Whoever said that it’s strong not to cry?

Let me just appreciate that even if Pokemon can be amusingly cartoony and sterotypical when trying to convey Pokemon genders pre-gender differences, other than that, the show is so good at affirming that crying and having emotions isn’t for girls only?

Like even a lot of good anime will have /someone/ among the main characters tell someone “Don’t cry, you’re a boy, aren’t you?” but like… here we have this kinda rough-talking, boy from a small town in the countryside (at the risk of sounding like Shootie/Trip early on…) who isn’t exactly the most sensitive with his words (despite his really high empathy, he just lacks tact) and whose first instinct to deal with his problems for the first three gens was to throw his weight onto them while screaming… and he cries a LOT.

Satoshi/Ash cries over parting ways with his friends and Pokemon, cries over others’ misfortunes (Lucario’s past, the deaths of various Pokemon like Victini and Celebi…)… and he just gently comforts his own Pokemon if he finds them crying. If he has a Pokemon particularly prone to crying (Gligar and Torkoal come to mind), he lets them cry it out.

As far as he’s concerned, there’s no shame in it, as long as you try.

The same thing goes for the show itself, a lot of the ending songs across generations have repeated motifs (some that show up in some other kodomo anime I see, so maybe a shared theme?) of crying all you need to, then getting up to try again—just really positive and uplifting.

The show’s overall message of there always being someone better, so you have to keep pushing forward, despite defeats and setbacks, helps sell it too.

^^^^That’s actually what promoted all this, my favourite endings were Smile and Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara/Because the Sky is There from Advanced Generation and Kokoro no Fanfare/Fanfare of the Heart from the Best Wishes! series…

The tears you shed now,
Unable to hold them back, are shining
Even so, that doesn’t change
The unrestrained wind that moves your heart

It’s important to try hard, but
If your strength only exists
To hide your honest weakness,
You’re better off without it.

Even if you can’t see it now,
It is certainly there in your heart:
The strength to keep believing in something
Awaits your smile.

(Smile, first TV cut)

All people wander through today,
Little travelers
Sometimes getting lost, sometimes straying
As they search for tomorrow

Escape from being hurt,
Even if you can’t move today
There’s nothing to lose,

(Smile, second TV cut— the last verse ends the same way, as the first cut)

Whoever said
That it’s strong not to cry?
Cry with all your might, then look, raise your head
I say goodbye to yesterday
When I ran from the things that hurt me
Though the wind is still strong

(Kokoro no Fanfare, first TV cut)

Whoever said
That being by yourself is better than being with everyone?
Surely, somewhere they’re thinking of you
The higher the mountain, when you look down
The better it feels
Though the path ahead is still very long

You keep growing, bigger and bigger
One more centimeter until you reach the blue sky
It’s okay to get nervous
It’s okay to get worried
Let’s go down the path we believe in!

(Kokoro no Fanfare, second TV cut)

Those that haven’t been hurt cannot see the blue sky.
On a journey you hesitate to walk on, your life will shine.

(Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara/Because the Sky is There)

It’s not anybody’s fault when you fall down the road
Just lie down and look at the blue sky
The tear flowing down your cheek is not a glimmering decoration
Do not forget the joy of life today
Got off your knees and stood up
Your back is stained
But the pain of the mud-covered scar is cheering you on

(Te wo Tsunagou/Let’s Hold Hands, TV cut)

Your most important friend is not here right now
But please aim for that promise and that same dream
No matter how small your strength is, even to the point of helplessness
Please believe on the day our promise will be fulfilled

(Te wo Tsunagou/Let’s Hold Hands, full version)

Was this post just an excuse to post sweet, uplifting Pokemon lyrics? Maaaybe.

I came upon a singular flower
Blooming in a meadow
Overran with weeds.
Colorfully, deceptively
Sweet, it beckoned me -
It was all I could see, drawn
By its nonpareil beauty.
Coming closer, I breathed in
A potent scent -
Petals of poison -
I haven’t been myself since
—  How could such a small flower hold that much power?

Antis: **call an actor terrible things and make fun of their appearance**

People who aren’t assholes: hey, maybe don’t

Antis: //lolololol it’s not like they’ll ever see this post lolololol//

People who aren’t assholes: you’ve missed the point dumbass.

Antis: //wow I am truly making a difference across the globe with my shallow insults and baseless attacks on people’s character//

Before We Self Destruct

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Our love hurts deeper than a paper cut–
a piercing sound I know I can never shut.

When we embrace, everything we surrender,
but when we pull apart, our skin we tear asunder.

You’re like a fire that rages through me–
surreptitiously like the waves in the sea.

I’m like a freezing wind that cracks you,
and in my touch, you feel the ugly residue.

You’d erase yourself just to have me exist,
and I’d burn myself down to have you untwist.

