toxicity album

Alright so what’s up with this?! You wanna know what’s up with this?!

(i’m getting into conspiracy theories here but man it makes hella sense somehow)

Alright so. All these songs/phrases are outros of their albums. 8 albums so far (although they leave out NIL for the entirety of this but whatever). The Ninth at the end? Oooo-kay, Ruki, I see you.

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Ruki Rock & Read 049 Snippets

Part 1
in the beginning they didn’t plan to make a single out of Fadeless- it was more a ‘if it’s good, let’s make a single out of it’ and well seems it was good enough good as in good for a single of course

Usually they’re songs have a bright image- but with DIM this kind of change Ruki also said that they had a down there- that’s why the songs and the lives too became darker (he also refers to interview in R&R 033- remind me to read that one!) And with the one after DIM- TOXIC they turned 180° Ruki says that Toxic, Division and Beautiful Deformity are all connected with each other. Toxic ends with Omega and from there they started with Devision, that ends with Melt.

Division is also an album that describes the Gazette until before Division- like a summary. And after Melt Beautiful Deformity was born. So Omega (as for the end), Melt (the end is melting)= Deformity (Beautiful Deformity)

Toxic and Devision had a bright concept and they were really picky with what kind of songs they included in which album. so this time they concentrated on including songs that all of the members approved to (if you read in between the lines, you’ll understand that there were different opinions between the members)

Ruki says that Division actually needs to be 2 albums that the version with just 1 CD isn’t right they also noticed that the feeling of the band and the album parted during the tour. which lead to them wanting to make songs where they felt like a band again- so basically that tour helped them to see what kind of ideology they want. that might sound bad- but it helped them a lot to find their new direction

So because DIM was inspired by their down- the interviewer asked if BD would be like that too? (bc they noticed that the ideology of division wasn’t what they wanted they were heading to a down again) but Ruki said that just the way how they produced songs matched- like having a broad kind of variety. This time (for BD) they made sure that every member had at least one song that mirrored the individual - so if even just one member hadn’t written a song, they wouldn’t have published the album Ruki explained that they already had the concept that everyone should bring songs, but at those times they still distinguished and for Toxic and Division most didn’t made it to the album.

So that might have lead to the impression that not every member needs to bring songs. But with BD they wanted to change that and to change those thoughts of the member

I: I think that the band is in a really good condition right now
Ru: yeah I think so too.
I: that doesn’t mean that you’re close friends though, right?
Ru: yeah that’s right, if we say we’re close friends we might get stereotyped… but well we’re getting along lol

there were also times where the GazettE became just work to them- but that changed again

There was also a time were Ruki spoke with uruha about making songs that are more band like. but just by saying so, it doesn’t necessarily becomes that way- so Uruha said that it’s difficult and would probably end up as a violent song

the last time Ruki was in a R&R before that one was right before Tokyo Dome- so he wasn’t in a R&R in 2 years. The reason was bc there was some kind of danger (probably disbanding danger) and that Ruki now 'returned’ to R&R means that the situation improved. Ruki said that he’s the kind of guy who just runs ahead, but that leads to other people just following, not knowing what their role in the band is, or people who don’t want to follow. but they talked about this matter

they’re returning to the talk about Fadeless Ruki said they made that song in a hotel in Nagoya during one of their tours. It wasn’t born from the singing, but from guitar and bass phrases it was made with thoughts of: all 5 of them should feel the groove, a listening experience they hadn’t had before, a song with tension and tempo they hadn’t had like this before and something that sounds just cool

usually an album is made out of singles they did before the album. for toxic there were 4 songs which were released before, Devision zero, and BD 1 - the interviewer asked them wth they’re doing
R: I know right lol it felt kind of strange to do a single after 2 years [with just albums]

if one of their single songs reaches 1st place in the charts, they will be happy of course. But it would be different if someone would 'force’ them to produce a song like 'xy’ just to sell. even if they reach 1st place with that song- they wouldn’t be happy

I: Don’t you want to rest and take a breath during recordings?
R: Taking a break you mean? Well I’m thinking about other things in those times. I don’t know about the other members, but I’m also doing the goods and also think about artwork and such.
I: so those 'other’ things are still related to music right?
Ru: yeah, everything’s related to the GazettE, but those 'breaks’… well it doesn’t really feel like breaks, but it helps me to get a clear vision again for the time I’ll turn to music again

Part 2: