toxic waste site

Lakes, Reservoirs and Unused Runoff

EarthSurface Graphics, 1985

This was designed to graphically depict leaking toxic and hazardous waste sites in California’s lakes, reservoirs and runoff system.

Managing by telephone? 10 ideas for a better conference call

How can I manage people I cannot see?

That’s a question I get a lot of managers who work with staff remotely and independently and communicate with them via Skype, Google Hangouts, emails, chats, and yes, the telephone.

It is clear that managers request that in spite of innovations in the communication technology, it is difficult to effectively communicate with people who are working at a different location.

I challenge recall me. My first job assignment office at The Philadelphia Inquirer, I coordinated New Jersey cover paper, and lots of casino games, cranberry bogs, learned Superfund toxic waste sites and corrupt politicians. Because I was in Philadelphia and most of my employees work in offices in Trenton and points south, I learned a lot about the management also by phone.

Over the years (and there have been a few), have to use my phone often collect relevant groups of people for conference calls. Some were asked to make statements or to share information. Others have a way to exchange ideas and discuss approaches to provide a problem. Some had held monthly, weekly or even daily, so the members of my local staff can inform each other and plan together. And some are called to deal with specific problems at once.

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