Here is what we’ve been up to lately:
We’ve been doing a lot of short runs and making these cool custom shells for bands and other labels. This is some of our recent work 2 of which are our own releases (Bulk & Skull - South Of Cleveland EP/Still Searching - Broken Man: A Memoir.)
We have done work for Not Punk Record/Full Of Hell (pictured) and Toxicbreed’s Funhouse.
If you’re interested in a short run, limited edition cassette contact us:


Full Of Hell - Return to the Mines

          Featuring Mike Riley of Pulling Teeth

An unreleased song from their forthcoming split with Polish band, Calm the Fire via Holy Roar Records this September.Lyrics:Through calcite, hairline fractured. Picked apart in tedium and cracking palms.Security is binded to familiar oppression.A highway to heaven, a prison of flesh.If the family had a name, by God it was blessed.The decrepit are constrained by ominous prophecy.The youth sold swiftly by their own fucking credulity.Terra Firma is calling, retreat from society.It offers me nothing, no olive branch or dogwood tree.Return to the mines and reject all that’s come to be.

Toxicbreed’s Funhouse

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