It’s been three months since my beautiful derby wife broke her leg at our last home bout… It saddens me to see her struggle with seeing everyone else on skates & bitching about drills when she would give all she has to be on wheels.

We had our team photos taken on Sunday and I’ll admit I was a little teary-eyed seeing her put her skates on with the wheels tightened all the way, walking around to get her picture taken.

Being an injured skater is not easy, and although the injury itself is traumatic and heart breaking, it is the amount of time following the injury that is most difficult!! So please, please if you have a teammate who is injured, let them know they are loved & missed.

They’ve already had a lot taken from them, it’s worse to feel on the outside of something you love and were once involved with only to look in and see that everyone else is just going about their business.

To my dear Toxic, I love you and support you! And am so grateful for all of your support despite it being incredibly difficult for you at times. I long for the day when we will be hip to hip again on the track. Until then… Derby love always!! 💜💚