Really this should be more “fuck microblogging toxicity” but I mainly use tumblr and having personally experienced this here (especially after yesterday), I just…man, I am thankful sites like, dA, and LJ especially were big when I was a teenager rather than tumblr. Stuff was contained. You hashed things out in the comments. Misinformation wasn’t as easily spread (since you’d actually have to LINK sources and couldn’t just re-blog/tweet something.) It wasn’t a constant echo-chamber of validating the wrong thing. Not to say it was free of problems, all things are.

It makes me sound like a grumpy old man at 22 :) And maybe I am, but Lord, I’m just so thankful I grew up without that during my teen years. Still, a decent place to post art but god I have grievances with the stuff I see on this site and rightly goddamn so.

I think it’s annoying how people in this fandom always call couples toxic just because they’re salty but in all honesty eclare is an unhealthy relationship. Eli has been a piece of manipulative shit throughout the whole relationship and it sends the wrong message to teens to say that this is the perfect fairytale relationship with a cutesy proposal. If someone manipulates you the way Eli has manipulated Clare, it should end for your own sake.

man i’m not gonna get involved in this bc it’s got nothing to do with me but i will say this – you can call someone out for toxic behavior without spreading the personal details of their sexual assault and calling them a liar about it, even if you really think they’re lying.

when you do that, or support it, you’re telling me two things: first, that you don’t care about retraumatizing survivors, including this specific survivor, and second, that no survivor is safe coming to you because for all we know, if you get mad, you’re going to end up doing the exact same thing.

there’s already a toxic enough culture of doubt and suspicion, aimed primarily at survivors, that has led to an extraordinary number of sexual aggressors and abusers and rapists walking free and i don’t care how mad you are, airing the details of someone’s private trauma, shared with you in confidence, on a public forum? is dirty. if you want to discuss it with people involved, fine, whatever, can’t stop you from doing that, but that’s just dirty.


Well this is why I hate the community of Destiny sometimes. Well it makes sense because the gaming community is very toxic to female gamers. To those are female or other gender identities be careful of toxic people on this community.

Jessica Alba launches an organic feminine care line

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Now that she’s conquered the baby market, Jessica Alba and her health-conscious personal care company, The Honest Co., are taking on feminine hygiene. 

It’s no secret that many feminine hygiene products contain potentially harmful chemicals. Earlier this year, the Daily News reported  that Californian model Lauren Wasser lost her leg due to toxic shock syndrome. A doctor suggested to the newspaper the cause could have stemmed from her using a tampon that was made of polyester foam.

“The material that the tampon is made of may also have an effect,” Dr. David Samadi told the Daily News. “It seems that bacteria is more likely to grow in an environment made of polyester foam. A safer option may be to use tampons that are made of cotton or rayon fibers instead.”

In general, the risk of toxic shock syndrome is relatively low, but The Honest Co. points that, “roughly 84 million women in the U.S. getting their periods every month each use 4 products a day for 5 days, that’s a whopping 1.7 billion pads and tampons.” Aside from the toxic shock risk, that’s just a lot of garbage. 

In light of all this, The Honest Co. has launched their own line of tampons, pads and liners. Each product is made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. This is one of the highest standards with an extensive list of requirements it must adhere to in order to be classified GOTS.

On the website, THC explains, “when we decided to create a feminine care line, we knew GOTS certified organic cotton would ensure our products were as pure as possible… and every little bit counts a lot!”

I mean really, Cullen says some really awful things in DA:O and DA2, but my god, these are so obviously the words of a traumatized person.

How Greagoir thought sending a person who is still struggling with what has happened to them in Kinloch Hold right into the middle of the simmering conflict in Kirkwall is honestly beyond me.

Follow the tweets with me!

  1. Stupid, badly thought-out, feminist tweet.
  2. Tweet illustrating stupidity of original tweet by switching the gender roles around.
  3. Completely missing the point, name-calling, abuse.
  4. The only way to deal with feminist stupidity on Twitter (they generally are ill-equipped to respond to any kind of comedy).

Always start with an attempt to engage with the argument. If they respond with abuse, or willfully ignore your counterargument, then I guess it’s open season.