This video, as a whole, is pretty awesome, but the last 20 seconds really blew my mind.

Review-Toxic HazMat

The HazMat is the freshman release from Toxic YoYo Company. As many of you know, Toxic also makes quality boutique strings. They even have a few signature strings out there for two of One Drop’s players, Mark Montgomery and Brett Grimes. The company is owned and operated by Evan Evans. Evan designed the HazMat then approached One Drop Yo-Yos for the machining. For many, this is a big selling point for Toxic. People know and trust One Drop to machine quality yo-yos, so it can only be assumed the HazMat will share the same awesomeness.

I enjoy trying out new yo-yos from new companies. It’s exciting to be one of the first to experience something. That said, there’s always a certain risk for anyone entering the already well established yo-yo making game. Is the HazMat a solid first throw for this new company? Will the HazMat establish for Toxic a successful foundation they can build on? Time can only tell.

Well, let’s find out how this guy plays!


  • Cardboard box with foam cubes for safe packaging
  • White poly string


Construction and Design:

I must first point out that the one I have in my possession is an unengraved HazMat. The ones you’ll find floating around at all the different sales sites will be engraved with the Toxic Strings logo and will say “HazMat” on them.

This is a pretty yo-yo! The pink splash on this one just pops! There are many other cool colorways that are out there too. It is clear that this yo-yo is machined by someone that knows what they’re doing. One Drop is well known for its precise machining, and the HazMat shows that.

The profile on the HazMat is almost a perfect V-Shape, but more precisely I would classify the shape as a hybrid between an H-Shape and V-Shape. The V-Shape curves ever so slightly down to the response base. As can be seen, there is also a step, adding just a little bit more weight to the rims, giving it more stability. There is a small IGR, and thumb grinds don’t look too hard to hit. This is a Side Effect enabled throw, so the weight can be changed out. What a great feature! It comes stocked with black aluminum spike Side Effects, which weigh in at 3.2 grams.

Overall, this is a good looking yo-yo! Full sized, nice weight, and great shape for any player looking for a good competition throw.


The HazMat is a very solid throw! The feel on the string is very smooth and stable. In play, the HazMat is pretty quick, but not unwieldy. I found the aluminum spikes to be a perfect weight for my preference. I did swap out the spikes for some aluminum ultra-lights and found the HazMat to move even quicker. On grinds, the HazMat is stable and grinds for a decently long time, due to the Pyramatte finish. Thumb grinds aren’t the easiest thing to hit, but not all that impossible.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I would definitely recommend this yo-yo to anyone looking to buy a new yo-yo. If you’re like me, who likes to try out new things from new companies, don’t be hesitant to try the HazMat. It’s smooth, stable, and will give you confidence, especially if you’re the competing type. Keep an eye out for Toxic for hopeful future products, but for now, take the time to check out a HazMat.


The toxic strings “Hazmat” which is known as “hazardous material” in a really bright orange, half/half, and a good shade of black.

Designed by Evan of Toxic and machined by Onedrop, this throw is killer. Not even joking, its really fast and a lot smaller then I figure while still being a regular sided throw.

Get one

#todaysthrow Just got this in! The new Toxic yoyos “Hazmat”. Its hella good for the design!

Designed by Toxic string and machined by Onedrop. Evans design is smooth, agility infused, and can do the most difficult of manuevers. Its a lot more slimmer then what all the CAD photos had shown which surprised me.

The box is similar to that of CLYW but with extra package sponges to keep the throw safe.

All in all, good job Toxic!


Check it out guys! Yoyoexpert proudly presents Toxic Strings ZYPE!

This is my new signature based string that has been worked on for over the past 11 months! Over six different prototypes had to be tested until we could get to this finalized version.

Current color is a Green with blue highlight and also a mysterious white thread inside too.

This string is specifically designed as a balanced string for my 1A and Moebius styles of play. It has a mild stiff like texture but also a smooth like glide similar to soft poly strings out there making it be a very unique string to use! Its amazing for slack like tricks and suicides!

So grab some while you can!

Believe in the ZYPE.