even it up.

Late night painting the skin.

Mixing up the skin tone was a pain but eventually I just settled on one. Then began the challenge of painting eyes. 

I decided to have the eyes look slightly up so that Bearded Stee would forever be glaring up at people from under his brows.

Painting the hair was very annoying. This was just the base coat.

I attempted to dry brush the hair and added some colour to the lips as well as very, very lightly adding some shading to the cheekbones, under the eyes and in the brow furrows. Honestly he’s so tiny you can only really see them right up close but I will know it’s there.


Feadoll Minu Unicorn par Nomyens cosmetic dolls


Tonight Im looking back at some of my favorite Haunted Mansion designs Ive made in the past. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, and each time I get to make a custom Vinylmation based upon it, its always a treat. 


Bipper Custom Vinylmation //

It’s been a few years since I picked up this paint-your-own template, and almost a year since I sketched my original Bipper design. Finally took some time to paint this creepy, body-snatched boy. Quite pleased with how he turned out, so I think I’ll tackle Grunkle Ford next (when I get the chance)!

You can see work-in-progress shots on my Instagram—go to my blog and check out the “sites” tab.


This has been in the works for a long long time, and I am so excited to release them. Firstly, thank you so much @sul–sul for the original suggestion and for testing them out and building the hype :p

Option 1: Deco only: All 20 meshes appear under one thumbnail, $30 each under sculptures or simply search “Tsum”. Each mesh appears as a different swatch, to save cluttering the catalog. You are welcome. Each one has 2 slots to allow for stacking, start at the bottom left corner. It is easiest to stack them on the ground first and then move the first one to lift the whole stack. They do not have a footprint so that they can be placed easier. Of course you don’t need to stack them, and your sims can still play with them.

Option 2: Mysims Trophy Overrides: All the same meshes as above, you can find them by digging up time capsules and you complete the collection as normal. All the original prices as their overrided originals, and each character has a little description. The box itself even has a new mesh to look like the premium box from the game c: Again, stackable, but your sims cannot play with them. Oh and they have the emotional aura still.

Important info
- Yes, you can have both files in your game. No, buying the deco version does not complete the collection.
- No, they are not recolourable. Well I mean you can try but the way it’s set up so all meshes parent one single mesh… it’s tricky and I can’t help you out with that, sorry.
- Don’t edit the meshes, but I will take suggestions as I am in the process of making a second set!
- Don’t claim as your own or re-upload. Give credit where credit is due.
- Please enjoy and let me know if there are problems <3

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