toy crane

The GazettE Cheering You Up After A Bad Day

I’m having a tough week so I really need this.

Ruki: Spoils you by buying you new jewelry/clothes, in the evening, Ruki would put on your favorite music and the two of you would be playing with Koron at his place ‘till you go to bed.

Uruha: Takes you for a walk in the park and stops by a cafe for some cheesecake, he isn’t very good at giving advices but he still calmly listens to your problems, letting you vent on him.

Aoi: Cuddles with you under fluffy blankets and hot beverages, which lead to sex (he would make sure you are fully satisfied) and more cuddling afterwards.

Reita: Thinks the best way to forget about stress is by going to the Arcades. You’ll be playing all sort of games together - car race games, mini hockey, dancing platform games. Reita would win a plushie toy from the Claw Crane for you. ( those machines you grab toys with a hook )

Kai: Leaves work earlier so the two of you could have dinner at a fancy restaurant, he listens to all your problems and tries to help you out how to get through tough times. After dinner, you go to his place and take a nice, hot bath together.

Available For Adoption

Saved from Crane maching. Owner of game was not a crule person inface he took precautions to keep them healthy but did not know Bittys were not toys. 

Crane Machine Rescue


and please know we still have bittys on our other list up for adoption. When they get adopted we remove them from the list so if you see them on there, Yes they are available just message us and we will be happy to remove them ^^

link to other list


When Isabelle gave me the option to expand our local school, I decided to dream really big this time. I made a school of dreams, a school that cute little animals would love to go to and get excited to learn in. -^_^-

The classroom kept the little froggie and lilypad setup, the hallway had a changing area for getting into uniforms and a toy crane machine, and with the building expansion I was also able to add a colourful canteen. Students need their yummy food to keep up that energy for lots of schoolwork!

Code to visit: 0898-7791-438
[Please note that I only made half of the custom patterns used.]