You’re my deadly venom and I’m your life elixir–
there couldn’t have been an even more dangerous fixer.

We wreck ourselves in the name of love–
is this the repercussion they often speak of?

I am your inconsistency,
and you’re my vulnerability.

Before we self destruct,
and fall deep in thunderstruck–
let go of it all while there is still luck.

If our attachment will end with a permanent scar
let us no longer take this too far–
for we both just can never win this war.

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Kuroshitsuji fandom: "Lets all fight over a character's gender and accuse people of transphobia and at the same time ship pedophilia cause thats A-OK." The fact is Grell is male, some people can call him trans, thats completely fine but we shouldn't argue because Grell has used BOTH male&female pronouns to describe himself in the manga and anime. THEN Sebastian only sees Ciel as his meal and on more than one account happy to see the boy SUFFER because he gave his butler the wrong orders.

This Grell’s gender discussion is so ridiculous and unpleasant in so many ways, it only makes me cringe everytime I see posts about it where someone claims Grell is trans like it’s a canon fact when it’s not.

Though I can say the Grell fandom, the majority of it, and the Grelliam fandom especially is amazing and I’m glad I joined the squad. ❤️ I regret nothing. And I will continue to create art of my fave pairing. No one can stop me, ha!

(Also Sebastian is trash. I hope Grell and William will kill him someday and finally get married after that.)

What convinces me that the writers ship this is honestly the lighting.  

Like, they could have chosen to make the Red Lion backlights all dark red and mechanic.  But instead, the only tiny bit of red is right behind Lance’s head.  The rest of his cockpit is backlit by pink, just as Allura is backlit by blue. You can see those colours in the whites of their armors. 

They’re visually mutually supportive! 

Shit like this is exactly why I enjoy geeking out about animation. 

Not So Friendly

You take a minute to stare down into the darkness. There must not be much light down there. You’re not fond of the unknown, even if you haven’t ran into anyone yet…someone had to eat that pie right? 

Once out of the next smaller hall there is a single patch of grass, you feel uneasy, like something is watching you…Slowly you approach. You jump back as a flower sprouts from the ground, it appears to be a thorned flower with light blue and magenta pedals. 

A vine pricks your leg with it’s thorns, you back away from the flower and hold your leg that’s bleeding a bit from the cut. The flower laughs maniacally as you shake slightly, something doesn’t feel right. 

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Rick Sanchez, Don Draper, and BoJack Horseman are three examples of a popular male character trope: the intelligent, talented, toxic, disconnected, detached man who fails to connect with others and is consistently and wildly self destructive in his quest to fill an emotional void with anything but human connection.

The problem with this character archetype lies with the fans, insofar as a lot of people, a specific subset of men in particular, miss the entire point of the character.

They’re so easily sucked in by the flashy veneer of masculine bravado on the surface of these damaged characters that they fail to understand why the characters are presented this way: you do not want to be like them. You are not supposed to identify with them positively or see them as someone to emulate, you are not supposed to sincerely root for them to win most of the time, they are antiheros.

In spite of being the protagonist Rick, Don, and BoJack are almost never the “good guy” in any given scenario, they are almost always selfishly motivated, and explicitly harming innocent people for their own gain. The rare moments of redemption usually don’t last.

Idolizing and lionizing these characters as an ideal or something to aspire to entirely misses the concept of the characters, and worse, celebrates behavior that is explicitly shown to be toxic and harmful.

If you identify as “a Rick” then the entire concept of the show has gone completely over your head. The creators of all three shows position their characters clearly, and get more blatant with each season.

To be clear, seeing negative traits in yourself and identifying with the struggle to improve them, or wanting these characters to change and grow is not what we’re referring to here, but rather the explicit support for and celebration of these characters as they are. This isn’t even a critique of the characters themselves. All of whom are well written, interesting, and complex, but rather it’s a critique of how we see and interpret these characters. This archetype applies to many characters like Sherlock, House, and Archer, and is also mirrored in family members like Beth to Rick or Mycroft to Sherlock. Liking these characters is fine. Enjoying them ia fine, but acknowledge what they are.

the answer to ‘guys won’t hug their friends cos they don’t wanna seem gay’ isn’t ‘remove the stigma by declaring it Straight’

it’s ‘get straight dudes to give up the homophobia that makes them treat gay people with such repulsion that they’ve built an entire culture around the violent disavowal of anything even tangentially related to gay people’

getting homophobic straight dudes to express affection for one another while leaving intact the homophobia that made them avoid it doesn’t solve the core issue

which is that straight dudes are such violent homophobes that they will literally cut themselves off from necessary emotional support in order to more effectively identify and isolate/attack gay men

the problem here isn’t just that straight guys don’t get enough hugs