Outfit Rehearsal for MATA expo

I’ve noticed that I’ve lately worn sweet, sweet sweet and classic sweet lolita  (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)   mostly cutesy. (well you get the point) So I’ve wanted to wear something gothic and something that I’ve sewn myself.

JSK and underskirt- handmade by me
Rose, dear necklace and bird skull necklace used as a headpiece- ToxicKitty
others- offbrand

The shoes I’m suppose to wear broke, so this are last minute stand by shoes. I’m still debating whether to change this into another pair or violet boots.

photos © April Ebarvia

Colleen's kiddie party :3

Today (5/3/13) my (college) classmate celebrated her 18th birthday at a McDonald’s branch. I was actually the one who gave her the idea since my ex clubmate at our school’s dance club celebrated her 18th at a different McDonald’s branch, too. I actually find it pretty cool :3

My classmates (L-R) Sab, Marichelle, birthday girl Colleen, only boy Mike, and me

It’s doodle time! LOL. Sab drew us in AT-like looks. Hoho

Then when the party was finished, I met my mom, bro and aunt for dinner.

And tadaaaa! A huge 2-scoops cookies & cream ice cream from Fruit in Ice Cream. I had NOOOOO idea a scoop is THIS big *O* I had a little hard time finishing it ‘cause of its size. Theeeeen …

My aunt had this idea of putting the ice cream to a larger cup then put it on a cup of ice 'cause it might melt so easily due to the temperature here in our country :3

Just wore a plain white blouse & jeans to my classmate’s 18th birthday. Shoes from my cousin’s little shoe business–I rarely find pointed shoes attractive so this is my first– and my fave long lost Patapon necklace from ToxicKitty ♥




Brencis - ouji style with a bit of a pirate influence.

  • coat - offbrand, Azul
  • vest - offbrand, Solo
  • pants - offbrand, Bess
  • underdress - unknown offbrand (worn as a blouse)
  • sheer bolero - unknown offbrand, worn as jabot. It’s the same bolero as in my Grief WIP. I wear it in all sorts of ways so I cut off the label, but then I forgot the brand…
  • mini tricorn (severely modified) and deer necklace - ToxicKitty
  • leggings - offbrand, MOGAO
  • RHS - unknown offbrand
  • wig - Vogue Royal Cosplay

The coat and tricorn are a lot alike- both weren’t at all what I expected from the stock photographs. The coat fit me, but wasn’t poofy enough for lolita skirts. The hat was absurdly tall and sat on my head like a brick.

There were buttons on the inside of the coat to help keep the front panel flat, and I found it was possible to fold the edge over and button it in place. Worn with a matching vest, it doesn’t look too bad! It was fun to match the cotton lace on the hem to other items in my closet.

As for the hat, it was a sample run from Regi of ToxicKitty so I bought it knowing the fit might be a bit odd. Nevertheless I cut it down to about a third of its original height; it was really surprisingly tough for felt and card. o_o I think I might be more comfortable with full-size hats instead of mini ones, but it’s just so hard to find hats here, in general.


Dolly Kei - musings of a peasant.

I believe this is what mainstream fashion calls a ‘peasant blouse’; it’s 3 am and I can’t be bothered to hit up google at the moment

I piled on more accessories than I normally would this time- my Mum absently said, ’[you look] like a christmas tree’ but I think it looks very plain without the 0verload (see 2nd to last picture)

  • All no-brand except:
  • Wig - L-email knockoff of GLW’s Neo Classic Chocoberry; looks burgundy in this lighting, but it is purple (seen here and here)
  • Tights - Me-Moi
  • Flowers from ToxicKitty

Achievement unlocked- yesterday I rode a tow truck home. Or rather, I sat in our car while it was being towed home. Pretty good view waaay up there, though the girl with bright purple hair chomping on sweet corn in the driver’s seat did get some odd looks.

Note: this dress actually has a built in underlayer, but it is white. The lace detail totally disappears- so I had the idea of layering a burnt orange chiffon blouse over just the underlayer. Fortunately due to the wide neck of the blouse, and the construction of the dress, it worked 8D


I’m off to Tokyo on Friday! With some minor differences in accessories eventually (and the addition of a lighter traveling dress for the local climate) these are what will make up my wardrobe for the 7-day trip. Packing for maximum flexibility with as few pieces as possible with my requirements (for example, the pirate JSK is for DisneySea specifically >D)

In case you’re wondering about the common-denominator jabotruffle in all these, it’s because I catch a cold very easily, and it is no fun being sick while on holiday.

All these go with a pair each of brown and black boots, gifts from my aunt after seeing my suffering walking over cobblestones in heels. I learn, eventually. These boots I can walk for miles in.