Assorted headcanons ive come up with over the years (Featuring Lams and Washingdad and modern AU)

-There’s two types of upset/sad Alexander. One where he get angry as a defense mechanism, and the other where he gets really quiet. Type 1 is more common, and he doesn’t usually admit he’s sad, insisting he’s just angry. The second is more rare, and he tries not to let anyone know he’s upset but since he’s usually so outspoken is fails completely. This usually happens when he’s to sad to be angry, or when he knows the reason he’s upset is ridiculous. Examples of this include the time John claimed he was going to move in with Jefferson because Alexander was being stubborn and wouldn’t sleep, John called Jefferson and insisted he was going to do it before going to class. Alex remained quiet and pouting all day. 

-Alexander is a half happy drunk, which he also refuses to admit, but he just giggles and goes around proclaiming his love for everyone, but he also wants to fight everyone more than usual 

-Eliza is v gay and Alex is with John so they’re ultimate gay bros

-Washington is basically all of their dads. college AU professor Washington being Alex’s dad since he was one of the first people to get to know him when he moved, being the rev set’s dad through Alex, and the southern motherfuckin democratic republican’s dad through fights with Alex. On more than one occassion he has had to call someone from the rev set to come pick Alex up because he is to tired/sick both for class and to drive but he won’t admit it

-Hercules is the mom friend 

-Everyone has a weird love/hate relationship with Burr, Alex and him argue alot but he’s on Alex’s emergancy contacts

-Alex will do literally anything for a cookie

-This theory has been tested many times by Hercules 

-Alex learned french so he and Lafayette can bitch about people, and occasionally yells at Jefferson in french just because. Sometimes Alex and Laf will talk about something random but look upset just to fuck with people. 

-Hercules once found a kitten and kept it a secret in the rev set’s apartment for three weeks. 

-It wasn’t a secret they all knew but didn’t tell him 

-They named it Aaron Purr


Just a friendly reminder, because I’m sick of people reducing others to mere thirsty yaoi/yuri fans (“you are all in this for the hot sex”) because they cherish the interactions and the development of the relationship of a same sex pairing, which (if it isn’t canonically confirmed) could easily be interpreted as love.

Mission: Find more OG and respectful Katie fans to fit in with.

Today grossed me out. I’ll still defend the new, chill and respectful fans to the death. You guys are great. I still love Lena Luthor. I still ship SuperCorp. I still love my amazing mutuals/followers. I’m so excited she has more exposure! I’ve been waiting for that. I love responding to the Character Analyst requests!

But I’m too old for the crap that went down today. I’m not angry. I’m just old and tired. I need more balance on my dash… Send help.

When my friend ask me why I stayed so long…

Why I accepted the roses, and ignored the thorns…

I tell them,

It is not easy to weed out the roots he planted in me!

I tell them I was so captivated by the house he built for me, I didn’t notice the locked door.

I didn’t notice I was captive to this garden of guilt!

I tell them I tried leaving…

because of you!

—  Jessica Romoff and Mila Cuda

Toxic Holocaust - Nuke the cross

you can hear him shake you can hear him rumble
you can see him crumble as she pounds both fists against his chest
watch them throw both their hearts over the ledge
watch them stumble.
they dont love, no.
they dont hide.
they dont put their own interests aside
theyre too busy trying to last in this struggle
noone told them to love is to let go
and they’re so young they don’t know they’re forgiveable.
—  you can see the pain reflected in their eyes when they lock // -aa.

It’s a shame that the Thea Queen tag is overrun by 0licity stans, who erase the importance that Laurel has in her life on nearly every post. Instead they try to pretend that Felicity cares for Thea, when we all know what happenened in Nanda Parbat, we’re not delusional.

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Tumblr is 10 years old today

In honor of this day, I will say (Try to say) 10 good things about tumblr.

1. The memes are always fresh.

2. It is better than 4-chan

3. There is some interesting art on the site

4. Anyone can be a tumblr blogger

5. The porn bots are always nice enough to follow you even if you don’t have any posts

6. There is a blog for everything.

7. There is a ship tag for every couple (Fictional or otherwise) If it doesn’t exist, it will.

8. There are some chill people on this site.

9. People are the most open-minded individuals you will ever meet 

10. There will always be cat videos.

it truly is amazing how hypocritical tumblr can be when it comes to drama like what happened with pewdiepie. you preach about loving, supporting. forgiving people for mistakes, and being this big ray of positive sunshine 24/7 but then the second some youtuber makes an (yes, offensive) joke that should be laughed at and then brushed off, you absolutely rip into him and act like you know everything about everything and as if you know where he’s coming from because you read some article on some cheap clickbait site that has been extremely biased against felix in the first place.

the dude apologized, explained the situation, tried to help everyone out there involved get back up on their feet when they were banned or whatever, said that he knew that it was offensive but also knew that it went too far and all of this other shit BUT STILL, all that matters to you is that he made a joke for simple shock value. christ sakes. he had two dudes write something on a sign for $5, while there are thousands upon thousands of REAL, ACTUAL anti-semitic people out there who are harming and killing jews. and felix is the nazi? give me a break. the funny thing was that it wasn’t even this big of a deal until everyone on the website decided that they were going to make it one. if you look at the big picture here, it really isn’t that serious and all of you need to calm the fuck down.

(1S,4R,5R)-4-Methyl-1-(propan-2-yl)bicyclo[3.1.0]hexan-3-one (Thujone)

Not much to say about this one as I’d never heard of it before; seems to be a neurotransmitter blocker (specifically GABA-a antagonist) which causes nerves to fire more easily, resulting in convulsions. Yikes.
Known to occur naturally in a variety of herbs including wormwood. Cheers.

Piece requested by @flogist-off. Hope you like it!

  • Joker: Let me destroy an entirely populated major city just so my crush will acknowledge our broken relationship!
  • Me: Nope.
  • Batman: Let me manipulate the feelings of my ex because it's beneficial to me.
  • Me: Nope.
  • Tumblr: Aw I love Batj*kes! They are so cute together!
  • Me: Nope.

                                                     I hope I 𝕙𝕒𝕦𝕟𝕥 your memories
                                                         On nights you get no rest
                                                           I hope you think of  M E