Obviously I have seen HTTYD2, and I absolutely adore the Stormcutter breed. and I think if I were to have a dragon, it’d be a cutter. But not just any, albino!

My headcannon is that Stormcutter bull (male) dragons flare out their fins and flush blood into the tips to make them redder, trying to intimidate other males during territorial and mating disputes. The bigger and brighter the fins, the more intimidating they are. However it is not the red that is the intimidating part, the lower portion of their brow crest and along their chin are soft blue markings. These will also flush and the higher ranking males have a higher rate of blue in their faces. We can see that older, more higher ranking males, such as CloudJumper, have very prominent blue stripes along their chins. 

Should fights between males not be settled by displaying, the two males will charge one another and fights are usually solved by bashing their skulls together similar to big horn sheep. Males have also been known to ‘play chicken’ with one another, dashing through the air at each other at high speeds and the males that swing away first are often the looser. Mercifully their thick crests, fleshy and muscled necks, and strong skull and neck bones make it so they can handle the impact of high speed collisions with one another. 

With that being said, an albino stormcutter will not have any blue, and will therein be seen as a 'lesser’ dragon, if not outcasted completely. This makes them vulnerable as they have no flock to protect them in turn (for as we could see, dragons tended to herd together in large, multispecies gatherings, though a few breeds are loners). Survival is possible thanks to how clever and intelligent these large dragons are, but it is not easy. 

This particular albino, GhostMaw (name pending), still has his story in the works. But He was not an easy fix by any means. He’s a grump. 


I have a headcannon that ridgebacks are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch, and that when flustered/angry/pissy their neckscales pop upwards like the gills of a betta. I also have an intense feeling that their necks are snakey and wicked and they’ll pull the freaking 180* headturn thing to look at something behind them. There are many reasons why other breeds don’t like ridgies, nevermind they ‘borrow’ everything they can get their grubby claws on.